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Oversized Shades: A Guide to Covering Large Windows

Large Window Blinds and Shades

Large Window Blinds and Shades for Massive Windows

Having large windows in your room is amazing as they provide lots of natural light and a beautiful view to your outdoors. They help your room to brighten up while adding a stunning aesthetic look. But having a large window seems to be a big problem for many homeowners especially when it comes to covering them. Do you know that if you dress it properly they can be the focal point of any space? Window treatments help to get a consistent look for your large windows.

Large window blinds and shades need to be bulky, strong, and durable enough so that windows can grip the weight of them while maintaining functionality. With the right window covering you can change the look of those windows while increasing privacy, energy-efficiency, and control over light and glare.

Recommendations and Easy Buying Tips for Large Window Blinds and Shades

Just because you have a large window that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the style or window function. To get an eye-catching modern look, read more for the best solutions for your oversized or large windows.

#1. Cordless or Motorized? Operate Your Large Window Shades Comfortably

We offer you different lift options so that you can control your window shades easily and smoothly. Such as – continuous cord loop, cordless, motorized, and smart motorized features.

Large window blinds and shades with a continuous cord loop lift system are ideal for large windows. With this mechanism, you can raise and lower your window treatments without any hassle. Cordless option means there will not be any dangling cords which can create hazards for your children. With the motorized lift option, you can control your window dressing using a remote button or a smartphone.

Now you have to decide what will be the best for your large windows. Think twice before you order them.

#2. Go for some energy-efficient window treatments

If you have large windows then it’s quite obvious that the amount of air coming inside your home will be greater if they are open, and you’ll lose or gain more heat through those large windows even if they are closed. You will be hoping that your home stays cool during the summer month and warm during the month of winter. In that case, energy-efficient cellular honeycomb shades are the perfect option for your large windows. They are not only well-known for being energy-efficient they are popular for their functionality, versatility, and durability.

These shades hold air pockets in their fabric which allow the shade to provide insulation, and therefore energy efficiency for your home. They gently filter the unwanted excess heat coming through your windows which will reduce your energy costs by balancing the temperature with the outside, saving money on excess air conditioning or heating bills.

You can choose between light filtering, blackout, and room darkening shades to give your room different levels of light control and privacy. So customize your product according to your room’s style and choices as you can select from TDBU, cordless, motorized, and smart motorized mechanisms.

Large Windows Shades

#3. Think about Colors and Styles

You might love light or deep colored window treatments for your large windows. But large windows always look great when we cover them with neutral color window coverings that match with the rest of your home interior. Make sure the color of the window treatments mix and match with the existing home decor.

#4. Window Shutters for Large Windows

Graber Plantation Shutters are also a popular choice for large windows. They are made to custom fit which means these shutters will fit any type and size of windows. Installing shutters on your windows will create a distinctive look that you will love for years to come.

Plantation Shutters for Large Windows

#5. Are You on a Budget? Choose Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

Vertical blinds work well on larger windows. To block the unwanted sunlight while getting privacy, just close the vertical blind slats. These blinds can also be tilted open slightly to allow daylight inside your room.

These cost-effective window blinds are available in light filtering, blackout, or room darkening fabric that will protect your home and furnishings from fading.

 Vertical Blinds for Large Windows


#6. Make Your Home Safe with Window Roller Shades

If you are looking for a classic or traditional style with modern functionality then roller shades are the best options. Light filtering option for this shade will gently diffuse the excess sunlight while blackout window shades will block out all light and make your room dark.

For an effortless and smooth operation, these shades are available in cordless, motorized, and smart motorized mechanism which ensures that they are safe for the home with kids and pets. You can control them using a remote-controlled button or a smartphone that too from your own comfort.

Roller Shades for Large Windows

#7. Install Solar Window Shades to Improve Your Mood

Solar shades give your space a modern look while balancing functionality and adaptability. They are available in different openness factor (1% to 5% and 6% to 14%) and your ability to see outside depends on these factors only. If you want more view then choose the high openness factor and for less view go for less openness factor. These shades also help to reduce glare and harmful UV rays.

You can customize your product as they are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and style with different mechanisms. Go for the cordless or motorized feature to keep the home safe for you and your family.

#8. Get a Beautiful look by Installing Roman Shades on Your Large Windows

A stylish and artistic mood can be achieved by installing Roman Shades to your oversized windows. If you want to increase the look of your room more then consider layering drapery with these roman shades. This style not only provides your room a good look, they also provide privacy along with the perfect light control.

When you choose the cordless and motorized option you are making a safer home for your little ones. These lightweight blinds are perfect for large windows.

Lightweight Blinds for Large Windows

#9. Curtains on Large Windows

Window curtains are other great window treatments for the living room large windows. Light and privacy can be controlled with various opacity levels. These coverings are stylish, convenient, comfortable, smooth, and affordable.

 Curtains for Large Windows

Looking for the Best Blinds for Large Windows? Contact Us!!

Wondering how to cover your oversized window in your living room or bedroom? No need to stress as ZebraBlinds offers a lot of product options to choose from. You can order free samples to ensure you get the best style that you like. Get these large window blinds and shades at an affordable price as we offer great discounts on all our products. If you need any help dressing your large windows, our design consultants are ready to help you!

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