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Modern Window Shades Designs in Canada

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The Different Variants of Cellular Shades

The last two decades has seen a huge transformation in home décor and furnishings on a large scale. In recent times, colors have made a huge impact on our lives when it comes to visual appeal. Products like lipsticks, jackets, purses or shoes are available in a lot more colors than before, so too the window treatments. Cellular shades are available in the wide range of color spectrum that can blend in with any décor. Fortunately, it is not just visual appeal that has seen the change. Apart from visual appeal, there is a lot more in the form of practical functionS as well in modern window coverings, especially the cellular shades.



A Revolution in Window Treatment

From the time when window treatments were used to enhance the beauty of the home or to provide privacy, they have come a long way. Today, we see them performing multiple tasks without much hassle. There are window treatments that can perform the task of two or more shades quite easily. One of the biggest revolutionary introduction in the last few decades is that of cellular or honeycomb shades. They were introduced to the market in 1985 and have never looked back ever since. Along with Roller Shades, they are the most popular window treatments among customers today. They come with many options including the size of pleats, color, opacity, privacy option, operation controls and many more, to meet the specific need of customers.

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Great Performance, Great Visual Appeal

The air-trapping design featured by the honeycomb-like structure in the cellular shades creates air pockets that prevent energy from being transferred from one side of the shade to the other. Installation of these shades prevents heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, thus saving substantially on energy bills. Cellular shades have such great shading coefficient that is there is a minimum amount of heat passing through it. It also comes with higher R-Value ratings since it has a high insulation property, making them more efficient and noise controlling than other window treatments on the market today. It is obvious that double cell cellular shades provide better energy efficiency since they have two cell layers that increase the insulation property of the shades.
The level of insulation depends on the cell sizes, cell numbers, and fabric layers. A Higher number of cells or bigger the cell sizes, more will be the insulation effect. Customers who desire light diffusion can opt for sheer cellular shades whereas those desiring complete darkness inside their room can opt for blackout fabric that allows no light seepage with maximum privacy levels. They are available in single, double and triple cell designs. Apart from light filtering and blackout properties, cellular shades have the room darkening option as well. Cellular shades are the ultimate window solutions, unique in terms of their design, style, and fashion.



Great Choices for Customers

There are so many different options available in cellular shades today that a customer would need a great deal of patience to go through and evaluate all of them even on an online website. For increasing the suitability of cellular shades, the customer can customize the shades so that they can create their own cellular shades with all desired features as per their home requirements.
The combination of two layers of fabrics with air pockets between them creates a depth feel and distinct tone that is quite appealing. Often, the layer facing towards indoor is available in multiple colors where the layer outdoor is always white. This allows the homeowners to create different themes inside their homes while maintaining uniformity on the outside. The white color is also excellent in repelling most of the heat.



Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

TDBU or Top-Down-Bottom-Up cellular shades in Canada are contemporary window covering features that give your window a chic appearance besides providing excellent protection. TDBU cellular shades are perfect for those rooms where there is a need for sufficient light along with a substantial level of privacy. The advantage of these shades is that they allow privacy yet lets natural light shine in. The shades can be raised from the bottom, lowered from the top that allows various light filtering and privacy options. Customers can have the upper or lower or middle portion of the window closed, apart from raising or lowering the shades completely.



Day Night or Sun-up Sun-down Cellular Shades

Day-Night Shades or Sunup Sundown cellular shades have two different fabrics on a single shade to provide a combination of light control and privacy. Often a sheer or light filtering fabric is combined, and blackout or room darkening fabrics to create perfect light and privacy control in a room with a mid-rail dividing them. You can roll up the blackout fabric creating the blackout effect, roll down the sheer fabric for illumination of interiors with diffused light or roll them both in various combinations for mixed effect. If you desire complete openness, just roll them up.



Vertical Cellular Shades

With vertical cellular shades, you can cover up huge windows and doors along with adding a new style, fashion and modern look to your windows. Vertical shades are unique and different from other shades not only because of their alignment but also because they create the visual appeal of flowing beautiful drapes. You can create personal spaces in your home by vertical shades as room dividers as well. Vertical cellular shades are the most spectacular way to cover sliding glass doors, French doors and another wide window on which horizontal shades do not fit well.
For operating controls, you can pick, standard, continuous cord loop, cordless lift, or automated Virtual Cord lift for the cellular shades.
The wide range of options available for customers in cellular shades today, meet each of their unique and specific home requirement. They are an excellent combination of energy efficiency, practical function and aesthetic appeal making them popular and desired window treatments among consumers today.



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