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How to use Vertical Lines in Interior Design Effectively

Vertical blinds in an interior.

Interior designs come in many shapes and sizes and styles.  A lot of contemporary interior designers like to go for simplicity, going for decluttered appearances and clean looks. A lot of newly built homes such as townhouses and condo units tend to be on the snugger side, forcing you as a homeowner to focus on the things that are most important and going for a minimal decor style. Vertical lines, found in vertical blinds, emphasize this look and can do wonders for your new home.

When you see vertical blinds, you might automatically assume they are covering a sliding door. Because of their height, they are often the go-to when people need a window treatment sliding doors and tall windows. But that does not always be the case, as vertical blinds are more versatile than you probably think and can be used for almost any window of any size. They can be customized to fit into smaller windows as you can choose the width of the headrail and you can have the height of the louvres cut down.

Vertical blinds can serve as the focal point of your home’s interior design. Vertical blinds offer many different types of colours and can come in different louvre styles, like wood, PVC and fabric. If you have a room, for example, the dining room, which is filled with a lot of wooden materials like a dining set, and a wood cabinet, then compliment it with wooden vertical blinds.

These blinds are also the ideal choice for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning. Vertical blinds are easy to clean as their louvres are large and are easily separable. You can also clean them by just wiping them down with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to machine wash or hose them down at all.

White vertical blinds.

Compatible with Modern Styles

A lot of modern styles like the mid-century modern and the Scandinavian styles like to feature a lot of straight lines, often opting to use a lot of straight furnishings in the living rooms of the houses they decorate. With vertical blinds, you add to the horizontal and vertical lines already featured with these styles. Unlike older styles like the Victorian style, curved lines are de-emphasized and are often avoided.

Contemporary modern styles like to go with minimal looks, forgoing big fancy pillows, fluffy carpets or rugs. With a lot of modern houses and condos becoming snugger than older houses, one of the things you have to consider is making the most of what you have. Vertical blinds have a narrow profile compared to bulky curtains and drapes, allowing you to squeeze them better into a more snug space.

Needs Fulfilled

When shopping for a window covering, you first want to make sure that it covers the basic requirements of them, namely light and privacy control. After making sure those two bases are covered, the rest comes down to how it will fit space-wise in your home and lastly, how its design will fit with your interior design. 

If you find that vertical blinds aren’t quite as compatible as you’d like, there are several other types of blinds that can create straight lines in your interior design, but they will be horizontal lines. These can include wooden blinds and faux wood blinds and aluminum blinds. Each material type has its own advantages over the others, but all will help create the types of lines that you may be looking for in your interior design, and sometimes, that may be the most important feature you are looking for.

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