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How to Wash Vertical Blinds At Home

How to Wash Vertical Blinds At Home

Home decor is an essential component when you need to add a strong hint of style and character to your personal space. If you are a homeowner, sooner or later you are going to realize the importance of sprucing up your decor from time to time and how window blinds can transform the entire living space in a matter of minutes. Window blinds can come very handy when they cover the basic requirements of maintaining your privacy, ensuring the proper insulation and controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room. When it comes to choosing classic vertical blinds, simple yet durable materials take the centre position as popular materials like PVC, aluminum, fabric, vinyl and faux wood are used extensively for constructing vertical blinds. The arena concerning window blinds is pretty huge and is teeming with a variety of top-class products that include numerous vane and slat orientations.

Generally, vertical blinds are well-equipped with two mechanisms and that includes a cord for covering the window along with a drag chain to regulate the sun rays and protect your privacy. You can choose to make adjustments based on how you wish to cover the window with the vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are very convenient to use and are perfectly suited for large-sized windows, and their elegant, minimalist design adds to the style of your home. Plus, the real advantage is that you do not need to be alarmed if you are wondering how to wash vertical blinds right in the comfort of your home. Vertical blinds can be easily removed and washed without any scratch or tear. You can use vertical blinds to add a clean, modish touch to the interiors without you putting in much of an effort.

Vertical blinds can be distinguished by the slats that run vertically from top to bottom and open in a sideways direction. In fact, you will find that most vertical blinds are custom-made for not just French doors but also patio glass doors. Vertical blinds are also essential in adding an aesthetic element for keeping the doors functional and provide strong insulation to keep the room cool and pleasant. As you must be aware, vinyl is commonly used in making window blinds because of its versatile nature and they find extensive application in commercial spaces owing to its durability, long-lasting strength, and sturdiness. If you are wondering how to wash vertical blinds at home, you need to know that vinyl vertical blinds are fairly easy to maintain.

How To Wash Vertical Blinds At Home

Dusting the Blinds

Well, this has to be the easiest, hassle-free method that will keep your vertical blinds free from dust that might have collected over time. A dusting detergent spray might be an essential tool to help loosen the dust particles as you gently swipe a duster from top to bottom. You can opt for a thorough washing session only if you find the blinds to be filled with a thick coat of dirt.

Vacuuming the Blinds

While wondering how to wash the vertical blinds, you must be very careful so as not to damage the delicate blinds and the trick is not to soak them in water for a long time. As a safe bet, leave the blinds hanging and try to vacuum them to wipe away the top layer of dust. A woolen duster can be very effective when it comes to brushing the dust away from vinyl vertical blinds. Plus, a dry cleaning sponge can help in removing the stubborn layer along with an all-purpose cleaner.

Washing the Blinds

It is advisable that you clean off the dirt and grime without removing the blinds and avoiding an overdose of water. For the first step in how to wash vertical blinds at home, you need to mix a mild detergent with warm water in a bucket and soak a sponge. You can also alternate dipping the sponge into fresh water and soapy water as you rinse out the dirty sponge and start wiping afresh. After squeezing out the excess water, you can start cleaning the vertical blinds slowly from top to bottom and then allow them to air dry for some time. You may further use a soft towel to gently absorb all the extra moisture in an attempt to prevent any permanent watermarks. Please check with your manufacturer’s recommendations before using liquids to wash your blinds, as some materials may not be designed to be washed with water.

How To Wash Vertical Blinds At Home After Removing Them?

If you choose to remove the blinds before you start washing them, make sure that you observe the rigid pleats or stiff creases to avoid any scratch or tear. You can lay down the blinds in a bathtub and use a soft cloth to gently cleanse them with soapy water. Later, a towel can be used to dry the slats individually as you mount the blinds to dry them.

Vertical blinds look absolutely classy when it comes to home decor and so, you must make a genuine effort to clean it regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a soft sponge. The frequent cleaning regime will prove beneficial in avoiding the accumulation of a thick layer of dust and grime. Check with your manufacturer first on the best ways to clean your blinds, as every blind is different.

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