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Mounting Considerations for Window Treatments

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Choose Wisely For Worry-free Window Treatment Installation

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin
I strongly believe in preparing, evaluating and conducting extensive research on the project I intend to take on, no matter that it is a high paying professional task or just a simple job on the home front. Unfortunately, people today do not have the time to dedicate for preparation or evaluation. I have a tough time explaining to my customers how important preparation and research is for their home decor, no matter how good interior decorator their hire. Finally, it is their own style and choice that will make a huge difference to how they feel about their home.
One of the most neglected aspects of window treatment among my customers is the mounting considerations. Though some may insist on a particular color, a specific valance or a type of window treatment, they often forget to mention whether they would prefer inside mount or outside mount. Generally, they tell me to take a call considering what is best for their home. I firmly refuse, since I consider the mounting of window treatment to be an important part of home décor that the homeowner should choose.



Knowing the Inside and Outside Mount

There are times when my customers have assumed that inside mounts are mounted from inside the home and outside mounts from the outside. This is one of the reasons I am going bald, since I can’t help pulling my hair out in such situations! I have a tough time explaining that both the inside and outside mounts will be installed from inside the room. The difference being the inside mount, the window covering fits inside the window frame, and can be mounted as deep or as shallow as the customer wants, whereas for the outside mount, the window treatments brackets are mounted outside of the window frame from which the blinds or shades are hung – the window treatment extends beyond the window frame. Here are the pros and cons of each.




The Inside Mount – Pros

One of the good reasons for you to choose the Inside Mount is the clean and minimalistic look it adds to your décor. Since inside-mount treatments are installed inside the window casing, it will showcase an attractive window trim. Moreover, the window opening itself frames the window treatment for a sleek and clean appearance. It also allows for sill space on deep windows, which can be utilized smartly by homeowners. I have helped some customers with deep-set windows install the window treatment in a way that it allows plants, books, or other decorative items to be placed in front of the window treatment, adding beauty to the room but not getting in the way of its operation.



Closely fitted window coverings in Canada offer the best insulation by trapping air between it and the window.

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One of the problems customers face with the inside mount are the light gaps. A small deduction in the width is taken at the factory to allow for proper operating clearance, and this causes a small gap on each side of the window treatment, affecting the treatment’s ability to darken a room.
Another typical complaint with the inside mount is the obstruction of view. Since the stack or compressed portion formed by the window treatment when fully raised can obstruct the view from the window. This does not go well with some customers. Further, there could be some architectural obstacles such as handles and cranks which can interfere with the operation of inside-mounts.
It is important to note that not all windows can accommodate an inside mount. It requires a certain depth on the window to mount this window treatment. Check and recheck the measuring guide for the minimum depth required for the installation of a specific inside mount which may vary, depending on the kind of blind or shade being installed.



The Outside Mount – Pros

What gives the outside mount an advantage over the inside mount is the enhancement of privacy and light control it provides for the rooms. With outside mounts, the disturbing light gaps on the side of the window treatment can be substantially diminished or eliminated. Outside-mount window treatments are ideal for covering non-square windows which can be a challenge for inside mounts.
Since outside-mount window treatments are installed higher than the window opening, it provides an unobstructed view when fully raised. It also clears obstacles like handles and cranks. For rooms with small windows, outside mounts can enlarge the appearance of a window considerably when the overlap above and below or to each side of the window is increased. For aesthetic purposes, outside mount can easily hide those unattractive window trim efficiently.




The installation of outside-mount brackets requires at least 2″ of flat surface above the window or on window frame for mounting brackets. Projection brackets or shims can be ordered if needed to clear frame or moulding.
I allow my customers to decide which option feels right for their homes once I explain the pros and cons of both the inside and outside mount. Once they make their choice, I take over from there and go ahead with the décor theme. With my accurate evaluation and measurements, I install window treatments where the light gaps are almost undetectable. It is my dedication and preparation to the projects that gives me happy and satisfied customers.




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