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The Multipurpose Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades

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The ideal room divider.

Hope is being able to see that there is darkness despite all of the light streaming through your windows. Blackout cellular shades have made this possible to give you well deserved comfort when you sleep. Just close tight your blackout cellular shades, and lo and behold, welcome darkness for good night’s sleep or for forty winks.


Be safe with noise reducing cellular shades.

In cities that never sleep, it is not just the daylight you have to deal with. The noise and artificial lights outside can be more disturbing than natural light. Cellular shades help you filter out not just the light, but also insulate against noise and temperature changes as well.

The UV rays of the sun can harm your skin, in addition to damaging and discoloring your beautiful interiors. Though the effect may not be seen immediately, the damage eventually becomes visible in the form of faded furniture, carpets, drapes and floor. Prevention is better than cure, so the best way to deal with the cumulative damage of sunlight – Blackout Cellular Shades! Though they were created to provide peaceful sleeping environs during the day, today blackout cellular shades come handy in many different ways.


Remodel and Re-decor with Blackout Cellular Shades.

Do you need to create a partition in your room for better privacy or just to hide that sore spot from visitors? You keep procrastinating since home partitions can be expensive and messy and blackout shades can prove to be a handy, economical option while adding style to your interiors.



Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades -



Partition a room with blackout vertical cellular shades for –

. Privacy

· Bringing intimacy into a large space

· Marking out a personal work area

· Separate the living room from the dining room

· Highlight a particular area in your room

· As a decorative wall

· To hide an area that’s an eyesore


The shades can be easily customized to fit into a room of any size, glass patio doors or sliding glass door, making them the ideal choice for any customer. These vertical cellular shades can be stacked left, center or right giving you the choice according to your convenience.

Since blackout shades are available in a variety of fabrics, their light blocking properties can be used to advantage. You can either completely block the view or have slight transparency as working- from – home parents will want to keep an eye on their children. When mounted on head-rails, these shades can be fully opened and stacked on to one side to make way for a more spacious feel. Considering the plethora of benefits they offer, it makes sense to use cellular vertical shades to divide an area.

When the large divider glass door starts flooding your interiors with harmful sunlight, it is time to mount blackout cellular shades on them to create a safe partition for your home. These shades are ideal for large glass windows and large sliding glass doors of apartments.

More so than for homes, blackout cellular shades make good partitions in commercial spaces like offices, restaurants and convention centers.

Vertical Cellular Shades -


High-Level Insulation for Your Home.

The most incredible benefit of cellular shades is that the honeycomb structure that creates pockets that trap hot or cold air keeping your interiors comfortably insulated, saving you a big chunk of the energy charges. Invented out of necessity that came with the energy crisis of the 1970s, cellular shades help regulate temperature both during the summer and the winter.


For Increasing Aesthetic Value of Interiors.

Though the function of blackout vertical cellular shade is enough recommendation in itself, they can also be used to increase the glamor and style of your interior decor. Since these vertical shades come as cordless with handles to move sideways, they are child and pets friendly and more safer. Their sleek valance or a cassette at the top will keep your shades from appearing bulky. Room partitions need not be monotonous or boring with Blackout Cellular Shades. They come with bold patterns that give a friendly ambiance to larger halls. The change of color or patterns makes them the perfect complement to the large or small spaces they serve. The opacity and thickness of fabric can be adjusted for desired privacy levels and thermal insulation.

When it comes to colors, you will have a tough time making a choice from the number of options available for every variant among the shades – Marina, Muslin, Fawn, French Vanilla, Honey Gold, Pinecone, Sand Dollar, Icicle, Licorice, Mocha Cream, Aztec Sun, Biscotti, Bronze Relic, Amber, Basil, , Dove White, Almond, Buttermilk, Cinnamon, Coffee Bean, Gardenia, Golden Rod, Latte are just some from the unending list of hues.


Health Benefits.

Blackout cellular shades provide your body and mind with a perfect balance creating regulated sleep/wake patterns. Added health benefits come with nearly 100% UV protection, exposure to which can cause skin cancer. Sleep well and lead a healthy life.



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