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How To Use SmartThings To Set Schedules On Your Z-wave Smart Shades


Technological Innovations

The last few decades have been a witness to tremendous technological innovations and developments that have completely transformed the way people operate in their daily lives. Phones have become the center of existence of people as much of their lives are controlled through these phones. Shopping, paying bills, ordering food and medicines, consulting doctors, booking cabs, movie tickets etc., everything is done from your smart phones from the comfort of your homes. Like phones, our homes too are becoming smart. Smart homes help reduce physical effort and our house work is becoming less and less labor intensive. You have various gadgets performing multitude of tasks like washing clothes and utensils, cooling and warming your homes, making your coffee, securing the safety of your homes and helping to create the perfect ambiance for your homes.

Smart Homes

A smart home may be defined as a home that allows homeowners to control thermostats, appliances, lights, fans, heaters, alarm systems and even window treatments using a smart phone or a tablet with the help of internet connection. Smart home technology seeks to make life convenient, hassle-free and smart for homeowners. To convert your homes into ‘smart homes’ you need smart hubs or home automation hubs. If you are using multiple smart products and devices you need a home automation hub to control everything and through which the devices will communicate with each other.


What is Samsung SmartThings & Z-Wave?

Samsung SmartThings allows you to connect with a range of smart devices and allows them to work together effortlessly and seamlessly. They are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home and you can operate and control these devices through voice commands. These smart hubs use protocols or ways to communicate with devices. There are a number of wired and wireless protocols used like Z-wave, Zigbee, Insteon etc. among these Z-Wave is most widely used. It is completely wireless, operates at low radio frequency and creates a mesh of network that allow signals to hop from one device to another.

Samsung SmartThings is compatible with any smart device that uses Z-Wave protocol for communication. Most of the smart motorized window treatments from Graber use Z-wave protocols which makes them easy to integrate with Samsung SmartThings. Adding Z-wave shades to Samsung SmartThings is easy.

Integrating Z-Wave Shades with Samsung SmartThings

The integration takes place in two segments.

Part 1

  1. Click on the SmartThings app on your phone, and then tap on “My Home” at the bottom of the app. Tap on the “Things” tab and scroll down to locate the “Add a Thing” button. The button should not be clicked.
  2. Locate the button on the headrail on your blinds or shade. You will see a LED light.
  3. Press the button on the shade and hold and you will see the light flashing green, then amber. When the light flashes amber, the shade will jog and at this point of time you must let go of the button.
  4. Tap on “Add a Thing” button on your phone. SmartThings will start searching for a device. It is time to go back to the shade.
  5. Press and hold the button on the blind or shade and once it starts flashing green let it go. The blinds or shade gets added to SmartThings once the shade starts to jog. Device ready for setup in SmartThings.
  6. Now feel free to assign the shade to a room and start controlling it or set up routines and automations.

Part 2

  1. Click on the SmartThings app on your phone, and then tap on “My Home” at the bottom of the app. Tap on the “Things” tab and scroll down to locate the “Add a Thing” button. The button should not be clicked.
  2. At the back of the remote find the pinhole. Take a paperclip to press and hold the pinhole button till you see the lights flashing. The remote will pair with SmartThings and a Z-wave remote will be available.
  3. Find the pinhole on the backside of the remote again, and using a paperclip tap and release the pinhole button. The lights will start flashing.
  4. Now on the shade, press and hold the headrail button.It will now start flashing green. The shade will jog.
  5. You can now use the remote to control the shade again.

Once Z-wave shades have been integrated successfully into SmartThing hub you can control the blinds and schedule their operation from your smart devices. Go to the app from your phone or tab and create a schedule for the blinds. For example you may want the blinds to open at a particular time in the morning to wake you up from sleep and also close post sunset once lights come on. Set the time and then allow your Samsung SmartThing to do the rest. The hub will communicate with the shades through z-wave protocols to raise and lower the blinds at those specific times.

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