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Let the Daylight Shine in – Managing Your Skylights with Shades and Blinds

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Let the Sun Shine and Let the Sun light In.

Sometimes, skylights bring in more light into your room than standard windows would do. Open skylights have been in existence for centuries. They were used in the ancient Roman architecture such as the Oculus or the Pantheon. Industrial revolution saw the rise of glass covered skylights, which would keep a room illuminated yet covered. Today, skylights are not much of an option for high rise apartment buildings, but they are commonly used to illuminate houses and commercial buildings. Apart from energy conservation, they afford great decorative value to many famous buildings.

Types of Skylight.

You have the option of having fixed, operable, retractable, tubular or slope-glazing skylights installed to add value to your home.

By installing fixed skylight units, you will have daylight streaming in, but no ventilation at all. You might also have no control over the lights streaming in, which may interfere with your daytime nap and insulation as well.

Operable skylights are better options since they serve their purpose of being windows in your roofs. You can open or close them manually if you can reach them, or have motorized control options. The unique window coverings created for the skylights would provide you better control over light filtering, ventilation, and insulation.

Modern retractable skylights give any construction a chic look. They roll on a set of tracks, opening or closing at the touch of a button. Tubular and sloping skylights are also fixed constructions over which you have little or no control.

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Controlling the skylights.

Skylights have their own benefits, but they can be a nuisance when they cast a glare over your televisions, computers or any device with reflective surfaces. Advances in technology have seen to it that you can install shades and blinds that are specially made to suit your skylights. They give you better control of sunlight entering your building and can be either operated manually or through battery-operated systems.

The renowned brand Graber blinds brings you SkyLights SkyTrack aluminum blinds of the high durability that’s associated with aluminum. They are sleek, elegant and available in a broad range of colors which blends in with any type of interiors. It is amazing that you have more than 40 colors to choose from for SkyLights Aluminum Blinds . Some of the exciting colors are almond, white gloss, aluminum, black satin, burgundy, char brown, fawn, forest shadow, granite, hunter green, stucco, true blue, vanilla, ash metallic, and tender taupe. They all come with matched operational components to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.
The visually appealing aluminum slats, made from 6-8 gauge aluminum, are the ultimate in serving both your practical and aesthetic requirements. They provide you optimal light control when it comes to skylight in any room or area in your building. They are available as Inclined Wire Blinds for vertical windows that do not exceed 45-degree angles and Dual Headrail SkyLight Blinds for those windows angled at more than 45 degrees. The inclined wire blinds come with standard wand tilts and lift cords to help you manually control the light streaming in, whereas the dual headrail blind comes a with a ring-tilt feature for operating purposes.

The inbuilt contoured headrails discard the need of valances for these blinds. They are striking in appearance, giving your skylights a sleek and dashing finish. The rust-proof blinds can be kept sparkling clean with just a swish of your vacuum cleaner or feather duster. When required, you can also use warm water and mild detergent to clean them.

For an enhanced touch of grace and elegance, Graber gives you Crystal Pleat Blackout Skylights Skytrack designs, a perfect combination of privacy, light control and insulation for your rooms. Their eye-catching appeal and blackout options have made them a favorite choice of customers seeking a unique skylight covering that will increase the charm of interior décor as well.

The user-friendly features of these cellular shades are ideal for skylights that are difficult to access. Since there are no inside mounts required for this product, it gives your interior a neat and tidy appearance. The broad spectrum of bright colors will go well with your personality, mood, and lifestyle, no matter how flamboyant you are. The ultimate in blackout skylight coverings, they optimally prevent seepage of light into your rooms. Your interiors, and you, are completely safe from the harmful UV rays. It also brings you the ultimatum insulation that can only result from the double cellular honeycomb shades that come with cellular air pockets.

The innovative technology of coating the insides of the cells of cellular shades with a metalized film helps in achieving complete blackout even with light color shades. Get customized fabrics, colors and features from Graber, to increase the beauty of your décor. You can take it a step further in comfort by choosing remote controlled operating system for your skylight covering. Check out few of the unique and amazing color options for these shades.


· Ambrosia · Cafe Clear Sky · Desert Dust · Fresh Brew · Hazy Skies · High Point

· Iron Gate · Mist · Pumpkin · Rosemary · Savannah · Scarlet

· Stormy Sky · Twine · Vintage Wine


For those who don’t like the idea of blackout shades for skylights, Graber Blinds brings Crystal Pleat Light-Filtering Shades that allow diffused light to illuminate your rooms. The 3/8” double celled shades are a perfect choice for skylight covering. Available in a wide range of light colors, the crystal pleat shades can enhance the beauty of any décor by either blending or complementing the color scheme effortlessly. You have an extensive range of color tones to choose from which are categorized under the broad spectrum of options like

· Translucence

· Day Dream

· Watercolor Linen

· Elegant Neutrals

· Facets Light Filtering/Room Darkening

· Garden Retreat Filtering/Room Darkening

· Nuance Light Filtering/Room Darkening


You can choose Cordless Lift System or Motorization control options that are available with handle or central control systems for easy operations.

The white aluminum side channel increases the stability of the shade and keeps it running smoothly for a long time.


Keeping every need of their customers in mind, Zebrablinds brings you SkyPole, a very helpful tool to reach those inaccessible areas. Opening and closing the skylight covering is just a child’s play with the telescoping skypole.



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