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Most Important Features When Considering Kitchen Window Blinds

Most Important Features When Considering Kitchen Window Blinds

The kitchen is what a lot of people will consider the most important room in the house. This is where the whole family would meet to plan the upcoming trip, or friends would get together to share some juicy gossip over a cup of tea. The kitchen is also the place where you will hurriedly toss up a meal, while the kids catch up with the homework. And when you are alone, kitchen is where you spend some precious me-time, stolen away from your busy schedule.

Important or not, the kitchen is certainly the busiest room in the house. With cooking, cleaning, washing, and entertaining, kitchen hardly ever sits idle. In large open-plan rooms, the kitchen also doubles as a living and dining room. All these activities, along with the moisture and heat they generate, take a huge toll on the furnishings, including window treatments.

When it comes to decoration our windows, style and design become a priority over practicalities. But kitchen blinds require some special qualities that would make them last longer. Before you select a blind for your kitchen, do consider the following factors.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Kitchen Blinds

Moisture: In that one word, you can sum up all the activities that take takes place in the kitchen. It’s not just the cooking, but also the cleaning, and washing, all of which generate a lot of steam and vapor. Moisture can cause mold or mildew formation or cause your blinds to warp. So, any blind you select needs to have high levels of moisture tolerance.

Heat: Hard on the heels of moisture comes to the heat. Cooking and cleaning also generate heat which also needs to be taken into consideration when you are thinking of a kitchen blind. Your kitchen blind should also be able to withstand prolonged exposure to heat, along with moisture.

Security: Although security is more likely to be associated with the windows, it is an important factor for consideration in the kitchen. There is always a fire risk in the kitchen, which makes it advisable to go for some fire-retardant feature in your blind. Fire-retardant blinds or curtains can repel fire and halt its spread in case of a fire.

Light: A kitchen should have enough light to let you see what you are doing there. But more than that, a well-lighted room brings with it a lot of cheer and joy. To create a bright and airy atmosphere for your friends and family, your kitchen should make maximum use of its doors and windows. Select a blind that would let in loads of light, even during the short days of the winter.

Insulation: While light is an important component for uplifting the spirits, insulation is key to comfort. When selecting your blind, you will have to strike a fine balance between light and insulation, ensuring that the kitchen retains its heat in the winter and remains cold in the summer.

Privacy: If your kitchen is overlooking a busy road or another house, privacy is perhaps another factor that should be taken into consideration. Privacy might not be that big a concern if your kitchen opens to a private garden. Select a blind that would give you a lot of privacy, without compromising on the view or the light is important.

Blinds that are Perfect for the Kitchen

Amidst so much talk about practicalities, let’s not forget about style. Thankfully, modern window treatments combine style and practicality in an amazing blend, with something to suit every interior décor style.

Roller Blinds

Polyester roller blinds are perfect for the kitchen. The material is thick enough to provide insulation and privacy, while the blind itself can be adjusted at different heights to give you enough control over light.
Cleaning these blinds is super-easy; just a wipe with soapy water is all you need to make them look new again. The polyester material is also moisture resistant.
Roller Kitchen Blinds

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

If your window is right next to the sink, you can go dress it up in faux wood venetian blinds. These blinds resistant to moisture and can be cleaned easily. So, now you don’t have to worry about the splashes or getting dirt on them. Just swipe the slats with a wet cloth and you will have them cleaned in an instant.
Venetian blinds will give you a lot of control over the flow of light. On a fine sunny day, you can roll up the whole blind to get the full benefit of the sun. However, if you wish to have more privacy, just tilt the slats at the desired angle to restrict the view from outside, while still getting a well-lit kitchen. At night, close the slats when you need complete privacy and preserve the heat.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen

Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds allow you to have a bit of both roller and venetian blind benefits. The blind comes with two fabrics; the outer fabric is made of translucent material, while the inner fabric comes with venetian slat like structures. The outer layer lets in lot of light when the slats are open. To control the flow of light, adjust the slats just in the way you would adjust slats in a venetian blind. At night, snap the slats close to getting complete privacy and heightened insulation.
These blinds are perfect when your kitchen faces the road. The slats will keep your privacy intact, while the translucent fabric lets in plenty of light. These blinds come in attractive color combinations and a sleek design, perfect for the ultra-modern kitchen.

Honeycomb Blinds

If you have a draughty kitchen, go for honeycomb blinds. The honeycomb-like structure in the blind traps air within, making it a formidable barrier against the chill outside. The insulation quality of these blinds also keeps your kitchen cool during those scorching summer months, a fact that you will deeply appreciate when you are cooking a meal in a hot oven.
Make your kitchen your personal style statement with the gorgeous window treatment options.

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