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How to Measure and Install Skylight Window Blinds

How to Measure and Install Skylight Window Blinds

Easy Measuring and Installing Guide for Skylight Window Blinds

Skylights are one of the most popular ways to brighten up your home. They add a great dimension to your room when installed. Installing skylight shades onto skylights can seem to be a pretty compelling way to keep your home cool and to control a large amount of light coming through a skylight. Interior Skylight Window Blinds and Shades are perfect for those hard-to-reach skylights which offer total light blockage and more insulation. They protect your interior from harmful UV rays.

Their insulation features will help to keep your room cool and comfortable while cutting down on energy costs. The shades are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Remote control skylight shades are safe for homes with kids and pets as these shades don’t have any dangling cords. That is the reason we strongly recommend remote control skylight shades for your hard to reach windows.

Remote Control Skylight Blinds

But do you know the procedure for measuring and installing your window coverings for skylights? If you don’t, follow our easy steps to do these tasks easily and smoothly.

Measuring Guidelines for Skylight Window Blinds

Skylight windows are basically hard to reach, so measuring them can be a tricky task. Follow the below guidelines to get the perfect measurement for your window coverings for skylights:

How to Install Skylight Blinds

For Inside Mount –

  • First, check whether your skylight window has enough depth for mounting or not. It needs to meet the minimum depth to mount the brackets and the product. You can find the minimum depth required on each product page on our website.
  • To measure the width, measure in 3 places – top, middle, and bottom. Measure from edge to edge inside the window opening where you plan to keep the mounting brackets.
  • To measure the height, measure in 3 places – left, middle, and right. If you have tall windows then they will require extra mounting hardware.
  • After taking the exact measurement, order your skylight window blinds at the narrowest width and the shortest height. This ensures that they will fit inside your window opening.

For Outside Mount –

  • While measuring for outside mount, you will require one flat surface on all sides of the window.
  • For width, measure the width of the opening that you would like to cover. Then add to the width to account for overlap and any light gap.
  • For height, measure the height of the opening that you would like to cover. Then add to the height to account for the headrail size and any overlap.
  • Then order your product according to your measurements. The exact amount added varies depending on the product itself. Many skylight shades cannot be outside mounted.


What Should You Keep in Mind While Measuring for Skylight Shades?

  • Side mount is not available for cellular skylights.
  • If your window corners are not 90 degrees, then you have to go for outside mount.
  • Sidetracks must be mounted on both inside mount and outside mount.
  • When assessing mounting depth, take into account any obstacles that may be in the window opening, such as window cranks or handles. These can prevent you from mounting a shade properly.

Measuring Skylight Blinds

How to Install Skylight Blinds?

After taking the exact measurement, you can order your product from us for the best quality at the cheapest price. But do you know how to install them properly? If you don’t know then follow these easy steps to install your product to get all the benefits of this window shade:

  • Before you start, first check that you have all the necessary equipment and hardware you need for installation so that you should not have to face any difficulty while doing this task. Such as – measurement tape, pencil, screwdriver, level, drill machine, glasses, ladder.
  • Mark the headrail mounting brackets – To mark the bracket locations from each end of the headrail use a pencil. And check the mounting screw positions through the holes of the bracket. Use a level to ensure bracket order.
  • Install the headrail mounting brackets – Install the headrail and secure with screws. Repeat this for each bracket and use a level to make sure that brackets are in right position.
  • Then attach the headrail to the brackets.
  • Place the bottom rail to the proposed mounting location on the skylight casing and move it away to check the marked locations to make sure they are level and even. Then adjust the bottom rail in place with two screws.
  • Now your skylight window blinds are ready to use.
  • Many skylight shades will come with side rails which you would have to install separately.

Installing Skylight Window Blinds

What Should You Keep in Mind While Installing for Skylight Window Blinds?

  • To get started, you have all the necessary tools with you.
  • Verify the installation side to make sure that you have proper screws and accessories for the substance.
  • For correct width and length measurement, properly check the headrail and window shade.
  • To make sure that you have all the correct number of brackets, check the parts sent with the product.


Do Skylight Shades Leak?

If you do not install your skylight window blinds properly then it may leak light or not insulate properly. Depending on the fit of your shades, there may be light on the left and right side, but most skylights have sidetracks to block the light gap. At ZebraBlinds, we guarantee our products against any manufacturer defects and we offer the best quality product for your beautiful home.


How Much Do Skylight Window Blinds Cost?

It can be a big question that can come to your mind. Well, it depends on several factors, such as the type of skylight, roof type, and finish type. At ZebraBlinds, you will get a great discount on skylight blinds and shades.

Have a Question about Measuring and Installation? Contact Us!

Skylights can be the magnificent and elegant features that they’re meant to be in your home. But you need the right solutions to measure and install them. Still, if you have any doubts, go through our how to install and measure your skylight shade videos and guides. Contact our design team for more help or answers to your questions.

Order now to get the best deals on our skylight window products and free shipping to your doorstep.

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