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How to Make Old Window Treatment Look New?

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Maintain the old to be new.


“Every day brings new choices.” – Martha Beck

A few years ago you made a great choice to decide what amount of light, privacy and insulation you want for your room by installing a wonderful assortment of window coverings for those gaping holes in your walls. With time, once bright and beautiful star attractions of interior decor, your window treatment slowly lost their sheen with age. Today you have another choice to make. You can choose to let your old window treatment look their age or choose to make them look new. If you are wise enough to make a choice of giving your old window treatment a new dashing look, here are some tips how to go about the daunting task.



Your window coverings bear the direct brunt of ultraviolet light and other harmful and extreme environmental conditions. It is natural to expect some degrading, discoloration, loosening of elasticity, brittleness and frayed ends in time, no matter how durable they are. Give your window coverings some protection with linings if they suit your requirement.

What is it that makes your window dressing look old? Is the fabric losing its color or frayed? Are the adhesives securing the hems compromised? Are your aluminium slats chipped? Has your expensive wooden blinds damaged due to high moisture in the room? Are your shades bearing the brunt of children or pets in your home? Are there minor repairs waiting to be fixed? Have they been ignored for long time to accumulate dust and dirt?

The first step would be check and make a list of things that can be fixed and segregate them from those that cannot be fixed. There is no use spending time over window coverings that have gone through permanent damage and have no chance of recovery at any cost. If you had opted for cheap vinyl blinds in the first place, there is no reason to try to reinvigorate them. They come with a very short life span and pose hazard to your health as well. Discard them and go for new. As for those that can be fixed, find a way how to go about it the best. The list should help you take forward the task in a better organized way.



Clean and Sparkling.


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Give your window frames, glass and coverings a thorough cleaning. A neat and clean window treatment mounted on an old and dirty window frame doesn’t look new, does it? Hence, it is important to give the whole of your window a new touch. Dust, vacuum and do spot cleaning to remove unwanted stains, spots and finger printing from your window treatment.

Window treatment hardware are decorative elements which can increase the overall visual appeal of windows. Give them a good polish after a thorough cleaning. Most of the wooden or metal hardware appear new and bright with little effort.

Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for few fabrics to give them a bright new look.


Minor Fixing.


Fabrics can get frayed overtime due to natural wear and tear, especially with roller shades. The adhesives securing hems, bindings or other decorative elements may give in due to weakening in their bonding. It is also possible a screw has loosened or a slat has received a dent, which can take away the beauty of your whole window coverings.

Trim the frayed edges, apply new adhesives wherever required, replace trims, gimps or laces, check out all the hardware and discard parts that are beyond repair. Fixing these minor repairs does not take much of your time, but they do go a long way in giving your window treatments a better appearance.


Fabrics of Your Window Treatments.


Agreed that a man who is afraid is an ugly sight, but faded window treatment fabrics are close on his heels. Today, fabric colors are derived from dyeing. Most of these fabrics do not undergo a wash to remove excessive dye, which may loosen up when soaked and bleed. This can spoil the appearance of the multi-colored fabric. Take care of check out how fast your fabric color is, before sending it for a wash. If you feel the colors will bleed, than better opt for dry cleaning.

Exposure to sunlight, wrong methods or chemicals used to wash can lead to fading and discoloration of fabrics. The light color fabrics may not show as much effect of fading as of discoloration, but darker shades lose their visual appeal over a period of time. Follow proper cleaning and maintenance instructions along with providing your window covering with suitable linings to prevent fading and discoloration. But in case fading and discoloration has taken place, just log online and buy a replacement fabrics for your window covering.

Clean the fabrics of spots and finger printing to bring them alive.


Premium Wood Window Treatment.


When left on their own, wooden window treatments gather dust, which under humid conditions can become encrusted in them in form of dark muck. Wood can also fade under the brunt of heat, UV exposure. Water can leave behind stains or discoloration of wood in time. Unlike faux wood blinds that can be washed, real premium wood will undergo warping, fading and discoloration when immersed in water.


Since wooden window treatments are very expensive, there is no question of disposing them without trying your hand at re-modelling them first. The first step is remove the dirt and grime thoroughly. Use a cotton cloth or scourer dipped in a solution of 2/3 water and 1/3 of vinegar. Take care to keep the cloth damp and not wet. Have another dry towel or cloth handy. As you wipe the dirt and grime away with the damp cloth, dry the wood immediately with the towel or rag. If the dirt of grime is stubborn, repeat the process several times. Use a mixture of equal quantities of linseed oil, vinegar and mineral turpentine to remove water damage or stains from wooden surfaces, which will further give it a polished and waterproof finish. Rub the mixture in until the wood absorbs the solution, but make sure to wipe off any surplus oil which may accumulate dust. When done, the wooden surface should be completely dry to touch.


If nothing works out for you, it is time to brace yourself for a complete renovation of your window treatments. In fact, it is much easier to log onto a trusted website and customize your window coverings from the comfort of your home to give your home a new chic look.



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