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What to Look for in an Ideal Skylight Window Treatment?

What To Look For In An Ideal Skylight Window Treatment

Windows play a major role in deciding how good the house and its interiors appear. Windows ensure that there is good ventilation inside the house, provide architectural symmetry, act as a gateway to enjoy the view of the outside, and also give you access to natural light that can brighten up the interiors. Dark interiors don’t look great and appear dull and lifeless. External light brightens up the interiors and breathes new life into the home décor. Windows are extremely useful in so many ways.

Windows are not just attractive and useful, they also boast of a rich variety in terms of window shapes and designs. You can go ahead with standard rectangular or square windows for your house if you want to play safe. If you want to add more character and style to the look of your house, you can opt for uniquely-shaped windows such as the arched windows, asymmetrical windows, triangle windows, etc. Then there are other exciting options such as the roof-top and skylight windows that not only look artistic but also serve specific purposes.

What are Skylight Windows?

Skylight windows are one of the hard-to-reach window types and are usually considered as roof-top windows. However, the skylight windows are usually angled and are installed on a slope such as a sloped roof or the adjoining sloped wall. This location of the skylight windows makes them hard-to-reach as you will have to climb a ladder to access them.

Skylights are particularly useful if your room appears to have dark and dull interiors and does not have enough access to natural light coming from outside. Skylight windows are positioned such that they have better access to the natural light and allow the same to enter the room. This helps brighten up the interiors and enhances the décor of the room.

Regular windows are installed on one of the sidewalls and hence are directional in nature. These directional windows face the Sun only for a few hours and hence these windows get the sunlight for a shorter duration. Skylight windows, on the other hand, are one of the roof-top windows and are installed at an angle on a sloping surface.
This gives them access to direct sunlight for longer durations in comparison to directional windows. This is why skylight windows are ideal for brightening up the interiors. You can choose between fixed and openable skylight windows. If you want to allow fresh air inside the room when you feel like, openable skylights will be an ideal option for you.
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Why Do You Need to Dress Up Your Skylight Windows?

Skylight windows allow more light and fresh air inside the room. While this is a good thing if you want to brighten up the interiors and to keep the atmosphere inside the room fresh, this may create issues at times. Hot summer afternoons or chilly winters will pose problems. With bare skylight windows, you will have no heat insulation, any mechanism to diffuse bright light, or any blackout option to darken the interiors when you need.

Window coverings provide the necessary coverage that can help sort out such issues. You get better heat insulation, good blackout performance, and more control over the amount of light that enters inside the room. The enhanced visual appeal of the home décor is another advantage of dressing up your skylight windows.

Window treatments also make your heat control appliances such as the air conditioner and the thermostat more energy efficient by preventing heat gain or heat loss inside the room. As a result, your heat control appliances find it easier to maintain a steady temperature indoors and have to consume less power. You end up saving money on your energy bills.
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What to Look for in an Ideal Skylight Window Treatment?

The nature and location of skylight windows call for some special consideration when you decide to get window treatments for them. Considering these aspects are important to ensure that you get the best value and utility out of your skylight windows and the window treatments you get for them. Let us look at those aspects in greater detail:

Skylight Window Treatments Need to be Lightweight and Easy to Install

Skylight windows are located in hard-to-reach areas in the house and are often angled. Hence, if you want to dress them up, you will need window coverings that are lightweight and can easily get installed on these angled roof-top windows. Heavy window coverings will have too much weight that will only be accentuated by the Earth’s gravity. As a result, mounting brackets may not be able to hold them firmly and securely in place.

Window Coverings Need to be Inside-mounted

Since the skylight windows are installed on a sloping roof, outside-mounted window coverings will not be compatible. You will need inside-mounted window coverings to ensure proper installation and smooth functionality. If you have openable skylight windows, even then the inside-mounted window coverings will be preferable as these will be installed on the window directly and you will be to open your skylight windows without having to take your skylight window treatments down.

Heat Insulation and Light Control

The window treatments you are considering for your skylight windows will need to have excellent heat insulation and light control. The skylight windows are directly exposed to the warm sunlight and for longer durations. You will need good heat insulation to prevent heat gain during summers and heat loss during the winters. Good light control and blackout performance will ensure that you get the option to either diffuse the bright outside light, block it out completely, or just allow it inside the house depending on your need and preference.
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Ease of Operability

Skylight windows are hard to reach and operating them using a pull cord can be very inconvenient as you will find it hard to access your skylight windows and will need a ladder to access your skylight windows. Therefore, you can opt for cordless or motorized window coverings. This will make operating your skylight windows extremely convenient. You can operate the cordless window coverings using a control switch that you can get installed much lower at a spot from where you can easily access it. Motorized shades are much easier to operate. These window treatments are a truly smart solution that you can control using a remote, your smartphone, or even via voice command.
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These are some of the most important things that you should look for in an ideal set of skylight window treatments. You can also customize them so that they are more compatible with your needs and preferences.

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