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Obtaining Maximum Light Control with Sheer Window Coverings

Sheer Window Coverings

It is true that colors, patterns, and designs give us a huge advantage when it comes to choosing a window treatment that blends in with our home décor. However, for those who seek elegant and graceful window coverings that grab the attention but in a very subtle manner, sheer shades are the go-to choice. Sheers, as the name itself suggests, are a very light- weighted and subtle fabric based window treatments that was considered as a designer’s well-kept secret. Today, sheers have been made available to anybody who understands its importance and choose to go for it.

In this post, we will see sheer window covering ideas to class up your interiors and get the most out of these elegant window shades. Are sheer view roller shades best suited for your home? Shutters, draperies, curtains and shades are all great types of window dressings that are pretty, versatile and multi-functional. They can block out light and heat, insulate your home, provide privacy, and so much more. However, all these kinds of coverings are quite heavy and imposing and are great during the winters or for homes located in cold regions. However, if your home is located in a warm place or the cold winter has given way to a beautiful spring, then sheer shades are pretty advantageous for your home.

These shades are very light- weighted, subtle and do not seem imposing on the interiors of the house. At the same time, they are also very thin and see-through, so that the view from your window of those blooming flowers and sprouting leaves are not affected in any way. They also let in lot of fresh light and air. For this reason, sheer fabrics are often combined with other types of fabric for light filtering and room darkening options. Common sheer shades include sheer horizontal shades, sheer vertical shades, and zebra sheer shades (all of which have a combination of both sheer and opaque shades).

Sheer Vertical Shades

Light Filtering Sheer Shades for a Light and Airy Interior

Light filtering sheer shades are pretty much the most loved kind of window treatments in the market today. These shades have the ability to filter the light falling through the shades to reduce its harshness and fill the interior space with a soft glow. The kind of ambiance set by these light filtering sheer roller shades is absolutely ethereal and magical. They also keep the view from the window, though a little dull and muted down, you can still see whatever is happening outside your windows.

Light filtering sheers look very neat and clean. They come in a range of neutral shades so that the inflow of light is kept as natural as possible. This way the shades are absolutely classy and can blend in well with any kind of interiors. Light filtering sheer window covering ideas are best suited for living rooms where you spend a lot of time and where your family gets together every day. Such spaces are better off when filled with a lot of natural light but without being too harsh. They are also great for patio doors and porch doors as their main purpose is to let in natural light and air into the house. This way, your home will be filled with light and air even when the shades are closed and your privacy is maintained!

Light Filtering Sheer Shades

Why Should You Opt for Room Darkening Sheer Shades?

While the living room and dining areas are much preferred to be well lit by natural light, when it comes to bedrooms and media rooms, we feel comfortable only when space is as dark as possible. Be it day or night, if there is a window shade that can provide a dark and calm room at any time of the day, then it will surely be most welcomed. Until a few years back, expecting a dark room from a sheer shade would have seemed foolish. However, the innovations in the field of window blinds and shades have made it possible for us to achieve a darkened room using sheer roller shades.

Room Darkening Sheer Shades

One of the well-known ways to achieve room darkening even with sheer window shades is to add linings. Room darkening liners are able to darken the room almost completely. Whenever you prefer a dark room, you can pull this liner down. At other times, you can keep the liner pulled up and leave the shades over your windows for a softly lit room. Another option that has been taking over the industry by storm is the Zebra sheer shades. These shades are a combination of sheer and opaque fabric stripes, alternating between each other. They can be adjusted to control the flow of light as well as the view. You can achieve various degrees of lighting from a brightly lit room to a completely dark room when you have these zebra sheer view roller shades installed!

Zebra Sheer Shades

Find the Sheer Roller Blinds Ready-made that Best Suits Your Home

Sheers can be incorporated and designed into a lot of different window treatments. Sheer curtains are a great option for porch doors and patio doors. They can also be installed for sliding glass doors. Their long and flowing look adds elegance and class to the interiors. We have sheer blinds which are made up of horizontal slats of sheer material. These shades are formal and classy and are the best choice for workspaces which needs lot of soft, natural light. And then there are sheer roller blinds which are by far the most compact and rich looking window dressings.

You can easily find ready-made sheer roller blinds for any kind of window in any kind of room. With correct and accurate measurements, you are sure to find a match. Sheers can be incorporated into a double roller window shades system which helps to combine sheer fabric with room darkening fabric. In general, roller blinds are the least space consuming window treatment and have the ability to make the interiors look all royal and spacious.


There is a lot of sheer window covering ideas to help you find the right kind of solution for your home and interiors. While selecting the color of the sheers and the kind of shades depend on what kind of window or door you would like covered. Based on your other requirements, you will be surprised to find how versatile, multi-functional and absolutely aesthetic sheer window coverings are!

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