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Madera Chocolate and Other Beautiful Gradient Blind Colors

Madera Chocolate and Other Beautiful Gradient Blind Colors

Madera chocolate is in style these days. Be it floorboards, sofas, or window treatment options, the earthen tones of Madera chocolate bring with it a richness and glamour that is very hard to resist.
Dark, mysterious, and stylish, these rich chocolate colors are very different from the usual metallic or white blinds that are commonly used. Usually, light and soft colored blinds are used to blend in. Madera chocolate blinds are all about standing out. The rich tones give the windows a well-defined look that goes beautifully with light-colored walls. We bring to you some gorgeous ideas that would go beautifully with your Madera chocolate blinds.

White Walls and Chocolate Floorboards
A trendy combination, chocolate floorboard and white walls are the ideal setting for a Madera chocolate blind. White and chocolate blends into a cozy mix that is perfect for a bedroom set. Use dark Madera in your blinds and offset the deep color by using different shades of white on the bed.

Use Madera wooden horizontal blinds to have control over the flow of light into the room. You can open the slats to let in as much light as you desire. During the day, the slats would also give you enough privacy, even when they are open. At night close the slats to get a complete blackout effect. The heavy material of natural wood will also protect you from the weather outside. Just switch off the light and snuggle down in the cozy comfort of your room.

Chocolate and Blue Living Room
Chocolate and blue are an unlikely combination, but when they come together, the effect is magical. Combine pastel blue with warm brown to add a touch of sophistication to your living room. Use blue in your furniture and cover your tall windows with Madera Chocolate shutters.

Shutters are perfect for the living room. Their tall and elegant lines infuse the interiors with an old-world charm that does not look out of place even in a chic modern room. The heavy material of shutters acts as a powerful barrier against the onslaught of natural elements. The shutters can be opened to let in as much light as you want, or closed completely to get the blackout effect. Shutters are also excellent for insulation, especially during the summer, when it cuts off the light and stops heat transfer through windows to a large extent. In other words, the Madera chocolate shutters can take the look and the comfort of your living room to another level.

Brown and Green Combination for Your Conservatory
If you are looking for a warm and vibrant color combination for your conservatory, try out green and Madera chocolate blinds. The bold color combination will further come to light with the help of some green plants, modern wall art, and some smart lighting.

For the windows, go for day-and-night blinds in Madera chocolate and white. Day-and-Night blinds will give you absolute flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control. Day-and-night blinds are made of two fabrics; the first consists of a translucent material, while the other is a darkening one.
The day-and-night blinds bring an immediate modern and serene effect into the room. Use green walls, botanic print cushions, and Madera chocolate day-and-night blinds to give your conservatory a trendy makeover.

Madera Chocolate and Yellow Dining Room
Brown and yellow is a soothing combination, perfect for a family dinner or a cozy little party with guests. While pale yellow walls complement any color, it goes especially well with Madera chocolate. For a luxurious look, cover your windows with Madera chocolate Roman shades. Cool artwork and soft cushions will complete the look.
Roman shades can be fashioned out of a variety of fabrics, prints, and textures. They are an elegant alternative to roller blinds and operate in a similar fashion. When closed, they provide great privacy and insulation. When they are open, they cover the top of the window, shielding the interiors from the harsh glare of the sun.

Orange and Madera Chocolate Veranda
If you are looking for that rustic feel, try combining orange with Madera chocolate. You can hand Madera chocolate bamboo roller blinds on the veranda while using different shades of orange for the sofa and cushion. Throw in a bit of khaki for good measure. This unique blend will heighten the natural feel of the room, making it look both cool and comfortable.

Other Beautiful Gradient Blind Colors
Gradient colors are transition colors, which lie somewhere between two colors. Nowadays, gradient colors are used to add some depth and character to a monochromatic scheme or a plain décor. Gradient colors can be extremely flexible, allowing you to pair them with any color tone, whether dark or light.

Gradient blinds can be a great way of adding some glamour and interest to your house. They look both stylish and sophisticated, a perfect ingenuity that was needed to liven up the plain and sparse color scheme mostly seen in today’s homes. Blinds are also fast catching up, with manufacturers all across the board experimenting with these bold colors. Try gradient colors on Venetian and Roller blinds, or even vertical blinds, and make them the wow-factor of the room.

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