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Innovation Makes a Difference – Integrating Window Shades with Smart Devices

Motorize Existing Window Blinds

Motorize Your Existing Window Blinds – A New Generation of Technology

The use of smart technology is increasing every day – from smartphone to smart homes, everything is becoming a part of our daily lives, and so are our window treatments. Nowadays WiFi enabled gadgets have changed the way we work or act. By integrating the standard window coverings with smart devices, you can control them using a remote or smartphone areas as long as you are connected to WiFi. Making your windows smart always helps you to stay one step forward. There is a wide range of different options to open and close shades and blinds smarty and efficiently along with the compatibility of the latest voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. With these smart mechanisms, homeowners will have better control over natural light and privacy.


An Overview: Home Automation is Now Easier with Smart Technology

Both our residential and commercial spaces are technology dependent. Your window treatments improve the entire texture of your space from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. With motorized and smart technology, it’s become easier and simpler than ever to control your shades the way you want to.

Smartphone – Connect your Z-wave home automation system with SmartThings, Wink, or Vera Plus and have the shades and blinds automated per your preferences. With the help of a switch (inside the app), you can raise and lower them as per your requirements. The installation of motorized window treatments is very simple, effortless and takes very little time.

Smart Motorized Window Treatments


Remote Control – Home automation window blinds come up with a remote option (single channel, five channel, and sixteen channel available to raise individually or in a group). By pressing the up and down button, you can adjust your window coverings.

Remote Control Window Blinds


Hands-free Control with Voice Assistants – Graber is pushing the window shades to become more smart and convenient by introducing the new and trendy hands-free mechanism. Yes!! It is now possible to get voice-activated shades – simply connect your Z-wave shades with a home automation hub that is compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo (such as Samsung’s SmartThings). Just tell your shades ‘Hey Google, Open Blinds Up to 55%’ or ‘Hey Alexa, Close the Shades’, and they will work automatically. These voice-interfacing shades and blinds will not only give you convenience but will also save your time and energy.

Google Home and Alexa Smart Blinds


Regular Motorized Window Blinds – Powered by Somfy RTS Motors with Multiple Power Options

Power Options For Your Motorized Shades  

Motorized window treatments can be powered by battery, solar power kits, or hardwired or plug-in power supply choices. The power options include 12v reloadable battery tube, DC plug-in transformer, and more. For regular motorized shades, a single channel wall switch or five channel wall switches are also available to operate the shades separately or together.

All the shades and blinds offered by Graber can be featured with smart technology for added functionality and convenience.

Power Options for Motorized Window Treatments


Changing To Motorization is Easy – Get Started Today!

With the help of z-wave technology and voice-assistants, operating window shades become effortless and it has brought a huge change to our daily needs. These technologies are made to our lives more convenient. So what are you waiting for? Get these smart shades today or motorize your existing window blinds to enjoy each and every benefit offered by them. For your convenience and complication-free shopping experience, ZebraBlinds always offers free samples, free shipping, and great deals with the best sale support team for their valuable customers. For further assistance, feel free to get in touch with our accessible customer service!

Smart Technology for a Smarter Home – More Control, More Automation, and More Benefits!

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