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Is It Easy To Add Blackout To Your Existing Blinds

Is It Easy To Add Blackout To Your Existing Blinds

Adding Blackout to Existing Blinds for Ultimate Darkness

For a few reasons, dark interiors are great favorites for many homeowners as they impact your indoor vibes in a dramatic way. We all have been mesmerized by the dark ambiance as it can set the perfect mood for a cinematic feel when it comes to your media room or it can create an ideal sleeping ambiance for your bedroom. If you are a night shift worker and sleep during the daytime, then dark rooms are always preferred. Pitch black indoor ambiance is something of a trend that helps you in various ways. Windows and doors are the main ways of letting natural and artificial light that brightens up your space in a magnificent way, but it is very useful to be able to shut them completely when needed. In order to achieve complete darkness along with maximum protection, we cover them with suitable window coverings. Window blinds and shades are designed to offer excellent insulation and light protection with minimal fabric. But what happens when you already have an existing window blind? Is it possible to add blackout lining to the blinds? Read on to know more!
Blackout Honeycomb Shades

How to Add Blackout to Existing Window Treatments

Whether you owe blackout blinds or not, following a few easy steps will help you to integrate additional linings for maximum efficiency. For regular slatted blinds, you will need to get an extra shade to mount behind it or in front of it. If you have roller blinds or roman shades, you can add a liner yourself by modifying the existing fabric. But before you jump into the process, make sure you have all the required tools like a measuring tape, a pencil and a sewing machine.

● Take out the blind from the window frame and lay it on a plain surface.
● Measure from left to right and from top to bottom. During the measurement, add a few inches to the width. And for height, measure from top of the headrail to the down portion and add two inches extra to this measurement.
● Now get the blackout fabric according to these measurements. The fabric material has two sides – soft and rough. The rough part will confront the roadside.
● Keep the blackout fabric on the shade and align it properly. Align the bottom of the lining to the top of the window blind, and secure it with strips or some tape.
● For roller shades, you need to make sure the fabric rolls up properly along the tube and goes up straight. For roman shades, make sure that the fabric is hooked along the lift rings with the original fabric.
● If you are just adding an extra layer of fabric behind your existing blind, place tape across the top edge of the blackout fabric and stick it to the headrail of the blind facing the window.
Blackout Roller Blinds Layered with Curtains
Disclaimer – Following the above steps will make your job easier but it is always suggested to take help of the professionals to avoid any mistake. ZebraBinds is not liable for any damaged caused during the procedure.

Benefits of Integrating Lining to Your Window Blinds

● Additional blackout lining will create an extra barrier to the windows and will protect your interior from the harsh sunny and cold situations, making it highly insulated. This will lower your electricity bills.
● No matter what is the window position or for what purpose you are using, they will completely prevent direct sunlight, making it entirely dark and shooting.
● If you are looking for added privacy from outside hazards, then blackout lining is a great way to do so.
● When integrated this fabric to your existing blinds, they give your indoor double protection from glare and unwanted harmful rays which cause damage to your belongings while affecting your health.
● This simple lining will stop you from investing on new window shades as it is extremely efficient and versatile.
● Adding blackout will lower the light leakages from the side of the window frame, giving you an extra protection.

Adding blackout to the existing window blinds is not that difficult as it sounds. If you think your window coverings do not provide the required darkness and protection, then no need to replace them, a simple addition will do more than you imagine.

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