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My newly wedded daughter, Elizabeth had recently moved into a three bedroom apartment in Toronto. Two weeks earlier, I received a panic call from her in the early hours of the morning. Kevin’s friends and colleagues were visiting them soon. She was in a dilemma. The space was not at all the issue here with two bedrooms to spare. The better one of the two was being used by my son-in-law Kevin as a work room. He was a DIY freak. You can find him constantly purchasing some kind of tool kit or another online. Beth would always grumble about the mess that was in that room, and I would always remind her that she was lucky not to have to depend on an outside source to carry out any repairs, should the need ever arise. So this room was a mélange of boxes, of all shapes and sizes, strewn around, with an over-sized work table in the center. Putting it in order got postponed every weekend, after a hectic work schedule the whole week. “Move it all into the other room”, I advised her. The task was accomplished more quickly than I thought it would be, and all those boxes were neatly stacked into the loft overhead. With a fresh coat of paint, scrubbed floor and a thorough airing of all the wardrobe cupboards, the room was ready for decoration.




The apartment was on the topmost floor of the building. The bedroom had a long, narrow window in the corner of one wall. The adjacent wall had a row of two windows of 7’x3’ dimension. The room opened on another wall into a semi-circular balcony where my Beth tends to her collection of house plants and the two Budgie’s lighten the mood with their constant chirps.This room never gets the morning sun, but as the day advances and the sun is overhead, it brightens and warms up in the afternoon glare, long after dusk, especially in the summer. A lot of debating and research continued until Kevin was assigned the task of finding a suitable window treatment for this room.
Financial constraints were another issue. “No wooden blind and no expensive drapes”, he said. The thought of wooden blinds came about to match the rosewood beds we had passed down to them and were still in their packing. So, the beds were unpacked and installed thanks to Kevin. He was blessed with this knack for on-line shopping and striking the best deals. It could be clothing, accessories, and even grocery. Soon he was browsing the net, and it had to be quick, what with limited time on their hands, and God forbid the delivery be delayed. His colleague had mentioned to him of the good deals he had got on Zebrablinds. So there he was, with a click of his mouse searching for the right kind. The Crown Vertical Faux Wood Blinds caught his attention when he came across the word ‘match’. He was thrilled to bits that Crown offered Horizontal and Vertical Faux Wood Blinds to match and that too with a decorative valance. The dimensions and the budget proposed suited the purpose and soon the order was placed. They would need two Vertical blinds for the long window and the door and two Horizontal blinds for the smaller windows. Beth was not forgoing the drapes anyway. The windows already had provisions for them.




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The 3 1/2 inch Faux Wood Vertical Blinds from Crown made a perfect match with the 2 inch Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds and that additional offer of a decorative valance. It was not easy to match the colors online, not sure how they would look for real. White was out of the question, as it would brighten the room further, and they were looking at subduing the lighting during the day. After a thorough search, they chose the Cherry shade in the Vertical Blinds and the Dark Walnut in the Horizontal Blinds.
The 2 inch slats of the Horizontal Blinds have a natural look that matches with the wood finish of the window frames. The 3 1/2 inch vanes of the Vertical Blinds too have this real wood look. Both of them come with a classy crown molding valance. The valances have side returns available for an outside mount, unlike the inside mounts that do not have them. The Blinds can be opened and closed using the cords provided and the slats tilted with a wooden tassel. Though the Vertical Blinds have a child-safe wand control, the cord is easier to handle. There is no center split for the vertical blinds and the vanes stack neatly on one side of the window. The Horizontal Blinds have box style brackets that can be mounted to the top, side or rear of the blind to give a neat appearance. The Vertical Blinds have a superior quality Aluminum track.
Crown uses foamed PVC and Vinyl material for its faux wood blinds. The anti-static additive used especially when the air gets dry in the extreme weather makes them dust repellent, scratch repellent and easy to clean and maintain. The Vertical blinds are coated with high-quality paint that gives them the much-needed stability and durability. They have a fire retardant feature that makes them safe for indoor use. Due to the nature of the materials used, they will not crack, split, warp or fade during extreme weather conditions in summer or winter. All the components of the blinds come in a color coordinated. Besides being a compromise for those with budget constraints, the 1-year warranty, free delivery and risk-free purchase are additional bonus points.


“Wow” and lovely was all I could say when they sent me pictures on WhatsApp. The room went through a complete transformation and radiated so much of the thoughtfulness and love they had invested in it. Those well fluffed up pillows, the striking orange and pink theme, family pictures forming a collage, a vase of fresh roses on the dressing table and a WELCOME card. When Kevin and Beth put their heads and hearts together, they make an excellent match much more than the matching blinds from Crown.



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