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Motorized Pergolas for Your Summer Relaxation

Motorized Pergolas for Summer

Spruce Up Your Summer with Best Motorized Window Ideas

Pergolas are uniquely designed to let you sit back and enjoy the outdoors for a long time without any hassle. This area has gained its popularity because of its sleek beauty and stylish appearance, especially during summer times. Because of the unique structure, a pergola may not seem practical but when decorated with the right solution, the space can have its own functional and aesthetic value.

Pergolas are built of columns that support a grid roof. But this open area allows excess sunlight and heat, which makes you feel uneasy. And for this place, privacy is another main factor to consider. All these things can be covered with one simple solution, known as Motorized Pergola Window Dressings. But why to choose motorized function when you can have standard window solutions at an affordable price?

Well, there are various reasons to motorize your pergola which will prove why motorization is a worthy choice. Let us look at the facts and at window solutions that will work perfectly for your pergola.

Reasons to Motorize Your Pergola

Added Sun Protection: Summer is the time when you confront more sunlight which creates various complications by giving you an uncomfortable ambiance. And to protect your space, motorized sunscreens are the ideal solutions to go for.
Protects Space from Bad Weather Conditions: Apart from the excess light issue, heat is another big reason that creates barrier from enjoying the sunny days. But with motorization and automated sensors, the shades adjust themselves according to the weather conditions. So when it is too hot outside, the remote control shades will protect your pergola by regulating themselves in the position and keep the space cool while saving money.
Control with One-Touch: With motorization, every window solutions are just one click away. A remote control or smartphone is all it takes to manage your pergola window dressings. Here you get ultimate convenience and luxury.
Keeps the Bugs Out: Keep all the insects and bugs out of the space and you can enjoy a relaxing night by motorizing the pergola with exterior sun shadings.
Privacy Factor: This is the place where you need the highest level of privacy (from the neighbors and outsiders). Raising or lowering the shades as per the requirements will allow you to get maximum privacy.
Enjoy Your Pergolas: Customized Somfy motorized treatments will allow you to enjoy the pergola throughout the summer season because of their unique designs and functions. By maintaining a perfect heating and lighting system, the shades create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.
Enjoy a Movie Time: Pergolas are not only built for relaxation or enjoying a book. You can use this place as a media room also. How? Well, keep a projector and choose the right fabric for your shading such as blackout. And then keep the shades down to experience the perfect movie ambiance in own backyard.

Best Window Solutions to Design Your Pergola

If you own a pergola then it can be transformed into a perfect relaxing space. The exciting thing about this area is the floor area is already defined along with a top cover. Now set up some window solutions that will give you a safe and protected feeling while providing the area with additional benefits.

When you lower the shades using the smart controller gadgets, you enjoy better privacy while preventing the unwanted elements and opening the shades will allow you a perfect view and fresh breeze.

Below are the top suggested window dressings that are very much worthy to go for –
Motorized Exterior Solar Shades
Installing exterior solar shades allow you to stop the heat gain while offering better ventilation and a crystal clear outside view. You have the option to choose openness factor (1% to 7% and 10% to 25%), depending on your personal choices and needs. But during customization, make sure you go for any of the fabrics except fiberglass mixed thread material as they can be dangerous to your health. Otherwise, the shades are easy to use with the luxurious remote-controlled feature and a safe choice because of the no-cord functionality.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Skylight Window Shadings
If the pergola roof is designed with a skylight window, then it needs to be covered as well. Well, nothing can beat the direct natural daylight than falls down and makes the space more illuminating and soothing, providing you with the best ambiance. However, sometimes you feel like excess sunlight and heat become a barrier between your chitchats and relaxation which enter through the skylight tempered glass or ceiling. Mounting remote control skylight shades will offer you the ultimate pleasure by blocking all the UV rays and will save your money by providing insulation. Open or close them by pressing a simple remote button. A wide variety of attractive colors and textures will enhance the beauty of the space intimately.

Skylight Window Shadings

Remote-handled Cellular Shades

Summertime insulation is an essential factor to consider. And to get an insulated pergola, nothing can beat the functional value of motorized cellular honeycomb shades and blinds. Honeycomb structured air pockets will provide added insulation to your windows, reducing heat transfer. Adding motorization makes your life easier and comfortable, and at the same time programmable timers and sensors will keep the pergola in an ideal temperature. Hang them and enjoy their numerous benefits throughout the sunny days.

Giving your backyard or pergola a makeover with the window coverings is the best decision during the summer. You can have a perfect time with your friends and family members in the ideal atmosphere. We hope these fantastic motorized window ideas will help you to create the perfect pergola. If you wish to explore more, contact the professional executives who will assist you to get the right solution.

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