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How to Use Window Shades to Cool Your Room

How To Use Window Shades To Cool Your Room

Have you ever noticed that your rooms are much hotter than the outside? Even as you come in after a long walk in the scorching sun, the interiors of the room provide little relief.

The reason is that your home isn’t insulated properly. Home-insulation supplements your heating-system and works with it to keep the house warm during those chilling months or cool during the hot summers. Home-insulation reduces heat transfer between the interiors and exteriors, and help keeps your energy bills down.

Although an essential feature during the winter, home-insulation can be a real cause of concern during summer. In summer the air becomes hot and makes the interiors stuffy. Your home-insulation prevents heat transfer from inside, so this hot air remains trapped and prevents your house from cooling down even after the sun goes down. It does not help that every year, summers are becoming more intense. So, how do you keep your rooms cool when they are designed to trap heat?

The solution lies in window shades. Window shades play a great role in regulating the room temperature while maintaining air-circulation within the room.

Benefits of Window Shades

Window treatments are far from our minds when we think of cooling down a room. However, windows let in more heat than we bargain for. As the rooms get stuffy, windows remain open for long hours during the summer. But summer sun also heats up the air. As this hot air flows into the room, the heat seeps into your furniture, equipment and other furnishings. At night, when the surroundings cool down, the heat-insulation of the house prevents this heat from escaping, keeping your house hot for a lot longer. As a result, you need to turn on your Air Conditioner or fans.
Selecting a suitable window treatment will give you a much-deserved relief from this. As most heat-transfer occurs through the window, opting for a heat-resistant or light-repellent shade will stop hot air and sun glare from reaching inside your room and keep the cool air in. To supplement their heat-resistant properties, you can choose to include more features within the same shade, to address other concerns like privacy, UV protection, light-filtration and noise-cancellation.

Let’s look at some window shades that does all that and more.

Cellular Shades

When it comes to keeping the heat out, cellular shades are the most popular window treatment. Cellular shades are made of different types of fabrics pasted together with glue. The pattern resembles a honey-comb design. The result is small pockets of gaps between the fabrics, which traps heat. This trapped heat builds up a layer of insulation around your windows.

The trapped air acts as insulation which prevents heat-transfer. As a result, in summer months, the cool air does not rush out in the morning and the warm air does to flow in as the day progresses. The result is a cool, calm oasis in the middle of a desert.
Maxxmar Cellular Shades

Solar Shades

As the name suggests, solar shades are designed for summer. Solar shades are designed to allow in only a fraction of light that falls on it. As a result, it gives the room a soft glow, creating a soothing ambiance. Now you can enjoy the view, the fresh glow of sunshine, without the scorching heat.

Solar shades are made out of fabric that does not obstruct the view but blocks out heat and glare. It also blocks out most of the UV rays that it intercepts. Due to that, you will also get protection from harmful UV rays.
You can select solar shades in different opacity levels. Lower opacity lets in more light, while higher opacity gives you more privacy. During the day, the open-weave fabric allows you to see outside but blocks the view from the outside. The effect, however, is reversed at night. When the lights are switched on, the fabric becomes transparent from outside. However, during summer, as the sun stays up for long stretches, the cooling feature of solar shades takes a priority over any privacy concerns.

Install solar shades to make most of the view, while enjoying the cool comfort of your interiors.
Z-Wave Virtual Cord Solar Shades

Heat-Reflective Shades

Another cool way of beating the heat is using heat-reflective shades on your windows. Responding to the growing concern regarding rising temperatures, researchers are coming up with new ways of making window treatments heat resistant. The material heat-reflective shades reflect back most of the heat and light it receives, making the interiors cool and comfortable.

In reflective blinds, an outward-facing surface layer is added to the material. This layer reflects the heat back. This property works especially well with sunlight, as the fabric is also designed to reduce the absorption of heat. As the heat transfer is minimal, the interiors get a chance to cool down. Now your AC will have to work less to cool your room.

Blackout Shades

If the amount of light is the primary reason why your room is heating up, as is the case with large windows, go for blackout shades. Blackout shades are made of tightly-woven material that blocks most of the light that falls on it. With black-out blinds, you get a pitch-dark effect, which immediately makes the room look cooler. But after some time, the room actually cools down in the absence of the scorching sun.
Blackout Roller Window Shades
Blackout blinds come in a potent mix of privacy, UV protection, noise-cancellation, and temperature control. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, nursery, and media rooms. You don’t have to wait for sun-down to fall asleep. Now recreate the effect of the night in the middle of the day and enjoy a good sleep or a movie in peace.
Don’t let the weather dictate your life. Enjoy the comforts of interiors with your loved ones and make the most of the season.

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