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When winter comes, Insulate your home with cellular window shades

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Insulating cellular window shades for Canada

Snow storms, just when we were savoring the colorful transition of fall brings to mind that idiomatic observation of Percy B Shelly. The least expected, the sudden dip in temperature to mid-winter levels has focused attention to insulating the home against every eventuality, including the not-so-rare-these-days dreaded power grid failure. So what can we do about it? Thermal insulation is a good word to keep in mind when undertaking a project to keep oneself warm indoors. It refers to the reduction of heat transfer between objects or spaces that have different temperature. Thermal insulation can be achieved in many ways: by using material specifically engineered for it; through object shapes; by using the reflective properties of color and material; by exploiting inherent heat retaining ability; through thickness; opacity, etc. All this above can be solved with cellular window shades having high R Value or insulating properties.




School science and geography have taught us that cold air is dense and has a tendency to displace warmer air, so first, we need to figure out which part of some of the installations within our homes we have overlooked that results in the leakage of warm air from indoors and seepage of the cold from the freezing whiteness outdoors. These could be those minute gaps that escaped our attention through the warm season; it could be the chimney itself, the letter box or even the existing window dressings that are more suited for warmer weather. Yes, here again, the solution comes as cellular window shades or honeycomb shades.


The challenge with gaps is in identifying them. Once discovered they can be inexpensively filled. After this exercise is over the door, and window dressings can be examined keeping in mind that most summer-friendly features of these dressings will need to be changed or reversed to make them winter friendly.





Common sense would indicate that thick curtains are the best bet to keep the cold out. Yes and no! Appropriate thick material conveys a sense warmth, but it would need to be hammered down or secured efficiently to prevent seepage of air, defeating the very definition of window dressing when it cannot be easily maneuvered to allow us to take advantage of the FREE warmth provided by direct sun rays available even in mid-winter. We need to keep the four seasons in mind when undertaking a thermal insulation project. Anything that we do should be easily reversible and re-install-able. What other alternatives do we have to insulate our home and keep it warm through winter?


If we take the time to hark back to times when the world was not as prosperous or technologically advanced as today, we will realize that people resorted to good common sense to insulate their homes during cold weather, unlike today when we can swipe plastic and order ready to install fixtures. It was not uncommon, for instance, for people to snug fit unused rugs over their windows to create a cozy, warm interior. A roll, tailored out of waste cloth was traditionally used to plug cold air from entering through inevitable gaps at the bottom of doors. Easily movable, they are perfect insulators for all those gaps that cannot be permanently plugged. The advantages of such makeshift solutions are manifold. They use existing home inventory to serve the immediate purpose and revert to their original usage or discarded once the need has been fulfilled.


For all those who do not have the time and do not mind a reasonable investment, the internet is of immense value. For instance, take or for that matter numerous other such sites – the first thing that hits you is “FREE SHIPPING, LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE, MIND BLOWING SERVICE” along with a ticking clock signaling the passage of time towards the end of SALE and Unbelievably Low Prices. Shoppers never had it better. The choice is immense. Insulated window coverings the cellular window shades retain warmth during the winter and retain the efficacy of air-conditioning during summer, easily retractable during the milder spring and fall season, in fact, all-season solutions. These solutions are the result of intense research and advances in technology. Cellular or Honeycomb blinds with the double and triple layer of pleated material that was having the ability to trap air between the layers, with an immense range of colors to suit every color matching preferences. Many brands offer patented technologies and assure all weather efficiency.


So, how much time and money would one have to spend to ensure a thermally insulated home? For those who would like to expend their common sense alone, it is just a question of being aware of all aspects of their homes including the vulnerable spots and finding ready-made, easy, effective solutions. Every loophole can be plugged, as necessary, on discovery – if you are looking for one time, elegant solution, all it takes is an internet connection, a good browsing session and a little bit of research, after which you will emerge with enough information about thermal insulation, energy efficiency, technologies available, costs, measuring techniques and finally easy installation. If what’s said on the websites is to be believed the whole process will turn out to be a painless, pleasant exercise. In other words, just the optimism that the great poet expressed, “If winter comes can spring be far behind?”



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