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Brushed Aluminum Blinds

Brushed Aluminum Blinds- Durable Window Coverings

Brushed aluminum blinds are designed to coordinate perfectly with wood, leather and metal finishes. These blinds are easy to operate, allowing you to effortlessly control the amount of light coming into your home. They’re light and versatile. They are durable too. They offer low-maintenance for easy cleaning.

Daylight Inverted and Brushed Aluminum Blinds

It is all about making use of the abundance of natural light that the benevolent sun bestows upon us. By achieving correct window orientation, we can harvest this cost-free source of natural light and light the interiors efficiently. In the absence of proper illumination from this natural source, we have to resort to artificial ways of lighting our homes even during the day. Sadly, electric lighting in buildings consumes more than 15% of all electricity generated in the U.S, according to the U.S Department of Electricity.

Particular attention is now being given to building designs to reduce this energy use. The size and location of windows are now based on cardinal directions rather than the street- side appeal of the house. Certain guidelines suggest that South facing windows allow most winter sunlight into the home but little direct sun during summer, especially when properly shaded. North facing windows admit relatively even natural light, producing little glare and almost no unwanted summer heat gain. East and West facing windows provide good daylight penetration in the morning and evening respectively but may cause glare, and admit a lot of unwanted heat during the summer. They would not contribute much to solar gain in winter.

Daylighting is now considered as a part of the whole house design – an approach to building an energy efficient home. Incorporating passive solar home design techniques also helps to take advantage of the sun’s rays. In a passive solar building, the windows walls and floors are made to collect, store and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in summer. Getting smart about daylighting is a significant step to designing energy-efficient buildings.


Benefits of Daylighting

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None of us can live without sunlight. It is one of the necessities to sustain us on our planet. Daylight can make or break our day. Overcast skies and cloudy weather are depressing while bright, sunny days invigorate us. We all lean out towards it just like plants do. It reduces stress and depression. It is a great source of Vitamin D. It keeps our homes free from molds and mildew and kills various pathogens giving us access to a no-cost chemical disinfectant. Rays of sunlight streaming into our homes can make our homes aesthetically pleasing by creating the illusion of space and highlighting an area or structure. Combining it with intelligent interior design results in an eye-catching effect.

It plays a significant role in our circadian rhythm that uses the light-dark cycle to regulate our body functions. With sunlight, our brains produce serotonin, a hormone that can improve our mood by alleviating pain, providing energy and making us feel happy and rested. Improved daylighting in schools has shown that there is a dramatic improvement in a student’s concentration, achievement, and behavior. In hospitals, the post-operative stay is shorter as recovery becomes quicker. There is faster recovery from depressive illness too. In workplaces, people prefer to work near windows and under conditions that use natural light rather than artificial light. It improves their comfort and productivity with reduced visual strain.

Privacy Window Shades that Let Light In

When daylight is not managed efficiently, it can lead to overheating of our homes with an increased burden on our cooling systems and wastage of electricity. Thermal discomfort and glare become stressful to cope with. This is when we all turn to the window treatment industry for some succor. Blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes in varying sizes, fabrics and functions are created to suit our needs. Graber Blinds has produced a new light control option in the form of Aluminum blinds that specifically aids in daylighting. The slats of the blinds can be inverted as an option to optimize natural light. The sunlight that is reflected off them onto the ceilings and walls of the room reduces dependency on artificial lighting during the day. They bring up to 38% more daylight into a room.

Wooden Blind Slats



2” Inverted slats in Polished Aluminum tested 38% more effective in transmitting daylight into a room than standard 2” slats in Polished Aluminum. However, the glare caused by them inside a room do not make them a good choice for daylighting. Brushed Aluminum blinds with inverted slats serve the same purpose with a subdued effect keeping the glare off and lowering room temperature to a comfortable level.

Graber’s Horizontal Blinds manufactured from American-made Alcoa, the world’s finest Aluminum, are strong, light and highly durable due to the inherent properties of Aluminum. Unlike wooden blinds that cannot be used in humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, due to their tendency to warp, Aluminum blinds have a wider scope. They provide optimum illumination when raised open, desired privacy and optimum natural light. They are available as the 1” Aluminum Insignia, Supreme, and Classic. Their narrow slats are lightweight and chic.


THICKNESS OR GUAGE – The slats of Insignia have a gauge or thickness of 0.006 while Supreme and Classic have 1” slats in the 0.006 and 0.008 thickness. The 0.008 gauge slats of heavy-duty aluminum have a harder surface, are less porous, more stain and scratch resistant.

HEADRAIL – Insignia and Classic have a 1”x1” and 1”x1 ½” Headrail respectively and require a minimum depth for a Flush Mount. A Valence of 2 1” slats cover the Headrail to give it a neat and attractive look. Supreme has a light blocking lip on its Headrail and requires no valance.

BOX BRACKETS – Insignia and Classic have Box brackets for easy installation while Supreme has Hidden headrail brackets.

CLUTCH WAND TILT RELEASE – Present in all three types releases to prevent damage to the tilt while tilting slats.

CRASH-PROOF CORD LOCK – It is a mechanism that locks the blind automatically to the desired height upon the release of the cord to prevent damage to the sill.

TILT OPTION – A Wand Tilt Option for Insignia and an additional Ring Tilter Option for Supreme and Classic is used for maneuvering the slats.

HOLD DOWN BRACKETS – Available for all three types and used for holding the blind to the bottom of the window or door frame.

BOTTOM RAIL BUMPER – The Supreme and Classic blinds have this to prevent a rattling of the slats and for cushioning the blinds to reduce damage to them and the sill.

TIGHTER LADDER SPACING – In Supreme, a tighter ladder spacing allows more slats/sq. foot for greater light blocking capacity.

HIDDEN HOLES – Supreme has this option for added privacy and light blockage. Instead of the rout holes on each slat, a notch is cut at its edge for the lift cord.

LIFT OPTIONS – besides the Standard Cord Control, the Cordless Lift option eliminates the safety hazard for pets and children in all the three types.

Skypole and multicolored combination are available for the Supreme and Classic blinds.
The 2” Aluminum Grandeur Graber Blinds have wider slats that provide a better view of the outside and better optimizing of daylight. Their Inverted slats redirect light further than the 1” blinds.
The sure patented close headrail provides the tightest closure for superior privacy and light control. A light blocking lip eliminates a light gap between the Headrail and the top slat of the blind.
Redirecting light by the use of the Inverted slat Option will go far in helping us to bounce sunlight into the desired location in our homes or office areas. It will decrease our energy use and make the internal environments more comfortable.


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