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How to Keep Your Carbon Footprint Down With Faux Wood Blinds

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Faux Wood Blinds reduces carbon foot print.


“We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet”. These words came from none other than Stephen Hawking; you’d better take them seriously.

One of the major challenges for the dwellers of our planet has been the greenhouse effect, which is directly influenced by the emission greenhouse gases, caused either directly or indirectly by our daily activities. Driving a car, heating/cooling our homes or even cooking food can release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions carbon dioxide that is introduced into the environment by our activities in a year.

There is no doubt that we are all equally responsible for contributing to reducing the negative impact of carbon footprints on our planet.

Window Covering to Reduce Heat Gain and Loss.


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It is weird but true that heat escapes from our homes during winter and gets trapped inside during summer, making us yearn for heaters and AC’s. Window coverings are used to naturally harness light and heat so that the burden could be reduced on heating and cooling appliances, at the same time reducing emissions into the atmosphere – reducing our carbon footprints.

By installing window coverings that save on heating and cooling systems, we also effect savings on utility bills. In addition, window coverings improve your comfort levels by reducing noise and regulating daylight. Another way to keep the carbon footprint down would be tune and service the heating/cooling appliances on time, and installing only energy saving products. Bringing down our energy bills can also reduce our carbon footprints by nearly 30%.

Misuse of Wood.


Of course, there is no doubt that real wood is an eco-friendly material that can be replaced by none. The fear of using excessive wood in construction is that of deforestation, which may prove to be harmful to our planet, in the long run. Not many manufacturers harvest wood through sustainable yield forest management that ensures the wood harvested is always below the levels of tree growth, which leads to the depletion of natural forest resources in many countries. Transportation of bulky wood adds to the carbon footprint as well.

Another major disaster happens when used wood is disposed of inappropriately by burning. This releases the carbon dioxide absorbed by the wood during its growth, back into the environment. The greed, and reckless usage by man has made wood a dangerous material to our planet.

How Faux Wood Reduces Carbon Footprints.

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With population explosion, the demand for the wood is more than what our planet can provide for us. If we do not plan on saving trees, we’d better have a sound plan to save ourselves from the impending doom that comes with the fast depletion of forests. Faux wood is highly functional and complements almost any decor like wood would, yet comes with better durability at lower costs. They are rightly called imitation wood blinds because they appear like real wood, and it would take a professional to distinguish them from the real wooden blinds. The PVC/vinyl material they are made from will not crack, warp or fade with time, which means longer life, less production and reduction in carbon footprints. Even when installed in high traffic areas or homes with children, they can withstand the wear and tear without incurring much damage.

GreenGuard certified, faux wood blinds from brands like Graber, Norman or Crown are considered to be eco-friendly options today. They pose no environmental hazard as all components of faux wood blinds can be dismantled recycled, once their use is over. Being fire retardant, they provide extra safety for your home.

Faux wood blinds create a friendly ambience in your rooms without taking a toll on forests and trees. The raw materials make them moisture resistant and ideal to be used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages, thus providing insulation and energy savings to every area of your home.

When the slats are open, you can illuminate your home naturally to save on lighting, but tilt them enough to prevent heating of your room. Advanced tilt mechanisms and innovative lock systems allow for desired levels of illumination and privacy.

2½-Inch Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds have high insulation abilities – they are known to deflect up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor temperatures to provide a comforting atmosphere inside the room. They are easy to maintain, install and clean.

At a glance, we can see that faux wood blinds leave behind fewer carbon footprints since they:


· consume less production materials during manufacturing

· are lead free

· save energy by excellent insulation preventing heat gain or loss

· are recyclable

· are durable, thus reducing demand for the manufacture

· developed with light materials that save fuel

· can withstand heat without warping

· meets the demands of wood without causing deforestation

You can also take other small steps to save our planet. Even by just reducing your junk mail, which you never go through, you can bring down greenhouse gases emission considerably. Did you know that the amount of carbon footprints left behind by the disposal of junk mail is equivalent to that of 2.8 million cars? Use email for promotions and updates and save paper. Save energy, fuel and buy locally. Use solar and hybrid products that are affordable. Reuse and recycle often.

This Earth Day, April 22nd go green, buy faux wood blinds, and save a tree. Make a promise to yourself to reduce your carbon footprint for the coming year. It is the little drops of water that make a mighty ocean. A small contribution from each person will go a long way in making our planet a safer place to live in, and maybe someday, we will be lucky enough to have peace to look inwards as well.

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