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Know The Differences – Hard and Soft Window Treatments

Hard and Soft Window Treatments

Explore the Differences Between Hard and Soft Window Treatments


Window treatments are used in interior home design to control light, create privacy, frame a view, add color and texture, and make a living space warm and inviting.

Selecting the right window treatments for your home within your budget and matching to the decor of your room can be a difficult task. But when it comes to covering your windows, both hard and soft window treatments offer benefits to your overall room decor.

Types of Window Treatments:

Window treatments are essential for every room as they add privacy, make it easy to adjust the lighting, and help your room to maintain temperature. Basically, there are two types of window treatments – Hard Window Treatments and Soft Window Treatments.

#1: What is a Hard Window Treatment?

Hard window treatments are factory-made window treatments such as – window blinds, shades, and shutters. Some of these window coverings are used merely for privacy. However, homeowners often choose a covering because of their aesthetics in addition to their functions.

Hard window treatments will allow you to control the light in your home, retaining the heat or the cool air already in the home. They are made up of hard materials like wood or vinyl. Below are the examples of hard window coverings:


Window Shutters 

Window Shutters


Shutters are usually installed into the window frame and have horizontal slats that can tilt up and down. Shutters do not move anywhere like window blinds but can fold across the window. They can be custom made for arched windows. Shutters may be used for so many reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to provide privacy, security, to protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage, and to enhance the aesthetics of a building.


Window Blinds 

Blind slats allow your windows to tilt open or close. They permit you to see the view without having to lift the whole window shade. Types of window blinds include wood blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, etc.


Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds


These blinds can enhance the look of any room or any space; create a perfect ambiance with comfortable temperature and privacy. The main advantages of having Aluminum Venetian Blinds are –

  • Economically priced
  • Superior privacy
  • Great light and heat control
  • Availability of a wide range of color and design choices
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Durable headrails

You can customize the size of the slat as per your choice and as per the needs of your home.


Vertical Blinds 

Vertical Blinds


These blinds are available in PVC, Vinyl, Wood, and fabric. With Vertical Blinds, your large windows or patio doors become a focal point in your home.

    • Vinyl vanes offer value, superior light control, durability, and easy maintenance.
    • Fabric blinds are noise reducing and will insulate from the heat of the sun and the chill of the wind. They are easy to install and clean. They are available with a standard cord or chain controls.
    • Wood Vertical Blinds comes in standard paints and stains. These blinds are available in the standard cord and chain control. They are made of superior quality materials and bring a dramatic flair to your home.


Window Shades 

Shades are a piece of fabric which rolls, stacks, or folds. They not only protect the home from the external extremities of the weather but also prove to be a vital part of the overall home decor. Below are few examples of window shades that fall under hard window treatments.


Cellular Shades 

Cellular Shades


Cellular shades or Honeycomb window shades have a single cell and double cell fabrics. They allow different levels of light control from light filtering to blackout. The fabrics hold air pockets which help your room to trap air and create a barrier between the window surface and the room, keeping the warmth inside during the winter.


Custom Made Roman Shades 

Combining the softness of drapery and practicality of shades, Custom Made Roman Shades make your room more beautiful and attractive. These shades give privacy, light control, and provide insulating qualities. Roman shades can be opened with a cord mechanism, allowing the user to adjust the height of the covered area.


Pleated Shades 

Pleated Window Shades


These shades help you to change the overall look of your room. These shades bring charm, grace, and beauty to your interior home decor. They are available in a wide range of colors with different smooth operations – cordless, continuous, and top down bottom up.


#2: What is a Soft Window Treatment?

Soft Window Treatments are used as decoration on top of hard treatments, but can also be used alone. The uniqueness of your soft treatments depends on your fabric selection, colors, and sizes.

These window treatments are made of soft material such as – sheers, curtains, valances, drapes – from flat to hobbled styles. They create beautiful windows that fit your design aesthetic.


Why Choose Soft Window Treatments?

Soft Window treatments include curtains, draperies, drapery panels, and valances.

Soft window treatments and draperies can transform the decor of any room. Whether you need a decorative valance to cover an unsightly headrail, or decorative panels to add a splash of color, soft treatments can be the perfect finishing touch. They are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and types of fabrics, and there is undoubtedly a material that fits your room’s decor.


Drapery Panels

Drapery Panels


Drapery panels are the probably the most popular type of window treatment. The panels can be purely decorative and stationary, or can be functional and can open and close to provide privacy and light control. There are also many pleat styles to choose from, and the most popular is the pinch pleat. They are useful for large windows as they cover it entirely with their floor-length drapes.


Drapes Window Treatments

Drapery Window Treatments


Draperies can be used to create an elegant, casual or a sophisticated look. If you are looking for a romantic ambiance, light control, or window treatments to protect your privacy, then these treatments with the right pattern and fabric draperies are the perfect choice for your room. You can use these beautiful window draperies in your living room, for your large windows or arched windows. Fully custom drapes can be adjusted to your desired length and fullness, rather than preset sizes as in panels.


Window Valances

Window Valances


Valances are usually decorative, and just cover the top of a window. They are suitable for covering a blind headrail or to add some fabric and color to a window.  There are many different types of valances. So give your home windows a luxurious look at very affordable prices with beautiful valances.


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