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Cover Hard To Reach Windows With Motorized Skylight Blinds

Motorized Skylight Blinds

Replacing Outdated Coverings With Motorized Skylight Blinds


Home décor is a vast platform where people can express their style and creativity. People love to design or redesign their homes by making some additions or implementations, by changing color schemes, by replacing outdated things with the latest ones, and many more. So many permutations and combinations are required when it comes to designing your space as per your comfort and style. Be it furniture, wallpapers, wall paintings, photo frames, crockery, floor designs, ceilings, windows, doors, or some knick-knacks, everything needs an overhaul after a while. With time, the charm and attractiveness of a home fades away. Your home also needs to remain updated with the latest technologies and designs. A cost-effective way to make your home smart and tech-inspired is the implementation of smart window blinds and shades.


Windows and doors are the masterpieces of any home. They contribute to the overall appearance and feel of the home to a great extent. They are the major sources of light which is an essential element for making or breaking the ambiance of any home. It’s not necessary to change your furniture or add super-expensive instruments for making your home intelligent. Window blinds and shades can change the look of your home interiors instantly without breaking your bank.


Window blinds and shades are categorized in many types as per the various specifications, USPs, needs, and budget. Every home has different requirements and for accomplishing these requirements, ZebraBlinds has come up with a huge range of window shades and blinds. These can be customized as per the need and taste of homeowners. Homes are equipped with different types of windows and doors. Some homes can have large size windows, while others can have odd-shaped windows, some have french windows, patio doors, and many more. The most tricky and difficult to cover windows are skylight windows as they are located on the roof, making them hard to reach for closing or opening curtains. These windows let in natural light and fresh air in the home, but sometimes the amount of sunlight entering through them can be excessive which can be harmful to your skin, furniture, flooring, and harmful to your health.


Covering skylight windows seems difficult, but ZebraBlinds has made this task super-easy with motorized skylight blinds. These window coverings offer you the highest measure of adaptability and control over hard to reach skylight windows. Opening and closing curtain multiple times daily is a task which is next to impossible. With motorized skylight blinds, you can operate your window blinds with a remote control from anywhere in the room. These are the best blinds for privacy and light and you can buy them online in Canada. Check out the given below a list of various benefits of motorized skylight blinds over curtains and drapes.


Top 10 Benefits of Motorized Skylight Blinds


#1. Smart functionality

Operating window coverings with cord is an outdated trend which is difficult especially for skylight windows. Motorized skylight blinds have remote control management which is accessible up to a distance of 65 feet. These are equipped with Mezzo Solar Power Supply option that allows the motor to charge on sunlight. They take 4-6 hours of sunlight to get energized completely. This trickle charging makes the life of the batteries longer than standard lithium batteries. If in case solar energy cannot keep a full charge due to weather conditions then an electric battery charger is also available, with the help of which your smart window blinds can be charged without any hurdle.

 Motorized Skylight Window Shades

#2. Harmful UV radiations blockage

Natural light is necessary for the health of the home and your loved ones as well, but too much of it can be harmful. Because of this, there should be a control over the amount of sun entering inside. Our Graber exterior solar shades act as a filter which lets in an appropriate amount of sunlight which gets merged with the artificial light and creates a soothing atmosphere. Skylight cellular shades can be used to filter the light through your skylight, allowing it to bright the room without the excessive heat and UV. Blocking sunlight keeps the temperature of the home maintained so that you can perform any kind of work, comfortably and peacefully.


#3. Privacy control

Keeping the windows open all the time is unsafe and uncomfortable as well. People sneaking a peek inside your home is irritating, so covering your windows and doors is important. This will make your space feel more comfortable and safe. You can work, study, sleep or do any household work without any disturbance.


#4. Easy installation

You can follow our instructions available on this link We have provided some very simple instructions following which you can install your window coverings on your own. Our experts are available 24 by 7 to help you out in case you have any query related to anything like measurements, installation, general information, motorization, etc. They will guide you perfectly in deciding the best option for your home and also getting it implemented.

 Easy Installation Skylight Shades

#5. Easy cleaning and maintenance:

Motorized skylight blinds are easy to clean. Just like any other household item, these also require regular dusting or vacuuming. For aluminum skylight blinds, if you want to clean them more deeply, then you can take a cloth, dip it in a detergent solution and wipe the slats of the window blinds. They will look new again. Our window blinds are durable and long-lasting. They can be maintained very easily.

 Cleaning Skylight Shades

#6. Nature-friendly

Air conditioners emit harmful radiations which affect our mother nature. The radiations emitted make the environment unhealthy for our future generations, as well as they use up a ton of energy. If you wish to have a safe and healthy environment in the future then you should start taking some initiatives in your home. Window blinds and coverings are the best alternatives to air conditioners which lower the temperature of your home making it cool and comfortable. This will reduce the usage of air conditioners, contributing to a healthy environment. This will also reduce your energy bills. As a result, implementing motorized skylight blinds clearly becomes a worthy investment.


#7. Affordability

It’s a myth that installing smart window blinds and shades dig a hole in your pocket. They come in various specifications and materials as per the need and budget of customers. ZebraBlinds offer these window coverings at cheap prices along with exciting deals and discounts without compromising on the quality of the product.


#8. Easy customization

Endless options are available when it comes to window blinds and shades. You can select the color, design, texture, functionality, shape, size, material, and pattern of your motorized skylight window blinds and shades as per your choice and requirement. We offer customization option at affordable rates. You can get the best one under the guidance of our professionals.


#9. Enhanced Appearance

These window coverings elevate the beauty of your home interiors as they give a sleek and smart look to your space. Available in various subtle to bright colors, intricate designs, mesmerizing textures, motorized skylight window blinds are a perfect combination of elegance and technology.


#10. Safety

Being cordless in design, these window coverings are super-safe if you have kids and pets at home. Cords can get tangled along the neck which can be dangerous. So, operating window blinds with a remote is a safe and easy method. Many homeowners are upgrading their homes and making them intelligent by getting these smart window blinds installed.


Explore our product catalog for more variety and options available to cover your windows in a trendy and smart manner. You will get endless types of window coverings like roman shades, custom roman shades, window coverings with the top down bottom up shade mechanism, exterior vinyl shutters, solar blinds and shades, natural window coverings, honeycomb window blinds, and many more. So, start exploring and order the most-suitable one for your home. Upgrade your home and make it smarter by ordering online smart window blinds and shades.

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