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Redecorating Your Kitchen? How Window Blinds Can Change Your Space Completely

Kitchen Window Blinds and Shades

Redecorating Your Kitchen? How Window Blinds Can Change Your Space Completely

Decorating the kitchen is quite an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, the first thing that comes to mind when we say ‘kitchen décor’ are cupboards, tables, and ovens. Well, do you know you can literally give your kitchen a makeover by decorating the windows? Something as simple as blinds and shades can change the atmosphere and feel of your kitchen immediately. Let’s take a look at some basic ideas to get started.


Kitchen Window Blinds and Shades: Window Décor Ideas

  1. Roman Shades:

Kitchens are kept mostly white or in any pastel shade. Hence, going for roman shades in all white will make your kitchen pop in a lovely tone. These kitchen roman blinds have an aesthetic feel to their look that can instantly light up an entire room. Your kitchen is a place where you deal with all hot and heated equipment. To keep the place airy and ventilated is pretty important. Roman shades play a large part in helping in it. They are available in thousands of fabrics and can be made easily available. These custom window treatments bring a sensation of softness and charm that works wonders for new and modern apartments.

White Roman Shades for Kitchen


  1. Wooden Shutters:

Wooden shutters are normally used in traditional apartments, but these can really look good with modern homes as well. Merging traditional styles with modern ones gives your kitchen a unique makeover. It becomes unique and stands out. Wooden shutters can crack or warp from excessive moisture, however. If that worries you, go for a faux wood material instead which is much more resistant.

Wooden Shutters for Kitchen


  1. Woven Rags:

Although called rags, they are not exactly rags. They are made up of a material, which is close to that of a sack. These kitchen window blinds keep the heat away and the arena cool. This feature is very important for your kitchen. You obviously would not want to stand sweating in the kitchen and preparing your dish. These are cool and breezy as well. They filter out the extra light and let the cool breeze in, hence working as a sun-barrier at the same time.

Woven Shades for Kitchen


  1. Faux Wood Blinds:

The faux wood blinds are made up of the PVC material. The best part about this being they can be cleaned at your own convenience. They have spread out slats that can be cleaned with one swipe straight. The classic look of the window will give your kitchen a swanky statement. If you have children at your place, it is extremely safe for them as well since they are cordless. You do not have to be paranoid about the fact that the children might entangle themselves by the loose hanging cords.

Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen


  1. Roller Shades:

These shades help streaming in light into the kitchen. If you are somebody who likes to keep the kitchen full of natural light, then roller shades are absolutely your thing. If you have smaller windows in your kitchen, then roller shades are just perfect for you. They hardly cover any of the windows, and hence the light can just flood into your kitchen without obstruction when you raise them up. When you have them down, you can get privacy while still letting soft light filter through the shade itself. If you are worried about moisture or stains from splashes, go for vinyl shades. They will block more light but also be easier to clean and are moisture resistant.

Roller Shades for Kitchen Windows


  1. Pleated Valances:

Pleated valances are stationary pieces used to accent the tops of your windows. These are made of fabric and can be available in different colors, textures, designs and combinations. Valances put a final addition to your windows and elevate the whole look of your kitchen.

Pleated Valances for Kitchen


  1. Solar Shades:

Installing these solar shades in the kitchen is a wonderful idea. They just filter out the excess light and let a sufficient amount of light stream into the kitchen only. These light filtering solar shades are extremely easy to use. They come in different styles and colors. They will help make your kitchen feel less congested among all the cupboards and kitchen appliances and tools lying around.

Light Filtering Solar Shades


  1. Light Blockers:

Another interesting factor to put to use in your kitchen window coverings is the light blocker. You can install this one in your windows to avoid the excess light beaming into the kitchen from the gaps on the sides of the shades. They have a sticky backing that makes it possible for you to just stick it onto the sides for the effective usage.

  1. Frosted Glass:

Frosted glass were very popular back in the day. Nevertheless, they still are in fashion and can be installed in your kitchen. They keep the eyes away from peering into your kitchen, while at the same time they provide you with all the natural light that you require. These can be kept half or fully frosted according to your needs. If they are half frosted then you can install designs and patterns on the portion that is transparent to add a customized look to it.

Frosted Glass for Kitchen Windows


  1. Venetian Blinds:

These are the shades that are generally used for blocking the sun. They are placed horizontally. The gap between the two slats helps little amounts of light to stream into your kitchen, keeping the place cool and soothing for you to cook in peace. You can obtain a proper view of the surroundings of your apartment even when they are pulled down.

Aluminum Blinds for Kitchen


For foodies like us, keeping the kitchen neat and clean, equipped with proper products and materials should be a priority. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so it makes sense to make them as inviting and comfortable as possible. Keeping yourself cool and your food hot should be the mantra. These blinds and shades not only seem lovely and delicate to the eyes but also are very convenient to use. They are made according to your needs and have the best of fabrics and materials stitched and woven in them to act as an insulator to your kitchen. Some can be customized as well. With these window treatment ideas, keep your kitchen styling game on point!




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