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Save with insulating window treatments

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Insulating window treatments


In this era of sustainability, reducing energy consumption has become a priority for all property owners. While concerning the energy consumption and saving money; insulating window coverings play a crucial role in this. They are designed in such way that protects your indoor from outdoor heat and cold. When coverings insulate outdoor cold & heat; in turn, they help you to save energy or save money on your regular utility bills.


Let’s understand the concepts here. First is the R-Value. It is a thermal resistance power of a window covering that inhibits the transfer of heat and cold. That’s means; higher R-Value gives you a better level of insulation. Another one is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). It is a fraction of solar radiation transmitted by windows and sends it inward. Here; lower Heat Gain Coefficient means lesser radiation transmission inside the indoor. So, which factor works well; that depends on your present living climate. Sometimes; you may require both the factors to work subsequently. In this context; energy-efficient window coverings are ideal for your indoor helping or preventing you from all seasonal conditions.


Insulating window treatments - Drapery Canada



Let’s check out one example here. In San Diego; the crucial factors of an energy efficient window treatments are to filter direct sunlight, prevent heat & cold and block the carcinogenic UV rays. Whereas; in Sacramento; an energy efficient covering should be able to keep the indoor heat intact during the winter season. So, different climate requires different needs and according to that your window covering works.


Windows play a crucial part in your indoor. It is not mandatory that best-designed windows will have the useful functionality to help you save energy and also help you to have control on your utility bill. DOE or the U.S Department of Energy stated that our home windows accounted for 25-40% of our annual cooling & heating costs. The ideal way to lower your utility bill is to change your existing window treatment or set up a new one with proper insulating window treatments.


Insulating window shades

Insulating window treatments Cellular Shades CanadaDOE suggests that window Shades are the simplest and most effective insulators that save energy. The main factors are fabrics, color, materials and proper installation. Shades should be installed in such way that seals the windows edges for no light, heat and cold seepage. It is recommended to lower the shades on the sunlit windows during the summer for better insulation from heat. On the other hand, manufacturer builds cellular shades with air pockets to trap the air for better insulation. The more number or layer of cells means better insulation level. Also, bigger the cell size means better the insulation. You can also think about the dual layer shades for better result. The dual concept is like having two fabrics of light color and dark color. Face the dark color fabric outward during the winter season to absorb heat and transfer it to inward. In the summer season, use a light color fabric outward to reflect more sunlight or heat to prevent your indoor from heat gain. Most of the shades have R-value lies within the range of 3-5, but some manufacturer declares up to 7-8 for a better effect.

To minimize the direct sunlight effect on your indoor windows; you can think about the exterior window shades. These types of shades are useful to reduce the sun glare on your indoor windows. That means; these shades are designed in such way that reduces the effect of direct heat, UV rays and sunlight before they could fall on the indoor windows. If you really concern about the energy saving or “Go Green” initiative; then you can think about these efficient window treatments. Try to reduce the usage of these artificial temperature regulators when you have the simple, cost effective and natural insulators within your reach. Explore the ZebraBlinds site today and see the collection of insulating window shades.


Insulated curtains

Drapes often use as window coverings for beauty rather than function. In this modern era, manufacturers are designing insulated curtains even for the indoor insulation along with style & fashion. According to DOE, a proper insulated drape like medium colored fabric backed with white plastic can reduce the solar heat up to 33 percent for your indoor. Hang them as closely as possible to the window from the cornice at the top till the window sill or floor to prevent energy gain and loss. Other factors also matter like color & open or close weaves. As per the studies, it is noticed that closing a drape can reduce the heat loss up to 10 percent during the winter season. While hanging the drapes, you can also follow some steps to gain maximum insulation benefits. Use the magnetic tape or a Velcro to seal the drapes against the wall at both the sides to minimize the gaps. While sealing the gap; you might be able to reduce the heat loss by 25 percent during the cold weather. Usually, drapes have the R-value ranging from 4-7. These options also before hit the button of the air condition or room heater. ZebraBlinds has an extensive collection of different insulating curtains to help you to save the energy and wallet.


Energy efficient blinds

Insulating window treatments Norman Faux Wood Blinds Blinds are most efficient in energy saving and insulation in the summer since they are more capable of reducing the heat gain in summer than heat loss in the winter. They not only offer insulation; they also offer light control, privacy, and air ventilation. The gaps between horizontal or vertical slats are capable of ventilating the air. According to the studies; it is said that a closed blind or light colored window blind can decrease the heat gain by 45 percent. While adjusting the slats like opening or closing can give you control on light and outdoor view. So, viewing outside and maintaining the privacy level is bit easy while using these insulating Blinds. Blinds are made from different raw materials like wood, Faux Wood, aluminum, PVC or Vinyl. In some wood Blinds, the slats are acting as the insulators where they deflect heat during the summer condition. Even in Odysee Insulating Blinds instead of slats the vanes are main elements to create the insulation level for the blinds. Therefore, don’t depend on your air condition or room heater every time. Use window blinds also to save energy and show the “Go Green” initiative. Visit ZebraBlinds today because you will find budget-friendly insulated blinds that could help you to reduce your utility bill while saving energy.


Energy efficient shutters

Window shutters are also efficient insulators for your indoor. They have similar working pattern like window blinds. Louvered Shutters are ideal during summer since the fixed louvers help in ventilation and light control. At the same time, louvers prevent the direct heat radiation transmission in the summer. Solid Louvers Shutter insulates both heat loss and heat gain. Once you fix them tightly on the window frame; they act as a barrier for the heat to come in and go out. The open space between window and shutter creates an air space to prevent your indoor from heat transfer. You can also think about the combination of draperies and shutters for better insulation effect. These Shutters will help you to keep your hands off from the room heater and air condition and give you cost effective solutions to reduce your utility bills.

Now, considering the fact of saving energy and pocket; energy-efficient window treatments are ideal. DOE already stated that Windows accounted of our heating and cooling cost. These Insulated Drapes, Cellular Shades, Exterior Solar Shades, Shutters, and Blinds all the practical solutions for your indoor to save energy and wallet. As a homeowner bring these above mentioned energy-efficient window treatments and enhance the level of comfort for your indoor.


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