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Are Maxxmar Blinds Worth It? Best Canadian-made Blinds in Toronto

Are Maxxmar Blinds Worth It

Maxxmar as a brand is relatively new in the window treatment products industry but that has not stopped it from making a name for itself and trust for its products amongst the people. Founded in the year 2007 by Emilio Carinci, Norbert Marocco and his sons, Steven and Mario, Maxxmar is a fully Canadian-owned brand. Maxxmar has an extensive network of sourcing partners all across Canada. This ensures that best-quality raw materials and most advanced technologies are always accessible to Maxxmar for the manufacturing process. The high-quality window treatment products thus produced are readily available in every region in Canada thanks to its equally well-connected network of retail partners.

Why Maxxmar Blinds are Different

With more than 60 patents and many more pending, Maxxmar has always been at the forefront of innovation. These innovations also find themselves incorporated in all window treatment solutions that Maxxmar produces. Window blinds are common sightings inside households and with so many brands producing them, you have no dearth of options. What makes Maxxmar blinds stand out is the unique innovation exclusive to this brand.

Maxxmar provides you with premium products at a very affordable price point. This is well-backed up by Maxxmar’s extensive warranty that covers Maxxmar window blinds and other products. Apart from the natural wear and tear in the fabric of the blinds which are bound to happen with prolonged use, everything else is covered under the warranty. This not only provides great value for your purchase but also gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.
Maxxmar Opera Dual Shades

Maxxmar Specific Enhancements

Maxxmar blinds have all the useful features you expect from any normal set of blinds. However, Maxxmar’s range of window blinds also has a little extra in terms of features and overall usability. With more than 100 different types of fabric designs and material-specific choices, you are never short of options. Better operating gear quality and design also make these blinds easier to operate and helps them last longer.

Innovative and patented technologies like Decorasafe, HeavyLift and Opera Control System not only enhance safety but also improve functionality. Maxxmar’s window blinds conform to stringent child-safety regulations which will surely help you breathe easy if you have kids at home. These are also environment-friendly and have been declared safe to use even in schools. Certifications like GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certificate lend credibility to Maxxmar’s products. Going green is the need of the hour and Maxxmar is committed to the cause.
Maxxmar Zebra Sheer Shades

Why Maxxmar Blinds are the Best Choice in Canada

Since it is a fully Canadian owned and operated company and has an extensive retail network, Maxxmar ensures best availability and service quality. Due to its network of authorized service dealers in all major locations in Canada including Toronto, you don’t need to worry about finding help in case you run into any trouble with your window blinds. A dedicated customer support team is always available to help you out.

Apart from the logistical advantages and solid after-sales support, you also get window blinds that are feature-rich, technologically superior, long-lasting and extremely affordable. The cushion of an extended warranty takes away any leftover concerns too. An ever-increasing base of satisfied and happy customers is a testament to this brand’s commitment to quality. This has in turn driven its perpetual success story all across Canada.

The Case of Toronto

Canada is normally a country known for its cold climate but it also has places that are relatively warmer. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria have comparatively balmy weather even during the winters. The summers are hotter and more humid. Such weather makes Toronto a place where blinds can prove useful and a pragmatic option. Maxxmar blinds with their affordability, extensive retail network, advanced features, extensive warranty cover and solid customer support provide the perfect sweet spot for the customers.
Maxxmar as a brand is forever dedicated to challenging the benchmarks set by itself and has proved to be a true innovator. While creating new product categories with its investment in technologies and products that are beneficial for the end-users, Maxxmar works rigorously to provide value and satisfaction to its customers.

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