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Making Wise Choices in Purchasing Window Treatments

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Guiding My Clients to Choose Right Window Treatments for Their Rooms

With the broad range of window treatments available on the contemporary market, no wonder customers are confused and perplexed as to what right window dressing for their homes is. Honestly, being a professional decorator for homes, I am myself mystified with the choices laid before me at times. No wonder my clients are confused!
I have made a list of standard questions I ask my customers before taking even the first step towards installing a window coverings. You will get an idea when you have a look at some of the questions I ask my clients –
• Which area of the home do they want the window treatment installed?
• Do they want privacy, light control, or both?
• What is the budget limit for purchase?
• Do they have pets and children at home?
• Is there any preference for a particular color or pattern?
• How important is the visual appeal of the window dressing?
• Do they need to maintain a clear view of the outdoors?
• If it is a nursery, are we decorating it for a boy or a girl?
Once I have answers, I get a better idea of what the client’s needs. After the fundamental choice, the customer has to decide whether they want customized or ready-made window treatments for their homes. Standard window coverings cost less, whereas custom window decor can give you the perfection you desire. The choice is left to them.

For areas like the living room or any other common space in a home, semi-sheer window treatments is a perfect choice. Since privacy is not a big concern here, homeowners can make use of natural diffused light for their homes. Natural light helps brighten living room, enhancing the beauty of the interiors. Hence, I prefer semi-sheer fabrics in common areas of homes. This is not a standard choice, though. A lot of my customers prefer high privacy for the whole house, including the common areas. Top-Down-Bottom-Up or Day-Night Shades are the right choices for such clients.

Privacy is a top priority for every customer for their bedrooms and bathrooms. Different variants of cellular shades will meet the requirement of these rooms conveniently for every client. For those people who love to sleep late in the morning or are on night shifts, blackout cellular shades for the bedroom are a must. Apart from keeping the bright light out for peaceful sleep, cellular shades with their honeycomb design, insulates the room from external noise and temperature, creating a comfortable ambience that helps in restful sleeping.

Being a parent helps me understand the needs of nursery first hand. Babies can wake up to slightest noise or a ray of light straying into the nursery. More than light, I give importance to soundproofing the nursery to help the baby sleep well and help the parents to stay sane. The décor of a nursery should be pleasant, attractive, warm, and comfortable for the baby to rest and play. I prefer soft and light room colors for nurseries. For making it lively, we can have the walls decorated with cheerful themes that can catch the attention of the baby for stimulating his/her intelligence.

For kitchen windows, the priority should be given to cleaning and maintenance of the window treatments. It is not advisable to decorate kitchen windows with coverings that will stain easily and are tough to clean. Light filtering is also an important factor in the kitchen though privacy is not a big concern. Window treatments that resist molds, stains and mildews are suitable for kitchen and bathroom windows in any home.




Measuring the windows accurately is highly important for those people who love DIY projects, but professionals like me do not need any guidance in this area. There is another area of choice for the customer to make before we take measurements. Do they want an inside or outside mount? Inside mounts provide a clean look and emphasize the size and moulding of the window, whereas the outside mount provides greater privacy and control over the amount of natural light allowed inside your home. Outside mounts are also preferable for windows that are not deep enough for inside mount installation or have an uneven shape or size.

After all the choices are made and we zero in on a particular window treatments, I ensure that my clients read all the specifications and details about the product they are about to purchase before placing their order online. In case they have doubts about certain terminology used or function of window treatment, I clarify them. If required, I do not hesitate to call the customer care of online store and talk to them on behalf of my client.



Return Policies

Window treatments vary between different online retailers and also between standard and custom window treatments. Some sellers do not accept returns for orders unless the item is defective, damaged, or the order is incorrect. I ask my clients to check out their retailer’s return policy before they place an order on the website. Getting samples is a wise thing to do since the colors of window treatments as seen on a computer monitor may not be the same as the real thing. With all the doubts cleared and the right choices made, it is okay to go ahead with the purchase.
Making good decisions is more challenging than making the purchase itself since it can be done with a click of a button from the comfort of your home.



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