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Why Are Motorized Window Treatments Perfect for Winter?

Winter Window Treatments

Winter Window Treatments for a Comfy Place to Live In


Have you ever been disturbed by the sun’s rays during work or during an important time? The harsh sunrays can be problematic while you are trying to watch your favorite television show or Netflix, surfing the internet, or while reading the morning newspaper. The UV rays of the sun can also harm your delicate artwork, floor coverings, wall paints, and furniture in your home. From controlling sunlight to protecting your valuables, and from bringing automation to your windows for ease of comfort, motorized and automated shades can prove to be one of the best winter window treatments. Since most of these window coverings are now powered, manual work is almost eliminated. With growing technology, motorized and automated window shades have proved to be one of the most beneficial solutions for the glare issue.

Motorization and automation of blinds and shades make them energy efficient. Especially in the winter months, you need not use the heaters all day when the sun is shining bright. All you need to do is to push the button and let the natural heat come in. Timers and sensors installed in motorized windows enable high-tech security. The motorized window treatments which come with timers can be adjusted to raise and lower down after a certain period automatically.


Built-in Radio Technology (RTS) enables motorization in window treatments. RTS generally means that the shades can be operated from practically anywhere in the house with the help of a remote control without direct line of sight. RTS works very much similar to what is the system of garage doors. It enables you to work from anywhere within a specific area limit. Various options like tabletop devices, hand-held remote controls, wireless wall switches, sun sensors, and programmable timers are available to choose from. Now, at just the touch of a button, “hard-to-reach window treatments” can be controlled effortlessly. The time of running for stools or ladders for adjusting high up window shades and blinds has become outdated. Automated windows also allow the elderly or handicapped to change the windows as per their needs effortlessly.

The window treatments can be battery powered. Unpleasant power cords are often a challenge to conceal which isn’t a problem with the RTS. The solution is wire-free and battery operated blinds and shades systems. Battery technology powers a range of window accessories and products that can be installed within minutes.

For maintenance-free operation, a plug-in system may be desirable. You only have to plug right into usual household wall outlets. The thin power cord may be tucked away behind draperies, side panels, top treatments, furniture or along window frame molding to preserve the decor of the room. If you plan correctly before your house is built, you may run hard wiring to all the windows in your home. That way you don’t have to face the hassles with dead batteries or disagreeable drooping cords.


Advantages of Motorized Winter Window Treatments

Motorized window blinds are one of the most modern and innovative window products in the market today. They are different from other window treatments made before. This is for the reason that they can be operated and controlled through a remote device to either block or allow the sunlight in entering your home.

• With standard window shades, you are required to spin the wand and pull the cords to control the sun rays that penetrate into your room. Because of this, it isn’t always practical to adjust your blinds multiple times in a day or while you aren’t home. Therefore, they are not as efficient in light control or insulation. With motorized options, you can have your window shades adjust according to the time of day or the temperature in a room (with additional smart sensors), allowing your blinds to automatically cool down or adjust the atmosphere of your home. Sit down and relax while you and your family watch a program without having to deal with glares on the TV screen.

• If you are love watching movies in a room that has several windows, you are very fortunate. If you have the budget, you will not need to get up from your comfortable seat and fiddle with the wand since you can make use of the remote control to control your custom window treatments for winter and fall. Consider it as a time saver when you are too busy with other crucial tasks.

• The computerized window blinds can be controlled from up to 50 feet away. This eliminates the problem of walking when you’re already comfortably seated to close the curtains. With this device, all you need to do is click a button, and multiple window blinds will open or shut within seconds.

• Making use of the remote control is an efficient way to enhance your performance when it comes to cleaning, taking care of your kids, and other home-maintenance tasks. Keeping the stress to a minimum while managing the household through remote control blinds will not only save you time and energy but will make your life more comfortable as well.


Installation of Motorized Winter Window Treatments

You might be thinking that remote control window blinds and shades are very complicated to install. But you’ll be delighted to know that the installation procedure of these window shades is almost the same as a standard install. Since they are completely wireless, you don’t have to deal with wires getting tangled. They are simple to program and operate, and you’ll never have to face the usual hassles of sunlight control this winter.

Motorized Skylight Cellular Shades


Types of Motorized Winter Window Treatments

The chilly winter months are when heat retention in your home is significant. The cold outside might affect the interiors due to imperfect windows. Windows might become cold and might let out heat from your room. Thus, having the right winter window coverings for the home is very necessary. The following are a few options to consider during the winter months:

Solar motorized shades: Solar shades provide a layer of protection on your windows while allowing you to still see outside. Solar fabrics are mostly designed for blocking heat from the sun but can provide a little bit of insulation for the winters as well.

Motorized Solar Shades


Roller shades:  Roller shades can help reduce the cold from your windows. When these motorized shades are drawn, their fabric layer creates a barrier between your interiors and the window. Also, there are various options in design and the material to choose from.

Motorized Blackout Roller Shades


• Cellular shades: These are regarded as one of the most innovative shades. These motorized window treatments are a superior insulator. They are one of the best options for insulating your windows and protecting from the cold, as their honeycomb structure results in a thick fabric layer on your windows.

Smart Z-Wave Cellular Shades

Considering the various options, cellular shades are regarded as the best-motorized winter window treatments for every home. Their designs are such that they successfully trap heat inside and allow a comfortable house temperature for the chilly winters. Get energy efficient window treatments with smart and solar powered blinds and shades that also enhance your interiors.

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