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Insulated Window Shades to Keep Your Home Protected From Extreme Weather Conditions

Insulated Window Shades

Insulated Window Shades to Keep Your Home Protected From Extreme Weather Conditions

It is that time of the year when the green gives way to the white and the comforting warmth of the spring is taken over by the chilly cold winds of the winter. We have gotten our sweaters, mittens and boots out ready to brave the cold weather, for when there is no other choice but to step out of our homes. More often than not we prefer to pull up a blanket and snuggle in our beds and never get out of our homes. Through the unforgiving cold of the winter, the only warmth we receive is within our home. Just pull the curtains shut and turn on the heater inside the house and we have got ourselves a warm and comforting abode. However, what if your curtains are not able to trap the chilly winds and keep them away from entering your house? Insulated window shades do this very job of protecting your home from the cold winter winds.


How does Insulated Window Shades Work?

Insulating blinds and shades help in maintaining the temperature within the room by trapping and keeping away the external winds from coming inside. Insulation means creating a space where there are less temperature fluctuations, using a non-conductive material to protect areas where heat transfer occurs. This is similar to how coffee flasks work. The insulation of the flask allows the coffee to stay hot for longer periods by not letting the external temperature affect the contents within the flask. Similarly, insulated curtains act as a shield to our home by keeping the space within our home warm and protected from the external temperature changes.

It obviously works the other way around as well. If it is very hot outside, then the insulated window shades can work towards keeping the interiors of the house cooler by trapping away the external heat. The concept here remains the same where the window treatments act as a shield against the excess heat and light from the sun. This way, you can set the temperature inside the house using air conditioner or cooler and the temperature will stay unaffected by the external heat!

 Insulated Roller Shades


Thermal Window Shades that Protect Your Home from Harmful UV Rays

The most commonly used window coverings are curtains and drapes. But the only option that these window treatments give us is to open them completely when we want some fresh light and air inside the home or shut them completely when we need some privacy. These window treatments do not provide us with benefits such as protection from the harmful UV rays or trapping the heat, while still allowing us to see through or adjust for light control, which can be easily provided by insulating blinds and shades.

The best combination of the two worlds of light-weighted fabric curtains that also act as an insulation to your home is provided by insulated window shades. These shades are the kind of smart choice that today’s generation requires. They are made up of light fabric material that also has the ability to absorb the harmful UV rays and keep your home protected. At the same time, they also provide a kind of insulation against the external heat that is able to alter the temperature within your home. And the best part about these window shades is that you can control its opacity as per your desire. This way, they won’t block away the light or make space look dark and dingy. The fabric of this window treatment is light enough to let the right amount of light inside the home so that your home is well lit.

Insulated Roman Shades


Insulated Cellular Shades for an Energy Efficient Home

Studies have proven that over 40% of the energy used to heat or cool a house is lost through badly fitted windows and the wrong choice of window treatments. We know very well that the walls are thick enough to provide the required protection and insulation to a house. Even so, people prefer to go over the walls with a thin layer of protective paint on the exteriors that keeps the walls safe as well as bounces away the heat and harmful UV rays. When that’s the case with the walls, we can expect the amount of protection we need to install around the windows. Insulated window shades are the kind of protective window treatment that works wonders.

These insulated shades work full time through the year by blocking away the heat gain during summer and trapping the heat loss during the winter season. Cellular window treatments are built in a honeycomb structure that helps in trapping air in between their knitting to provide the insulation that your home requires. This way, the space will require much less power to cool down or heat up using appliances, which in turn increases energy efficiency. Once space is heated or cooled down, it is much easier to keep that ambiance intact even after the appliances are long turned off. Moreover, the design of these insulated cellular shades looks very modern and stylish.

Insulated Cellular Shades


There is a wide variety of these cellular shades that are available in a wide palette of shades to choose from. You can always be sure to find a window treatment that goes perfectly with the décor of your home. They also come with options that let you play around with the light. There are light-filtering shades that let the right amount of soft sunlight inside the home, but block away the heat and the harmful UV rays. You can even go for light blocking options for a dimmer or darker ambiance in the rooms.

Insulated window shades are a perfect addition to your home for all of these advantages and more. They must be installed throughout the house for more efficient insulation all year long. However, if that option doesn’t seem cost effective or you require the insulation for only a part of your home, then that can be done as well.



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