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Live in Dreams: Blinds and Shades for the Independent Child

Window Treatments For Independent Child

Window Shades For Independent Kids

As your kid grows up, they’ll start believing and doing things on their own without their parent’s help. Children learn to act on their own, accomplish things through their efforts, and respond to many situations with their convictions. They become independent thinkers.


Independent thinking is performing something according to your own beliefs and opinions. It takes some time for your child to build independent thinking skills. When your children reach their teenage years, they will inquire and challenge the systems and beliefs they once subscribed to.


Children are constant learners. They keep learning new concepts, new skills and absorb new knowledge every day. For your independent child, give them an environment to learn and explore in safely, and when they are older, allow them to express their individuality through their room and self-image.


Child Safe Window Treatments –


Child safety is the main thing to think about when decorating your child’s bedroom. At ZebraBlinds, you can be assured that our kids’ window treatments meet the highest safety standards to ensure peace of mind. For child safety, always try to choose the cordless option for your kid’s blinds or select a motorized shade that is naturally cord-free. Dangling cords are an attractive nuisance that has no place in rooms where children and pets sleep and play.


Depending on the location and sun exposure of your home, and the effect you are trying to achieve within a particular room, your needs for privacy and light control can vary greatly.

Consider the below window coverings:

Roller Shades for your Living Room

If your child enjoys an afternoon nap on the weekends, then blackout roller shades on your living room windows will keep the light out of your eyes and your home. Roller shades give your room a modern and stylish look as they come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. The shades are also very easy to clean.

Modern-Roller-Shades-For-Living-Room - Zebrablinds.ca


With blackout roller shades, your kids can sleep comfortably in the room as they control the light from coming outside. Choose a cordless control system that is safe for your kids and pets, as they have no dangling cords.


Having Stylish Roller Shades Canada in your home ensures that you are making a safe choice for yourself, and all members of your family.


Motorized Window Shades


Everyone wants a smart home, whether they know about them or not. Don’t waste time or energy controlling your blinds. Smart home products permit you to close and open your blinds (or operate other smart home gadgets) with remote control, scheduling, your smartphone, or even your voice.


Smart Home products can save you time and give you the ultimate control over your living space. The shades can save on your energy bills by smartly adjusting themselves to cool certain rooms or let light in. Set schedules to operate the blinds as you’re working late, to keep your child safe and make it appear that you are home.


Motorized-Window-Treatments-For-Independent-Child - Zebrablinds.ca


Graber uses a unique Virtual Cord motorization system that comes with Z-Wave capabilities built-in. You can raise or lower your shades by using a remote control, or you can connect it to a Z-wave home automation system such as SmartThings and Wink.


The shades can be voice controlled by a home automation hub that is compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo. If you’re interested in home automation products such as smart blinds and shades, shop at ZebraBlinds.


Cheap Cordless Faux Wood Blinds


Faux wood blinds provide the look and attractiveness of real wood blinds. The shades are amazingly durable and moisture resistant.


Choose the cordless lift system to keep your kids safe. This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord on your faux wood custom blinds and enables the blinds to be easily raised or lowered by hand.


Cordless-Faux-Wood-Blinds-For-Kids-Room - Zebrablinds.ca


Browse our selection of Graber Faux Wood custom blinds, and Norman Faux Wood blinds from ZebraBlinds and gives a perfect look to your kids’ room.


Children need the space to learn how to think independently and act on their own. Give them a safe and functional space to learn and play with proper child-safe blinds. And if they decide to decorate their room, we have a wide selection of fabric colors and styles for that dash of personal expression.


Shop now from our online store for the best products. Our experts will help you to customize your products to fit your needs.

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