HoneyComb Shades

Futuristic, Insulating and Energy Efficient Honeycomb shades

Insulating and Energy Efficient Honeycomb shades

During the extreme winter or summer high season, we think about the most functional and stylish window covering for decorating our windows in the new trendy style. Not to think more or get confused, whether your home in the center of the busy city, Cellular or Honeycomb Shade is the best window shade that is functional in futuristic style, perfect for the extreme weather in Canada. Nowadays wide ranges of styles, beautiful colors and effectual features of top-notch Cellular Shades are available in the Canadian window treatment market. These honeycomb shades can be customized to any shapes and sizes of windows, doors, or the Skylight shades; also, obtain in many useful options like Top-Down-Bottom-Up (TDBU) or Sun-Up-Sun-Down, Light Filtering and Blackout for the windows.


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Thermal and Soundproof Features

The Cellular or Honeycomb Shades are made from spunlaced polyester fabric in one or more layers of a honeycomb structured cells woven to together that extend to open and stack to close. During the hot summer or cold winter, these cellular shades help to maintain the inside room temperature. As the cold or hot air pass through this fabric, the air gets trapped in the Shade’s cells that keep your home more insulated for comfort. Due to the honeycomb structure of the fabric, this also provides noise insulation. The double cell shades are more insulated than the single cell shades, but both these styles are functional. The Cellular Shades with side track or side channels are the most insulated window shades. When a double cell light filtering or double cell blackout fabric combined with side tracks provides the highest R-Value resulting in the highest insulating window shades. It is same for the Skylight shades since these are built with side tracks double cell skylight shades provide the greatest thermal and sound insulations giving an efficient light controlling.


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Light Filtering & Blackout features

The Light Filtering Cellular Shades allows a moderate level of diffused daylight into the room providing better privacy with comfortable room temperature without loss of energy through leakage. This Light Filtering Cellular Shades is available in 3/4 inches single cell and 3/8 inches single or double cell.
The Blackout Cellular Shades are made from the Polyester spunlaced fabric with Mylar (thin metal coating) blackout coating giving complete blockage to the daylight, it is the best window shade for the bedrooms and to have a relax cosily sleep during the short dark nights of Canadian summer. These Blackout HoneyComb shades come in 3/4 inches single cell or 3/8 inches single cell or double cell.


3/4 inch cell or 3/8 inch cell features

Having the varieties of Cellular or HoneyComb shades 3/8 inches single cell, or double cell is more beautiful and perfect for all windows or doors in any size. The three-dimensional style of this Double Cell Cellular Shade gives more thermal and soundproof quality than the single cell shades. The 3/4 inches single cell shade also have high thermal quality and is best for extra wide windows since it is low weight than 3/8 inch cellular shade and not being to get the threat of sagging. Both these sizes of cells of Cellular shades are adequate and voguish.


Ranges Of Functional Features

The Top-Down Bottom-Up or TDBU feature is available in both single cell or double cell Cellular or HoneyComb shades. This Top-Down Bottom-Up feature allows you to control the levels of privacy and light filtering in the room. This TDBU feature grants you to raise the shade from the bottom or lower them from the top as per the need. The Top-Down feature grants you to lower the shade only from the top window sill; So you can enjoy both privacy and daylight at the same time.



A Sun-Up-Sun-Down feature of this Cellular Shades allows you to benefit from the functionalities of both blackout and light filtering. If you like only light filtering option, then you can extend only the light filtering shade from the bottom, the blackout layer stack bottom of this light filtering layer. While you like the blackout option to get the maximum privacy, this option allows you to extend the blackout layer from the bottom and stack the light filtering layer above the window sill.


Ranges of Lift Operations

The Cellular Shades have variable styles of lift operation systems. The standard cord lift system comes with the colour coordinated cords gives its elegance. The most advanced upgrade feature of Cordless which is simple and soft touch and the Motorized system with the remote control offers you more comfort and benefits the safety measures to the young children or Pets. The High-tech Motorized WiFi system MyLink can be integrated to control all shades at a home. With the integration of this, these shades that can be automized or can be controlled through the internet from anywhere with the help of Somfy MyLink app which can be used with Smartphone or I-pad. During the busy Hitech life, the advanced Motorized Shades System is more worth and convenient.


Shop Online

In the most bustling and hectic life, it is better to shop online without wasting shop hoping to save precious time. Relax and buy this top Cellular Shades with countless functional features and the sparkling colours or with the lovely designs from the online store ZebraBlinds.Ca with high discounts and free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Decorate your home with the Gorgeous Cellular Shades and upgrade your home more Energy Efficient and the touch of à la mode!


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