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How To Properly Maintain And Operate Horizontal Blinds?

Horizontal Window Blinds

Is the blinding light the primary source of discomfort in your home? Doesn’t it make you agitated when it creates such horrible glare on your TV, and you can’t enjoy your favorite shows in peace? Not to mention the destruction it causes to your carpet and furniture. So, what is the answer to all of your problems? It’s none other than the endless number of choices that you have in shades and blinds. From filtering the amount of light that enters your home to blocking out a majority of it, operating the window treatments and giving your home the cozy, comfy look – blinds can do it all.

However, today we want to be specific and talk about a particular blind, i.e., the horizontal window blinds. This simple yet extremely extraordinary window treatment can significantly cut down on your home’s energy costs. Remember, the right choice of window treatments has the potential to break or make a home. You can choose horizontal blinds that offer a splash of color or ones with more subtle tones. After knowing how you want your blinds to look like it is time to learn how to clean and maintain them.


Take Care of Your Horizontal Window Blinds

The experts you hire can fit this particular window treatment to any window there is. That is why this particular choice of blinds is the most versatile choice there is, and it will undoubtedly help to keep the entrance of light in your home under check. But, the list of benefits of horizontal blinds can’t overshadow the problems they bring. Cleaning and operating these blinds are a major source of concern for many. But, these problems, though being frequent in nature, aren’t completely unavoidable.

Make sure you follow an expert’s advice to give your blinds the longevity it deserves.

Let the cords be free

The cords should be hanging in a perpendicular direction from the horizontal window slats when they are not being used. Maintain this position of your cords, and you are bound to enjoy the beauty of horizontal window treatments for decades.


Your cords need be far away from your kids and pets

It is completely understandable that kids are fascinated towards the chance that cords hanging from a window has to offer. But, you can still protect your blinds and the cord by installing cord locks.

Baby Proofing Blind Cords


Be careful in your approach

If you are gentle in your approach, your blinds are undoubtedly going to enjoy a better and longer life. The way you treat your cords will define all of this. Never be too fast with it. Try to pull the cord using a continuous motion that is slightly 45-degree angled. You must also keep your cords and blinds close to each other. This will ensure smooth and easy movements.


Go with the durable option when it comes to choosing cords

Why don’t you give your string cords a rest and pick up the better and durable options that are available – brass or plastic blind chains? The mechanism with which these cords attach to your blinds is completely different and ensures free and smooth operation.

Blinds Cord Safety


How to Open Horizontal Blinds?

Now, you might think that opening, closing, and adjusting blinds might be the same for each type of blind there is, however, unfortunately, it isn’t. The different styles of blinds demand different ways of handling them. So, here is how you must open horizontal blinds.

You must completely open the vanes before you go ahead and retract the blinds. If you wish to move the blinds in an upward direction, you must pull the cords away at a 45-degree angle, opposite to the locking mechanism. When your blinds are exactly where you want them, gently move the cords back to the place. This way the blinds will be open and stay in place.

How to Open Horizontal Blinds


How to Close Horizontal Blinds?

Now, the next thing that you have to learn is how to close the horizontal window blinds. You have to start the procedure by pulling the cords and then moving it far away from the locking mechanism across your window at an angle. You have to place the cords in the locked position after the blinds have dropped down. Another thing that you have to remember while closing the horizontal blinds and shades is you have to pull the cords exactly at once, simultaneously. In case you pull only one cord, this will cause one side to go up. And, what’s more? It won’t even rest properly at the bottom.


Do you want to keep your blinds down and keep the vanes open? Well, there is a way for that too. You have to twist the wand which lies right next to your cords. This way you will enjoy the desired amount of light you want in your room.

How to Close Horizontal Blinds


How to Clean Horizontal Blinds?

Everything in your home needs proper maintenance and cleaning. Your window treatments, though, are a one-time investment. They need your attention and care when it comes to cleaning. It is, therefore your duty to clean your horizontal blinds for ensuring a perfect and cluttered look. Take a look at the tips we have in store when it comes to cleaning like a pro.


  • If you want to cherish the beauty of the outside world while maintaining the feel, they bring to your décor, make sure you clean the blinds regularly.


  • You must make sure that the tools you are using to clean your horizontal window blinds don’t cause them any harm. Keep away from the use of chemical solutions that can harm the look and integrity of your horizontal blinds. An excessive amount of liquid on your blinds will ruin them. Always stick to gentle cleaners.


  • If you are using water to clean your blinds, then don’t forget to wipe away the water once it is done. This way there will be no water spots on them.


  • Try to stick to dusting, but in case there are stains on your horizontal window coverings make sure you clean it with mild detergent and lukewarm water.


  • You can’t use large fibrous cloths for cleaning because they will leave behind spots and particles. The best cloth that you can use for cleaning is a microfiber one.

How to Clean Horizontal Blinds


In order to start the process of cleaning, you will need a sponge or a damp microfiber cloth. Close the blinds at first and begin the dusting process. You must be very gently in your approach. Now, mix a small amount of mild detergent with lukewarm water and using the cloth try to get rid of the sticky dirt. Once done leave it to dry, this will prevent watermarks. You need to do this for all the slats.

There are innumerable reasons why your windows deserve the beauty of horizontal blinds but in order to maintain such beauty, regular maintenance is necessary.


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  1. Wow! So much details on the cords! I would have never thought how you open and close makes such a difference. Appreciate all the tips 🙂
    Would you recommend cords over the “twisting type” of blinds opener?



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