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Amaze Your Guests with Modern Window Treatments Installed in Your Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

Amaze Your Guest with Modern Kitchen Window Treatments


Redesigning your kitchen doesn’t always refer to architectural changes. A lot more modifications and add-ons are possible to give it a new and appealing look. A kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time so it’s very important to enhance its ambiance and maintain a perfect comfort level. The environment of the kitchen should be warm and inviting. Picking few colors and materials is not enough. Remodeling kitchen needs more thought and a smart solution. What else can be more suitable than implementing smart window shades and blinds?

Explore our advanced collection of modern kitchen window treatments that come in various sizes, colors, designs, materials, patterns and can also be customized as per your need and taste. These window coverings are not only for looks but will also serve a purpose. The temperature of the kitchen already remains high because of cooking. Harsh sunlight makes preparing food even more uncomfortable. Our modern kitchen window treatments will block the scorching sun from entering inside, making the area comfortable and bearable.

Being the heart of your home where working needs utmost comfort, choosing the right window coverings is very important. It’s not necessary to end up digging a hole in your wallet to make it look beautiful. Consider only the most important factors which are creating problems and need attention. A kitchen is the busiest area of your home which needs an easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean solution for blocking harmful UV radiations and harsh glare.

7 Things to Consider While Purchasing Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

1. Beat your constant battle with temperature

Keep the main purpose of implementing blinds and shades in mind which is to block the scorching sun while maintaining privacy and view. ZebraBlinds has many suitable options to serve this purpose. Roller shades, solar shades, vinyl shades, dual shades, roman shades, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds and many more. Now it depends on your choice, need, and budget. You can have traditional style blinds and shades or you can get a smart window covering solution which can be operated with a remote.


2. Opt for Waterproof Kitchen Window Coverings Over the Sink

Window coverings made of fabric like cotton, linen and silk should be avoided to cover the windows over the sink in the kitchen. They can rot, shrink and fade with time. They also carry a risk of catching fire easily. Blinds and shades made of waterproof material serve the purpose best. You can go ahead with our superior quality fade and warp resistant PVC or Vinyl Blinds. They are sophisticated and give a clean and sleek appeal to your kitchen. Faux wood blinds are also a great solution for those who are also looking for a traditional look with functionality.

Faux Wood Blinds Online


3. Beware of Suffocation

Blocking harsh light is necessary to keep the kitchen comfortable for cooking but blocking too much air won’t be a good idea. Nobody wants a suffocated kitchen. So, window treatments for the kitchen should be airy. The material of kitchen window coverings should filter the excess sunlight, mixing with artificial light giving that perfect ambiance, while allowing the option of air to come through. Shade from sunlight, privacy, and ventilation – Don’t forget these features while purchasing kitchen window treatment solutions. Our sheer blinds and shades are a perfect solution featuring sheer woven material which minimizes the glare, maintains the view, keeps privacy intact and lets air keep flowing.

Sheer Shades for Kitchen


4. Appearance matters

Functionality is one prime factor which can not be ignored but the appearance of the kitchen also plays a significant role. A pleasant view, comfortable ambiance and warm atmosphere in the kitchen boost the person’s tendency to cook delicious food. Similarly, harsh irritating sun rays, a nasty appearance, and uncomfortable ambiance can turn down the desire of that person for cooking. That said, choosing color shades, wallpapers, crockery and other materials become secondary when the scorching sun is raising the temperature. So, opt for kitchen shades and blinds that are not only functionally efficient but also enhance the look of your kitchen. We have designer tailor-made roman shades that will add a touch of class and sophistication to your space. With bold designs, enriching colors and attractive textures, these shades will transform your windows into beautiful masterpieces. You can also explore our collection of dual shades, honeycomb shades, and day-night shades.

Waterproof Kitchen Window Treatments


5. Strength defines the lifespan

Knowing about the material from which the window coverings are made of is very important. It helps you in deciding the most durable outcome. Blinds and shades are used multiple times in a day. You open or close them as per the requirement. Low-quality window coverings will not be able to sustain this much rapid movement and will break down easily. ZebraBlinds offers the best quality kitchen window covering solutions which are built to last. Resistant to extreme conditions, wear-and-tear, and rough handling, our custom window treatment solutions are most durable having a longer lifespan.

Window Treatments for Kitchen Window Over Sink


6. Cleaning is not hard

It’s a myth that cleaning shades and blinds requires a lot of effort and eats a lot of time. A few materials, a few minutes and you are done. Our products are crafted from high-quality materials which can be cleaned easily. Blinds and shades are just like regular household things which demand gentle dusting. Follow these simple steps to make your kitchen window treatments new again:

  • Vacuum the blinds and shades gently to remove cobwebs and debris clinging to them.
  • Take a feather duster or any soft cloth to further remove the remaining dust on the corners and edges.
  • Take a soft cloth and dip it in a soapy warm water. Now wipe each slat carefully.
  • Now rinse them thoroughly and they are good to go. Simple.
  • Instructions can vary depending on your product. Please refer to your product guide or manual.


7. Save on installation

No need to break the bank for customizing your modern kitchen window treatments as per your tastes and needs. But compromising with quality for saving few cents is also not preferable. There are a number of options available to match with your home interiors and to fulfill your needs. Decide your budget and stick to it. Spending a small fortune in styling your kitchen is not advisable. Shop smartly and unhurriedly. Set your preferences first – functionality, appearance, durability or all three. For more satisfaction, our experts will help you with all your queries.


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