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Measuring and Installing Wood Blinds and Shades with Easy Steps

Installing Wood Blinds

Measuring and Installing Wood Blinds and Shades with These Easy Steps

Most homeowners like to hire professionals when it comes to installing wood blinds and shades in their home. If you are about to do the same, then take some time and read this article first. Today, we are going to discuss how easy it is measure, install, and enjoy real wood blinds and shades without spending money on professional help. The process is very direct and easy, and you can do it on your own. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a veteran to the world of DIY projects. All you need to measure, install, and enjoy beautiful wood blinds and shades is a standard toolkit, steady hands, and few hours of your time.

The benefit of installing wood blinds and shades on your own is that the choice and variations are endless. You can easily customize them according to your need, style, and preference. Creating or purchasing your perfect window treatment is the fun part but most people think that installing them is a hassle. However, this is not the case. All you need to do is devote a few hours of your time to make that stunning impact in your room all by yourself.

While installing window treatments, you must first determine if they are meant to be inside mounted or outside mounted. Outside mount wood blinds and shades are installed outside the window frame. You can install them just outside the casing of wall or on window moulding. After installing these window treatments, the shade will be in front of the window and not directly up against your window. Therefore, these are the best window treatment option if you are looking to maximize the natural light entering your house. On the other hand, inside mount window blinds and shades are installed below or inside the window casing. This type of window treatment options keep sunlight cornered to provide a cleaner and tighter appearance. You should definitely opt for inside mount window treatments if you have window casings that are worth showing off.

Real Wood Blinds

Measuring for Wood Blinds and Shades

Inside Mount Wood Blinds and Shades

  • To find the width of your window treatment option, you need to measure the exact distance between inside surfaces of window frame at the bottom, top, and middle to the nearest 1/8”. It is a good idea to consult with your window treatment manufacturers to see if they are going to take care of the appropriate deductions. In most cases they do. Therefore, you should not worry about calculating the deductions on your own.
  • To measure the height of inside mount window treatment, you need to measure the exact distance from the inside surface to the nearest 1/8 inches at top of the window to sill at left, right, middle and make sure to use the longest height. You can deduct ¼ inches if you do not want blinds and shades to touch the sill. If there, is no sill in your windows then measure the height to the point where you want blind to reach. For sheer horizontal shades, use the shortest height instead.

Inside Mount Measurement for Wooden Blinds

Outside Mount Wood Blinds and Shades

  • To find the width of a new outside mount window treatment, measure the distance between the outermost points of the window to the nearest 1/8 inches. To cover the light gap, the width should extend further on each side of the window opening by at least ¾”, with more if desired.
  • The height of outside mount wood blind and shade can be taken as the distance between top points of blind and sill to the nearest 1/8 inches. If there is no sill or window treatment is supposed to overlap the window frame, it is recommended to measure to the highest point of blind or shade.

Outside Mount Measurement for Wooden Blinds

Installing Wood Blinds and Shades

Inside Mount

  • The inside mount window treatment that you order comes with appropriate deductions considering window frame and bracket clearance. The actual size of the blinds and shades delivered to you will be narrower than the size that you ordered. This is done to make sure that brackets are properly seated. If measurements are done accurately from your end then this should result in the easy and beautiful installation of your new window treatments. For installing wooden blinds and shades inside mount, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Place one bracket on inside window frame’s upper corner such that hinged door open upwards and is facing the front side.
  • Now drill pilot holes with 1/16 inches measurement and secure the bracket with two screws through either its top or side.
  • The above step is to be repeated for the other side of the mounting surface. Make sure the surface is in the level before installing the brackets otherwise the blinds and shades may be uneven.

Inside Mount Wood Blinds

Outside Mount

The outside mount window blinds and shades are cut to the exact measurements given to the manufacturers. Further, headrail is cut narrower than the slats to allow them to fit easily into the brackets. For hanging wood blinds outside mount below mentioned can be followed.

  • Open the brackets properly.
  • Use two screws to install the bracket on each side against the surface of the trim. Make sure the door is opening upward.
  • It would be better if you can pre-drill the holes for screws using 1/16 inches drill bit so as to avoid any split on the trim.

Outside Mount Wood Blinds

Supporting the Wide Window Treatments

If you are mounting wood blinds narrower than 48 inches then you can proceed normally. However, window treatments wider than 48 inches require a center support. Moreover, window blinds and shades wider than 72 inches will require two centre supports for proper installation.

Installing the Valance

While installing the valance for your new wooden blinds, you need to consider one major point. The valance for inside mount window blinds and shades will not have returns. However, outside mount window treatments will have returns.

 Why Install Real Wood Blinds and Shades On Your Own?

After all, this, if you are still thinking to hire a professional to complete the installation of your new window treatments, here are some points to consider:

  • Saves Money

Hire professionals might take away your initial stress but they will charge on an hourly basis. This amount may add up, depending upon your project and may be more costly than window treatments themselves.

  • Install them to perfection

When hired professionals are charging on an hourly basis you might feel hesitant to point out a gap or areas where fitted wood blinds and shades are off-center. However, when you install them on your own, you have the time and ability to install them to your liking.

  • Be ready for potential repairs

Learning to install wood blinds and shades on your own makes it easy to take them down whenever they need repair or replacement of parts. You don’t even need to call someone to swap the damaged parts and spend money.

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