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Keeping Your Kitchen Bright and Airy With Beautiful Light Filtering Shades

Keeping Your Kitchen Bright and Airy With Beautiful Light Filtering Shades

Whether we love cooking or not, we like eating, getting together, and gathering around the kitchen. Our kitchens are a center of activity and we would want this space to be a lively and colorful corner to hang out. But window coverings for the kitchen are usually an afterthought. Window coverings can be a crucial element to keep your kitchen looking stylish and pleasant, while also protecting you from the heat of the sun. Bright and airy kitchens appear classic with an absolutely clean and elegant look that can never go out of trend.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Kitchen Shades

The kitchen is usually considered as the space where the heart of our house resides. Also, today kitchens are used for multiple purposes like watching TV, kids doing their assignments, or for relaxing. So, we would require a window covering that takes the aspect of cooking as well as other tasks into consideration. Therefore, selecting the right kind of shade is a broadly encompassing task that needs some factors to be considered. If you are looking for ideal window shades for your kitchen, then you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Style

It is easy to say that the style of kitchen window shades doesn’t actually matter. However, you need to make sure that your choice of window shades goes perfectly well with the kitchen décor. As many of us spend most of our time there, without a pleasant style for our shades, you may not find the look and feel of your kitchen beautiful enough to keep you in there. The decor of the kitchen is an essential aspect. Thus, picking the right style and color for your kitchen shades is a factor that cannot be ignored. With several designs of shades out there, you will find many options that suit your kitchen décor.

  • Privacy

Privacy is one of the most critical factors that should be given thought to. There are several options for kitchen shades that you can select from, based on the privacy level that is required in the kitchen. While some expect a less privacy level, others desire a medium/high privacy level in the kitchen. So, before you decide on the choice of shades, you should be able to finalize the privacy level that you would like to have. With the wide array of shades available, you will definitely find your option.

  • Lighting

Shades play a critical role in the amount of light entering your kitchen. Every type of shade is designed to allow a certain amount of light into a room. So, you have to examine how much light you want in the kitchen area and make a smart choice of shade. The kitchen shades have to either be partially or entirely capable of blocking light from passing through the kitchen area.

  • Kitchen Size

If you have a large kitchen, then the windows tend to form a major part of it. In such cases, you can opt for a bold and bright shade that suits the kitchen décor.

Which Are The Best Light Filtering Shades For Kitchen?

Bright kitchens aim at drawing light into the room, thereby offering a well-lit as well as a comfortable kitchen. However, with so much going on with cooking, cleaning, and other hard work stuff taking place at this centerpiece of a house, let us see how one can pick the best window treatment to accent their kitchen chores.

  • Light Filtering Solar Shades

Most of us would have windows across or over a stove/sink. A simple to clean window covering like solar light filtering shade should be considered if you are a whirling dervish who often tosses dirty pans and dishes into the sink, wiping up grease splatters, or scraping bits of burnt food from the stove. Solar light filtering shades are a great choice for messy spaces for an easy clean-up because they only have to be wiped clean with soap water. These shades present a minimalist look. They also keep out the glare while letting you enjoy the outside view as you cook in the kitchen. No one would want the sun rays shining in their eyes as you do the daily dishes and other duties. Solar light filtering shades are sleek, classic, and a no-hassle window covering.

  • Light Filtering Roller Shades

As we spend most of our time in the kitchen, these areas should be made bright, airy, and uplifting. For your dining area, island bar, or breakfast nook, light filtering roller shades having sprightly patterns or with chic solid shades will instantly enhance any plain kitchen. Roller shades ideally and seamlessly fit into the window frame. Pick a light filtering fabric roller shade for these more design-worthy spots away from splashing water if you want to add style and variety.

  • Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Light filtering cellular shade is another smart option for the wide range of colors for any aesthetic scheme that lends itself to make a bold statement across a collection of windows. These shades are incredible in boosting energy efficiency to keep you warm/cool as you heat up your kitchen space. Light filtering cellular shades stack as you lower and raise them, always appearing brand new.

  • Light Filtering Woven Wood Shades

For an elegant and attractive kitchen space, pick either organic and textual or lux and soft. By bringing in visual impact through your window coverings, a boring bland kitchen will never bother you. To balance the hard surfaces of kitchen appliances and stainless steel, these tactile and natural window treatments are actually woven from grass, jute, reed, bamboo, and other organic materials. Woven shades are increasingly becoming a subtle yet impressive window covering in many homey as well as comforting kitchens.

  • Light Filtering Roman Shades

Light filtering Roman shades offer the beauty of a soft curtain look while creating a more modern and calm vibe for fashionable kitchen space and dining area. Patterns and stripes can customize your kitchen space for a gracious and light feeling. Decorating with light filtering Roman shades imbibe a sense of flair and opulence in any kitchen space.

In A Nutshell

While deciding on which type of window covering works ideally for your kitchen window, you will have to first consider the location of the window. Is it present above the sink, beside the stove, or over an area used mainly for cooking? You might also want to go for water-resistant, light-filtering, warp-proof, and simple to clean shades, like roller shades or solar shades. If you are looking for a customizable design, then Roman shades and woven shades make an exceptional kitchen window covering. Finally, the best kitchen window covering will depend on your specific requirements and priorities.

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