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Keep Warm and Toasty this Winter with Window Coverings

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In the thick of the winter season, it’s important to keep ourselves warm. Canada is an unforgiving place this season, with temperatures plummeting into the negatives with abandon. We all need to keep warm, and we usually do it by raising the temperatures on our thermostats. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost… and we mean that literally! Every winter, heating bills become more expensive because we run our furnaces the entire day, without considering other ways to keep warm. Well, have no fear, ZebraBlinds Canada is here! We’ve got a few ways to help you stay warm during the coldest winter months, without much penalizing on the usage of your furnace! Dress up your windows with highly insulated Cellular Shades to prevent the heat loss through the windows panes to keep you warm and toasty this winter season.

1. Clothing: One of the simplest things to do during the winter months is to layer your clothing. Yes, it really is that easy! Additional layers of clothing, like sweaters, long johns, and thick socks can do wonders for keeping your body warm. When you wear extra layers, you are able to retain the heat that your body lets off. Because heat is lost most often though the head and feet, it is important to keep wool hats and thick socks on them respectively. Wearing many thinner layers rather than one large layer also helps retain heat better, and you can also remove a few if you get too hot, or add a few if you become too cold.

2. Drafts: Seal the spaces in your home where you feel cool drafts of air coming in from outside. These places are normally found around windows, doors, and floorboards. You can spend a few dollars on sealing agents like foam or silicone and take 15 minutes to seal the spots where you can feel drafts entering your home. Other options include buying window insulating kits, which include large plastic sheets and double-sided tape to go over windows and block out all air holes. They will help keep your home much warmer because the cold air will not be able to get in, while the warm air won’t get out.

3. Kitchen Cooking: The kitchen is one of the best places to be in during the winter – if you can help from snacking that is! When you cook, you generate heat, and warm food as well. By using the oven when cooking you are able to generate heat that you are using for more than just keeping warm. You can cook soups, casseroles, and large meals that will also help you feel warmer as you eat. After cooking, you can even release oven heat into the kitchen air, and keep a lower furnace temperature at the same time. As humidity is also a factor in retaining heat, leaving a some boiling water on the stove to release steam will also help the home, and your skin.

4. Cuddling: After the first three tips, cuddling might seem a joke! Don’t disregard the power of body heat – grabbing a blanket and curling up on the couch with the family can help all of you stay warm!

Stay warm this season, and do with help from ZebraBlinds Canada! Good luck!

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