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Increase the Value of your Home with window dressings

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Tips to Increase the Value of your Home for Sale

The steep plunge in crude oil prices is impacting homeowners who see housing prices wobble on shaky ground and come crashing down anytime. Economists say there is going to be a recession in Canada in 2015, or the country may experience limited economic growth. How can you make your house attractive to buyers in such an unpredictable environment?

There are smart home improvements projects that will help you increase a property’s value for sale, now or sometime in the future. A stitch in time saves nine. Similarly, the right investment on the right projects for your home will see to it that the drop in prices in your neighborhood will not affect your asking price.


A few tips to see you through –

Remodel Your Kitchen: the kitchen gets messy sooner than other areas of your home. A clean and neat kitchen gives your home a well-kept appearance, which will attract prospective buyers.


A Touch of Color: Repaint your house just before you put it on sale. A well-cared for appearance will have a great impact on the value of your home. Do not use expensive paint or wallpaper though, because buyers might want to change it to match their own taste. Remember that repainting is to make your home look clean.


Refresh Your Garden: Often homeowners lose interest in their garden when they decide to put their houses on sale. Unfortunately, a decaying or dying garden will cost an owner much more than what is required to take care of it. Your garden and outdoors is something that makes the first impression on prospective buyers. Keep your gardens thriving so that your home makes a good impression on prospective buyers.


Tend to Minor Repairs: A broken plug, leaky tap, pe

eling wooden boards or rusted door handles will make your home look like a dump. Get everything set and running.


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Give Your Home a Face-lift: Though giving your home a complete face-lift will mean a massive blow to your already stricken budget, it will pay you back soon enough. One of the best ways to give your home a great make-over is to brighten up the interiors with the installation of Roller Solar Sheer Shades. With energy costs rising higher and higher, savings on energy will mean a lot to a person who is planning to purchase your home. Modern technology has helped create solar shades like LightWeaves from Graber Blinds that boasts of blocking 99% of the harmful UV rays. Unlike blackout shades, solar shades do not block your view to the outside world completely. You will still be able to see the images and shapes of the landscape/life outside your windows. The little amount of diffused light entering your home will brighten it up without heating it unduly or damaging your interiors. For a more sophisticated look, you can go for dual shades that give you variations in light control. Available in more than 20 colors, these shades are made of materials like polyester, fiberglass or vinyl on polyester that gives them high durability besides good looks. Your window will be a glowing attraction to buyers, and in addition, it will attract environment conscious people because energy saved means environment saved. Crown gives you Solar Shades that are highly effective in filtering light that enters your home. These sophisticated eco-friendly shades exude style and individuality created by able and dedicated craftsmen of the industry. You get your share of view of the outside world, but you need not worry about the outside world peering inside your home. With a wide range of color and fabrics, it doesn’t take much to match them to the interior of your home.

Roller solar shades use modern technology, classic designs and contemporary fashion, making them easy to operate, and affordable on all levels. Suddenly, your home is a striking modern entity that stands out among the rest, convincing buyers that they are saving big on energy bills with stylishly, elegant shades that are both versatile and handy.


You can choose between interior or exterior solar shades, depending on your requirement. Exterior solar shades offer excellent protection, and do not affect the interior decor but they may require motorized control for easy operation. Interior solar shades are cheaper, provide a better privacy, and can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home when installed with care.

When your old curtains or drapes are replaced with the sleek and chic roller solar shades, your home can attain a romantic chic that will endear itself to couples. They will look forward to spending a quiet evening at home with a loved one, sharing a candle light dinner, diffused light filtering in from the background of a beautiful landscape. This romantic appeal can sure get you a higher bid!

Keep Your Home Sparkling: You will never get the full benefit out of the face-lift you give your home unless you wash those dirty paths, get rid of slimy moss in corner of the garden wall, and get dirt out of vents, baseboards and most of the untouched areas. A cleaner home will make the already appealing roller solar shades more attractive, especially to those who are looking forward to spending their lives in there.

The changed appearance of your house changes the housing agent’s perception of your house as well. By investing some time and money, you are back on firm ground with an enormous boost to the value of your home. Good luck with your sale.


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