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Why Should We Mount Blinds Inside The Window Frame?

Blinds Inside Window Frame

Are you looking for ways to revamp your home? Maybe try adding the ultra-modern look you’ve craving for a long time now. But, if you are intimidated about going through the process of installing blinds inside window frame, then don’t be. We will tell you all that you need to know about inside mount blinds. 

What are the Reasons You Should Have Blinds Hung On Your Windows?


It doesn’t really matter if you have any expertise in blind installation, as even if you don’t, you are going to excel at it. It is as easy as it sounds. But, at first, let us show you why you must make some room in your home and your busy life to hang them in the first place.


  • Inside mount blinds enhance the beauty of your décor

 The plethora of choices that you have when it comes to selecting an inside mount blind is pretty overwhelming. The different types of patterns, colors, and styles that they come in is remarkable. This is the reason that you can never go wrong with blinds. Choose the blinds that will blend in with your décor. When you choose the right kind of blinds the beauty of your home will completely transform.


  • You get to choose the amount of light that will flow in your room

It is completely your choice and preference about how you want your room to be. You can completely control the flow of light flooding in your room. This is perfect for every season. You have full power over controlling the heat and light.


  • They are durable

 With the necessary maintenance and care, you can maintain the look and the purpose that they serve for a long time. Another great thing about blinds is that they don’t occupy a lot of space. This not only offers you with the room you need in your home but also gives your interiors the feel it deserves. Save your home from the cluttered look with blinds.


  • Blinds are a cheaper solution

If you are tight on a budget but still want to dazzle everyone with the interiors of your home then hanging blinds inside window frame is the choice that you should stick to. Personalize your blinds the way you want while saving money on their purchase. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?


  • When it comes to cleaning, it is really easy to clean blinds

 You will never have to go through the troubles of taking down your blinds and then cleaning them like you would have to do with curtains. There is no drying, ironing, or waiting for several hours before you can place them back to where they belong. You can clean your blinds using a sponge some mild detergent and lukewarm water (please note, this varies between different materials and manufacturers).


  • Blinds are extremely easy to take care of

You will be amazed to learn that there is nothing that is easier than maintaining blinds. Their daily care routine involves dusting and some care while you handle them. That’s about it. The issues that one faces regarding the tangled cord or lowering the blind easily can also be fixed easily without having to go through any troubles.


You don’t need a professional to install blinds inside window frames. Make some room in your busy schedule and you will see how easily you can do it all by yourself.

Inside Mount Blinds


Why Should You Choose Inside Mount Blinds Over the Outside?

 If you are new to the whole idea, then you will have to face a daunting task of choosing one window treatment over the other. The choices that you have are inside and outside mount blinds. Give us the chance to tell you which one you should choose.


If your window frame offers the necessary depth, then it is always preferable to choose the inside mount blinds over the other. Installing your blinds on the trim or the wall right above the window should only be a choice if your windows are way too shallow and there are obstructions like that of a window crank.


When you are trying to make a decision, the first step that you need to take is to measure the window frame’s depth. There shouldn’t be any kind of obstruction when you do so. Check the window for any handles, cranks, trims, tiles, or alarm sensors. Your measurements should begin right from the place these obstructions stop all the way to the drywall or your window molding’s edge.Inside Mount Vs Outside Mount Blinds


What is an Inside Mount Blind and Why is it so Popular?


This is a particular type of window treatment where the blinds are installed inside and it goes on top of the frame. The brackets of the window treatments are screwed either into the sides or the opening of the window ceiling. When you are finished with the task of installing blinds inside window frame then you get an exceptional finished and clean look. This particular style gives your shades or blinds to be flush in style with the wall or trim. It won’t cover the decorative molding either. So, you end up enjoying a lot of advantages when you choose the inside mount blinds.


Window dressings can’t be overlooked when it comes to adding value or accentuating the overall look of your home. You can create the perfect home aesthetic with the beauty and the utilitarian function. Even the simplest type of inside mount blinds can offer unbelievable charm and gives you the chance to play with each and every detail. This will offer a breathtaking look to your room.

Installing Blinds Inside Window Frame


What You Should Remember When Installing Inside Mount Blinds


If you are looking for something that can offer a huge impact to the décor of a small place, then it is this. Yes, you are by now aware of the fact that they give you the privacy you seek in your own home and also control the flow of light, but what about the undeniable fact that the blinds inside window frames are a source of great beauty? Here are few things to keep in mind when installing inside mount blinds:


  • Ensure you have enough depth in your window opening to install your blinds


  • Don’t forget to measure the window opening’s width. You have to do this for the top, middle, and the sill or the bottom edge, and give the narrowest measurement


  • Then comes the part of measuring the height. Here, you have to consider three places, this will include the left, right, and middle.


  • To measure inside mount blinds depth, height, and width you will require a steel measuring tape, pencil, and paper. In case the window is high up, you will need a step stool or ladder.

Measuring for Inside Mount Blinds


The modern-day blinds that can fit inside window frames come in a variety of patterns, colors, and charismatic textures. With great ease, you can create a layered look that will complement and fill out every space in your home. All you have to take care of when it comes to inside mount blinds is taking care of the measurements.



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