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Make Your Home Allergy-free with Eco-friendly Window Solutions

Make Your Home Allergy Free with Eco-Friendly Window Solutions

Keep Allergens Out of Your Room with Eco-friendly Window Blinds

Allergies can make you feel uneasy and upset, but the symptoms such as skin rashes, itchy eyes, or a stuffy nose can make your day to day life challenging. That’s why taking the right precautions for your home is necessary. Allergies occur when your body’s immune system is exposed to harmful things, which include pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and more. Visiting an allergist will cure your problem, but you should always start with your interior. 90% of the problem can be solved if you consider keeping your space clean and clear all the time.
Most people think that allergens can only come from the outside of the home, but the primary truth is your indoor traps allergens which are invisible and tough to ignore. There are various paths to keep your indoor allergy-proof, but according to home interior specialists, always have special attention to your windows and doors as they play a vital role in allowing allergens and eliminating them as well. Professionals recommend eco-friendly window blinds which not only provide a space with an earthy-feeling but when it comes to functionality, the shades act as a filter which stops dust and dirty elements and lets natural light and fresh air to improve the ambiance of the room. Apart from the natural freshness, they control the glare and ultraviolet rays, which are also harmful to your body’s health.
Spring and summer seasons are the most crucial time of the year when you will get most of the pollens in the air which makes a space impure and unhealthy. So be careful with what you do or think, and make a proper decision for your residence.

Eco-friendly Window Blinds

Eco-friendly Window Blinds and Shades: Self Care at Home by Changing Window Dressings

“There’s no point in making changes at home if you don’t address your particular allergies,” says Laurie Ross who is the editor of Allergy and Asthma Today.
Though there are many allergens present in the atmosphere that trigger allergy symptoms, but the main offender is home dust. House dust depends on the humidity and temperature in the home, what you do throughout the day or the living creatures in the home.

Best Eco-friendly Blinds and Shades for Allergy-sufferers

Cellular Honeycomb Blinds – These are the best energy-efficient window solutions which trap the polluted air and dust in the honeycomb structured air pockets while offering the other additional benefits of light control and privacy. Customizing them with the right texture and hue provides the interior with warmth and architectural interest. As the dust stores in the pockets, they may be difficult to clean. That is why it is suggested to clean them regularly, which keeps the shine and glow maintained.

Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

Natural Shades – Built of natural elements ensure to be the safest choice for the windows. They don’t produce any toxic substance which means the shades are incredibly safe to have while being nature-friendly. A continue air-flow keeps the atmosphere pure and dirt-free while balancing the overall unity. Bamboo blinds and wood shades are the most preferred choice when it comes to an eco-friendly and allergy-proof window solution.

Natural Window Shades

• Window Shutters – Shutters are another amazing choice to prevent allergy or other kinds of health issues. Wood tone gives your room an environment-friendly appearance but also the smooth operation of vanes allows fresh air to enter your home while helping to keep the allergens out of the home. The texture doesn’t allow storing more dust or dirt on them, hence they are easy to clean and maintain.

Window Shutters

Curtains – Window curtains and draperies come in a wide variety of texture and pattern options that allow easy cleaning and maintenance, which means the polluted elements on the curtains, can be eliminated without any hassle. Integrating them with other window coverings will increase the value and functionality of the room.
Note – Choose window dressings that are made of PVC and synthetic materials which are easy to clean. If you go for any other fabric, make sure to clean them often.

Things to Do to Make Your Home Allergy-proof

Apart from the window blinds, there are a lot of things to do. Follow them properly:
Vacuum Every day: Vacuum the areas of the home that accumulate more dust and dirt, such as carpets or furniture which will prevent allergens in your room. But always consider using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that will collect the small dust particle from the air and stop them from spreading all over the room. Clean the window dressings as well with a light vacuum cleaner.
Wash Things – Once in a week, clean your sheets, rugs, and other washable things so that you stay away from allergens and dry them properly to kill the allergens.
Use a Gentle Cleaning Solution – Researches have found that cleaning your household things with chemical solutions can cause allergic reactions. Switch to gentle cleaners or environment-friendly cleaning solutions to create a healthy choice.
Reduce Pet Dander – If you own pets, then you may face this situation. You can diminish the animal dander by vacuuming frequently and keeping your pet clean.
Prevent Pollen – Close your window shades to prevent the pollen coming from outside. And always take a shower after coming home and wash your clothes regularly.
Position Your Cooler – Keep your cooler near the windows that can also trap the polluted things that come from outside.
Repair the Cracks – Sometimes a small hole or crack can also allow allergens to enter your interiors. Repair them to avoid the problems.

Make a Healthy Choice for a Healthy Stay!!

Changing things not only make a home allergy-proof and cleaning them frequently will do. Make a routine for this and take all the precautions properly so that you don’t have to face all these consequences. Use air purifiers and controllers to fight against the allergens. Raise and lower the smart blinds regularly to let in an ample amount of natural daylight and air. Follow all the above tips and see how they will create a magical retreat for your home.
But if you are already facing a lot of allergens, consult with the doctor right now and later on, think about your home windows and doors with the help of interior design specialists.

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