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Know Your Blinds and Shades

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What is the difference of Interior designer and a decorator?

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”Albert Einstein

My belief in those words is reinforced now and then when I come across homeowners who cannot distinguish between two different products and use the terms interchangeably, confusing me. Often my profession itself changes, and I become an interior designer to some people. When corrected they defend themselves with a question, “Interior designer or decorator, what difference does it make?” I have my own job description and function that deserves some respect. I am not a designer because I do not study people’s needs to create functional, structural living or work spaces to satisfy their home or building requirement. As a decorator, I furnish interior spaces with furniture and accessories, creating an aesthetic and visually pleasing environment.

Nothing can be more frustrating for a passionate interior decorator than people who cannot distinguish between terms like, living room and drawing room which have different function altogether. It can mislead me when people confuse spaces in their homes like porch, deck, veranda, patio or balcony as well.

Differentiating between Blinds and Shades.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not making a distinction between blinds and shades. The last home I decorated for a newly married couple was quite confusing for me because at one time they would ask for blinds and another time for shades. I thought they were changing their mind, when finally I noticed that they did not know the difference. They were quite surprised to know that shades and blinds were two entirely different window treatments, which had unique and specific practical functions. If you have no idea what the difference is between blinds and shades, I recommend you read further to have a clear picture about them.


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Window Blinds.

Blinds are elegant, minimalist window treatments with vanes or slats, known among decorators as hard window treatments. The light filtering, light blocking, insulation or privacy of a room can be controlled by tilting slats to a desired angle. With different sizes of slats, blinds provide great flexibility, offering privacy, insulation and light control because they can be raised or lowered or just tilted open or closed. For an unobstructed view, the blinds can be fully opened by pulling the slats up in a neat stack. They are available in both horizontal and vertical slats to meet the requirement of specific windows. When your room has broad windows, opt for vertical blinds to prevent the weight from deforming the slats. Blinds are often made of vinyl, wood, faux wood, aluminum and composite elements.

You can choose from the wide range of blinds available to you from the list considering that is the most preferable for your requirement and enhances your interior decor.

· Aluminum blinds

· Composite blinds

· Faux wood blinds

· Natural Blinds

· Real wood blinds

· Skylight blinds

· Vertical blinds

· Vinyl blinds

They are available in a wide spectrum of colors as well.

Window Shades.

Shades are soft window treatments that do not have slats like blinds. That is one of the most distinguishing features between these two window treatments. For light control, privacy or insulation, shades can be raised either from the top down, bottom up or both for desired result. Shades roll down to cover windows snugly and roll up or stack neatly at the top giving your window a neat and tidy appearance. The absence of louvers or slats adds to the overall clear visual effect created by shades. With Shades, you cannot adjust the light filtering or privacy as you can do with blinds, but you do have a choice in the opacity of the material. When it comes to choices in colors and textures, you will be overwhelmed by the range available to you.

Shades are available in the market in various form which includes:

· Cellular shades

· Cellular vertical shades

· Exterior solar shades

· Natural shades

· Pleated shades

· Roller/Solar shades

· Roman shades

· Sheer horizontal shades

· Sheer vertical shades

· Skylight shades

· Sliding panel tracks

A few tips:

The honeycomb structure of cellular shades has made it one of the most preferred and popular contemporary window treatments. Cellular Shades have little pockets that trap hot and cold air, creating excellent energy efficiency and insulation for any room.

Due to its chic appearance and ease of operation, roller shades are among the highest sold shades in North America.
For a more artistic requirement and decorative appeal, preference is given to Roman Shades made of elegant fabric that create soft horizontal folds down the window as it is lowered, taking your breath away with their beauty.

Why Should You Know The Difference?

New homeowners, who are yet to experience the consequences of making the wrong decisions, often make hasty decisions about their window treatments without realizing their importance. Manufacturers of modern window coverings are using innovative technology to meet the demands of modern architectural buildings. With a little effort before, you can end up with a perfect and appealing window treatment that will enhance not just the decorative value of your home but also increase the overall value of the building itself. They play a significant role in light control, privacy, and insulation of your room.

It is not a small investment you make on your window treatments, so know what you are getting for your money and check out all the factors that would make a difference before making the final purchase. Consider your requirement, style, budget and trends to make the maximum impact on your windows. If you are purchasing your window treatments online, consult their experts who will help you, and order samples to be sure.

When you do your research and make the right decisions, you will find peace for the rest of your life. Like George Ryan said, “I’m going to sleep well tonight knowing that I made the right decision.”

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