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Best Kid Safe Window Treatments: Avoid Hidden Dangers for a Secured Home

Kid Safe Window Treatments

Consider Kid Safe Window Treatments to Avoid Hidden Dangers

Window treatments are essential for any home or office, and they play a crucial role in the look and atmosphere of your room. But are you conscious of the hidden hazards that your old blinds, shades, and window coverings may represent you or your family?

Our home should be the safest haven for our children. In our own homes, we should be vigilant and mindful of any potential dangers lurking that would harm our curious and fragile youngsters. Even though we have the best intentions of maintaining a safe home, numerous hidden dangers can be overlooked. Our safe home can turn into an unfortunate and harmful place if we’re not careful.

Young children can become entangled in hanging and looped cords. Cords can also pose a hazard to many pets as well. The hidden dangers that lie in the cords of your old mini-blinds may not always be visible. Let’s look at the hidden dangers of window coverings and which all blinds and shades will be more appropriate for your kids’ safety. Consider having the best kid safe window treatments that will keep your home secure from the hazards of dangling cord.

The Hidden Dangers of Window Treatments for Your Kids

Nowadays everyone wants to make their home safe for their little ones. Every day we are doing a lot of things to keep our home safe and secure. But what happens when it comes to childproof window blinds?

Exposed cords may look like fun toys to young children. Children may also become tangled in them without intending to. Your little ones face so many problems because of those dangling cords.


Window covering cords can create the following deadly hazards: 

  • Children can strangle themselves when they wrap the cord around their necks by accident or become trapped in the looped cord. Even if tensioners are used to secure excess cord lengths, if installed within the child’s reach, the cords above the cleat can still present a hazard.
  • Children can pull out an exposed inner cord on the back side of Roman shades, and become entangled or face strangulation hazards. Children can also strangle themselves by placing their necks in the opening between the fabric and the cord.

What should you do to make your home safe for little ones?

Window treatments can create a hazardous environment as children are attracted to cords that are not properly installed.  Instead, go for cordless window treatments, which is simply operated with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail to position the shade to any height. Motorized window treatments also provide extra ease of operation and ensure ultimate safety with the press of a button or a tap from your smartphone. Always take extra precautions to install safe window treatments in all the environments where children and blinds and shades interact.



Cordless Kid Safe Window Treatments are the safest choice for all your windows!

Use Cordless Window Coverings. Install cordless window treatments or buy remote window blinds and shades. Select shutters or window coverings that are operated with a wand. Draperies are another good choice.


  1. Install safeguards correctly. Never leave a cord dangling anywhere.
  2. Maintain Dangling Cords. Free-hanging cords can be just as deadly as loops if they are a tangled mess. Make sure that your cords aren’t tangled.
  3. When using horizontal sheer shades or blinds make sure to secure the cord into position when they are lowered.
  4. Keep all the furniture away from the windows. By moving your beds away from windows, you’ll not only prevent falls from windows, but you can also prevent children from climbing onto window treatments and pulling cords.
  5. Replace the older blinds with modern kid safety window treatments. If you cannot replace them, look for retrofit kits, which allow you to repair your window treatments to make them safer.
  6. Look for some branded child safety window blinds that will assure you that your home is safe and secure for the little ones. For example – Graber offers tension pulls on continuous-loop pull cords and a variety of cordless and motorized lift solutions for blinds.

Best Child Safety Window Treatments

Norman Honeycomb Shades – 

Cordless Cellular blinds are the best options for your kids’ room. With their insulation features and cordless mechanism, these shades protect your child from the extreme heat, cold, and harmful UV rays from outside. With the Cordless Top down Bottom Up mechanism, you can manage the light accordingly.

Aluminum Blinds – 

Cordless Aluminum Blinds are an excellent choice for your kids’ home safety as they are long lasting due to resistance to moisture, dust, and stains. You can choose from our 2-inch slat aluminum blinds, perfect for your kids’ room.

Roller Shades – 

With smart lift options and varying degrees of light filtering percentages, Roller Shades are a stylish option for any room in the house, especially if you have little ones in your home. Because their cordless feature ensures that your home is safe from the hazards of dangling cords.

Smart Motorized Window Shades –

You can choose best smart motorized window coverings to make your home more safe for the little ones. Smart shades are completely free of any hazardous cords and satisfy all norms by consumer product safety commission which makes them an ideal choice for homes with kids and pets.

Child Proof Window Blinds Offer Safety and Beauty to Your Home

Keep your kids safe and healthy by installing gorgeous, modern cordless window treatments that will brighten your windows throughout the year. Always check your home to be sure that your window coverings do not put your children at risk. Learn more about child safety window covering from our design experts.

So are you ready to make your home safe for your kids and pets?! Let ZebraBlinds help you make a smart decision. Let our expertise transform your home into a safe haven for you and your family!

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