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People spend millions of dollars every year in the skin care industry. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is your front line of defence against everything the world has to throw at you. You should give it every bit of support you can against the elements, especially the sun. The sun, while it provides so much for us as a species, is something that you need to be wary of, especially during its peak hours of 10 am to 4 pm when its rays are at their strongest. To answer the question posed in the title, no, the sun is not good for your skin, especially when exposed for long periods of time.

People often spend money on their skin to keep it in good condition, from creams to moisturizers to surgery. So why not spend a little money to shield it from one of the biggest culprits of skin damage? If you have to be outside during the peak hours, or if your windows are in the direct path of sun rays during this time, look for ways to protect yourself.

Sunscreen and Long Sleeves

If you are an outdoor worker or if you are just spending time outdoors in the sunlight, make sure you have some sunscreen to protect your skin. Regardless of your skin type, the amount of sunlight that hits you during the day even in overcast weather can be very damaging. UV light still penetrates through clouds. So if it is a very hot day and you have to wear short sleeves, make sure you have some sunscreen handy.

If you are able to handle longer sleeves or if the weather is not so hot, make sure you have the clothing to cover yourself. Or better yet, limit the amount of sun exposure you receive by spending as much time as you can in the shade. When you don’t need to be under direct exposure to sunlight, try to find a tree, an awning or a gazebo if you get a chance.

Window Coverings While Indoors

So you are the type of person who stays primarily indoors. You have a home office or you are a homemaker. Just because you are indoors do not mean that you are fully protected from the sun. UV radiation still penetrates through the glass in your windows or if you have a skylight. To combat it, we suggest getting sun-protective window shades.

Blue zebra blinds.

Shades like solar roller blinds are made especially for sun-blocking applications. They help provide some benefits of the sun, as some light passes through, but most of the harmful light and radiation is reflected back out. Or better yet, if you want to fully black out the sun you can get blackout roller shades to prevent any of it from entering at all.

Other types of window treatments can help ward off the unwanted effects of the sun. Zebra shades are a type of banded roller shades that have both sheer and room-darkening fabrics. They allow the advantage of letting light in through the sheer fabrics when the sun is not at its peak, while also allowing you to close it off when the sun does hit its highest point. That way, you have the ability to gain some health benefits when the sun isn’t too high like improved vitamin d levels and immune system assistance while also being able to cover yourself when the rays become too harmful.

Give and Take with the Sun

Your relationship with the sun is one of giving and, it gives you so much in terms of energy and health benefits, but it can also take away a lot in terms of poor health effects owing to prolonged exposure. Protecting yourself during the proper hours is an absolute must. Bad skin health effects are not the only thing you need to worry about like wrinkling. The sun’s UV rays can literally mutate your skin cells and cause cancer. It is not all bad news, however, so instead of spending so much money over a lifetime, why not spend a little money now and cover yourself and your home from the sun today.

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