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Keeping It Simple – Mini Blinds For Easy Installation and Easy Operation

Mini Blinds For Easy Installation and Easy Operation

What Are Mini Blinds?

Mini blinds are one of the most popular window coverings because of their simplicity and uniqueness. Even though there are plenty of window treatments that have come onto the market, these mini blinds remain a classic choice for your home. Because of their timeless appeal and functional smoothness, they become the right fixture for both residential and commercial spaces. The blinds are extremely lightweight, affordable, highly convenient, are versatile enough to fit nearly any interior style. They add a distinct touch of style to every decor while keeping the windows unique and intense. They are a perfect choice for every season and they do wonders to your room by keeping it cozy and relaxing no matter what the outside climate is. Besides being stylish, sleek, and functional, the main reason behind mounting these window dressing is their easy installation and operating methods. When properly customized and mounted, they transform the overall feel and style of your space. Check out the easiest ways of installing and operating these window blinds before you consider them for your windows.
Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds

Easy to Install Mini Blinds

● Measuring Windows:

Before you install these blinds, it’s essential to measure your windows accurately so that you get the right fit that will give the windows maximum coverage along with an aesthetically pleasing look. The blinds can be mounted in two ways – inside and outside mounting.

To fit the blinds inside the window frame, measure the width from left to right in three places – top, middle, and the bottom. Note down the smallest widths. To determine the height, start at the top and measure to the bottom of the window frame in three places, top left, center, and to the down to the window sill.

For outside mounting the process is the same as inside mounting but you need to take the largest width and height out of three measurements, and then add about 2-3” to your height to account for your mounting surface above the window, and add 2-4” to the width for overlap as desired.

Once you are done with the measurements, place your order and make sure to opt for premium quality materials that will last for long.

● Mark the Mounting Location:

After getting the product package, make sure you have all the required elements and the instruction guidelines. It’s always recommended to go through the steps before you get started, else ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage happening during the installation.

In this step, take a pencil and mark the location where you want to place the brackets. For inside mounting, hold the headrail at the right place and mark below the headrail on each end. And for outside mounting, make sure the headrail is centered and leveled with the window casing. And mark right below the headrail on each side of the frame.

● Drill and Fix the Brackets:

Take a drill to create holes in the marked location and secure the brackets there using screws.

● Put the Headrails into the Brackets:

In the final step, secure the headrails inside the brackets, then hang the blinds from the headrail and you are all set to operate them.

Note – If you are considering valances for your mini blinds, then make sure to attach the valance clips before you insert the headrail into the bracket. After placing the headrails into the right position, mount the valance on the top of the valance clips. And gently press down so that the valance clips snap into the valance. The valances cover the unattractive headrails and make windows look stunning and graceful.

Easy to Operate Mini Blinds

To adjust the blind slats, these window dressings use a tilt cord or wand and pulling it will raise and lower them as per your convenience and needs. The blinds come in cordless (lower and raise the bottom rail by hand) and motorized function (use a remote control to access from anywhere in the room) as well that ensure complete safety and security from the hazards of dangling window cords.

Advantages of Mini Blinds

● These mini blinds offer ample amounts of natural light and privacy. Adjust the slats to make the right balance, keeping the indoor refreshing and sophisticated.
● Keeping the slats in close position will reduce heat and maintain a comfortable room ambiance throughout the year.
● These blinds are reasonably priced and perfect when you have more than one window and you want to cover them all with the same.
● These blinds are made of a variety of materials including plastic, wood, aluminum, and PVC which make them extremely superior and versatile.
● Easy to clean and last for long with proper maintenance.

If you are looking to outfit your windows in a stylish manner, then mini blinds are an excellent choice to go for. They keep your windows simple and subtle with their variety of sober colors and texture choices. The easy installation and operating methods are a lifesaver as you can easily install them following the instruction manual or DIY videos. But if you face any difficulty, ask for professional help to protect your product from any damage.

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