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An Impressive Touch to Your Home with Graber Wood Cornices

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Decorative and Highly Functional Accessories


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.”
Ernest Hemingway
A renowned name in window treatments, Graber strives hard to come up with superior products to meet the needs of their customers. Innovation and improvement are high on their agenda every year. Through constant innovation and artistry, Graber had elevated the standards for consumers, and also for the window treatment industry. Customers trust the brand for its ingenious invention, the quality materials used, and craftsmanship. Marketed all over the world today, Graber is a name that sells.
Apart from providing the best in window treatments, Graber also brings you accessories like Valances and Cornices to lend an impressive touch to windows and doors. Used on their own or over windows and doors, Cornices and Valances are as decorative as they are functional.
Noble Wood Cornices by Graber
Design consultants have used cornices in creative ways in homes to dress up drab windows, enlarge the size of smaller windows, add aesthetic value by concealing head rails and hardware, and hide imperfections, to mention just a few. With innovative window treatments and accessories to their rescue, designers can elevate your home environment – making your dream home a reality.
Unique characteristics of premium hardwood ensure one-of-a-kind Cornices with custom color options, which can enhance the visual appeal. The 5 ½” Graber Noble Wood Cornices are very well designed and elegantly crafted accessories for the windows, unmatched in quality. The amazing window accessory brings to the fore the natural goodness of wood and makes the window coverings and casings look stunning by complementing them perfectly. It is a popular trend in Canada to install wood cornices for uplifting the overall décor of homes. The beauty of any décor goes few notches higher when the Noble Wood Cornices are combined with wood blinds which makes the windows an astounding work of art. The detailed design and the meticulous craftsmanship on this wood cornice is a testimony to the fact that it has been developed with great precision and thought. It stands for the quality promised by Graber.



Wood-Cornices-Canada -




Natural and Unique Characteristics

Wood used to manufacture Graber wood cornices has many natural characteristics which makes it truly unique and special. The beautiful wood grains show the direction, size and appearance of wood fibers which vary greatly depending on where the wood is cut from within the tree. This brings out a design that is unique to every product. The irregular growth on the outer edge of the tree known as burl enhances the beauty of the product as well. Natural patterns are also formed on the surface of the board where fibers are contorted to form circular figures that resemble birds’ eyes. Wood surface also has Pin Knots which can vary in size, shape, structure and color. Further there are some dark or discolored areas caused by minerals which the tree extracts from the water or soil. They can either be a streak or a stain, usually blackish blue in color.
All these markings and patterns will give a natural variation in color and grain, enhancing the inherent beauty of wood. They do not compromise on structural integrity or durability of wood in any way. Graber ensures that the variations remain within the established industry guidelines and does not compromise on the quality of the product in anyway.





Wood Cornices in Your Homes

The stately design of the Noble Wood Cornice in stained or painted finishes, lends an impressive appearance to larger, wider windows in your home. With installation of Noble Wood Cornices your home will dazzle in style and beauty. They are available in various color choices which makes it easy to incorporate them in your home décor and beautify your home to make it look very trendy and classy.
With minimal maintenance and cleaning, you can keep the cornices looking new and shining for a long time. You can just wipe them regularly or use a vacuum cleaner with the minimum level of intensity to ensure that the new look and the shine of the wood cornice are kept intact for long. Soil removal and spot cleaning is not a big deal either, because they are water resistant and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.
Installation of the cornice is a painless and easy process. L-brackets are included with the product for easy installation. When you order an outside mount, the cornice will come with a return option that may not be available for inside mount. The outside mount has mitered corners and a dust cover to conceal the top of the blind. The inside mount has straight–cut ends and no dust cover.
Some of the cornices that require splicing may need keystones. They can be requested on cornices without a splice as well. Keystones will be stained or painted to match the cornice color ordered as standard, but the customer can opt for a different color to create an effect.
Get yourself the perfect combination of wood blinds and noble wood cornices to let your interiors shine in the elegance and majesty that only real wood can provide.



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