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Modern Era Window Treatments – TDBU Cellular Shades

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My Home, My Very Own Sweet Home.

“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.”
Amelia Earhart

A home of my own was not a fundamental requirement for me. For long, I believed that having a roof over my head was important, and it didn’t matter whether I lived in a rented house or my own home. I never believed the marketing ploy of the real estate industry that portrayed investing in a home to be a sure and secure investment for future. I have seen the drastic effects of inflation on real estate to believe anything they would say.

After six years of living in a rented apartment, I finally decided to buy a house of my own but for completely non-financial reasons – I was looking forward to the freedom and stability that would come with a place of my own. In a rented place, I always had to follow the rules and regulations of the owner, even if they did not make any sense at all.

When I walked into the bare apartment with my nameplate on the door, I felt a sense of belonging that I have never felt before in my life. Here was a cozy den of my own that I could decorate according to my own ideas and tastes. I could now unleash my creativity to make this home a signature of my personality. I called my friend Linda, a passionate interior decorator, to help with the interior decor. She was so happy about my decision and lent her support wholeheartedly for a minimum charge.

Making a new beginning gave me the freedom to choose everything according to requirement in this new home. I had the choice of color coordination, furniture, window treatment and other things. In no time, I had my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom decorated exactly the way I’d always wanted to. With some time and investment, I was sure to find the right things, and maybe on sale! In fact, I found the perfect carpet for my living room in a yard sale for a tenth of what it would have cost me in a store.


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Now I had only the windows to be covered before moving in. Since my apartment was situated in a busy locality, I needed proper privacy and insulation from the noise. Linda suggested that I opt for the Crown TDBU Cordless Cellular Shades because they combine privacy and light control with the superior insulation of cellular shades. She was sure that I would love them as these soft window coverings endow an ambiance of great comfort and coziness as it will assist in the gentle illumination of my apartment.

I was quite curious about the Top Down Bottom Up shades, and Linda was glad to enlighten me. Top down bottom up or TDBU shades allow the shades not only to lift from the bottom but also lower from the top. The convenient 3/8 inch cellular top down bottom up shades are modern era window coverings which combine contemporary looks with the protection. Top Down Bottom Up Cellular shades are the perfect window coverings for my apartment because I needed sufficient light along with a substantial level of privacy. The distinctive design of the honeycombs cells makes them efficient insulators – an added advantage for me. According to Linda, the cell pockets trap a significant amount of air that creates a barrier against heat gain/loss and noise.

The polyester fabric has a lightly textured, seamless appearance which assures crisp, sharp pleats; even after extended use it resists sagging and stretching. It is also quite durable and won’t fray at edges as part of natural wear and tear. This fantastic light filtering fabric softly diffuses light, at the same time allowing substantial privacy as they can be lowered from the top to block the central view to my rooms. The control handle is on the bottom rail, which is convenient, to keep the fingers off the fabric. It also came with an integrated bracket and headrail system for a seamless appearance and easy installation.

I was absolutely delighted with the wide range of color choices available because it gave me ample opportunity to obtain a coordinated and synchronized look for my new apartment. I could pick from any of the fabric styles that ranged from Antique Linen, Cool Silver, Bay Leaf, Cool White, Ivory Beige to charming styles like Espresso and Leaf Gold. The cordless option made the functioning smooth and effortless. It would be great not to have messy cords or wires hanging along the length of the shades that make them look untidy.

The shades were also ideal to cover or dress up small to medium sized windows of my apartment with their width that ranges between 21 inch to 72 inch. Cleaning and maintaining these shades was not a big deal either as all it takes to keep the shine and glaze of the shades intact is just feather dusting or gentle vacuuming. I couldn’t wait much longer to move into my own cozy home, which was a start to a new life.



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