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My Blinds String Broke! Here’s How To Fix It

How To Fix Broken Blinds String

If you have blinds or any other type of window treatments installed in your house, you would have come across situations when these get damaged or some issue creeps up hindering their normal operability. Most of the window coverings including the blinds are covered under extensive brand warranties for specific periods. So, some of the issues, you don’t need to worry about. You can just reach out to their customer care and get your issue rectified.

However, it is not always smooth sailing with customer support and brand warranties cover specific damages only for a certain period of time, after which the brands will charge you for any repair work. This may cost you a significant amount of money. You can opt for independent professionals but even then you will end up incurring some fees. The availability of prompt service and the efficiency of the professionals are other factors that you can’t control.

Is there a way to avoid all that hassle? Sure there is. The tried and tested option of ‘Do It Yourself’ is always open. You may not be able to repair extensive damages but some issues can be rectified all by yourself with the help of some basic tools and by following a few simple steps. This will not only save your time and energy but will also be easy on your pocket. The satisfaction of doing things yourself is another added perk.
Broken Blinds String

When Should You Fix Your Blinds On Your Own?

An ideal situation would be when we could fix everything on our own. However, though the blinds are quite simplistic, we can’t always repair them if the damage is too severe or if the repair work is not cost-effective. Hence, it is important to know as to when you should repair the blinds or other window coverings yourself.
If your window treatments are still covered under brand warranties, you should first check with the respective brand’s customer support is that specific damage will be covered under the warranty. If the response is affirmative, you should let them handle it. Doing it by yourself may void the warranty. If the parts which are damaged are delicate or expensive or a bit complex to repair, it will be better to avail the services of an expert, otherwise, you may end up spending more on repairs if anything goes wrong.

Another situation is when the damage is too extensive. In that case, it may be the case that buying replacement parts or things needed for the repair may be too costly. You should compare the cost of replacing blinds with the cost of repairing them and if you don’t see a significant difference, you may as well be better off getting the blinds replaced altogether.

But this does not mean that you should not consider repairing your blinds by yourself. Damages such as broken pull cords, broken slats or broken blinds strings can be easily fixed and without too much expense.
Restring Window Blinds

How to Fix Broken Blinds Strings

If the strings of the blinds get broken, you may end up with blinds that either don’t go up or don’t go down and make for a disheveled look. The blinds normally use two lift strings to function and if even one of them gets broken you will end up with non-functional and dis-oriented blinds that certainly don’t go well with the décor of your home. But, luckily, this issue can be easily fixed at home and you can do it yourself. All you will need is new blinds strings and some simple household tools namely a screwdriver and a pair of scissors. Let us look at the steps you need to follow:

• Step 1: You need to let the blinds as far down as they will go with remaining blinds strings that are still working. You can do so by loosening the locking clip and letting the blinds down.

• Step 2: Remove the blinds from the mounts. You can do so by slipping the headrail out of the mounting clips or brackets.

• Step 3: After removing the blinds, put them in the spread position on a flat surface. A worktable will be an ideal place to lay the blinds out.

• Step 4: Remove the bottom plug beneath the broken string. You will find it on the bottom rail.

• Step 5: Undo the knot on the broken string and remove it from the blind slats and also the bottom rail.

• Step 6: Slide the new blind string up through the hole in the bottom rail and restring each blind slat by feeding the string up through the hole present in each individual blind slat. You will need to weave between the left and the right side of the ladder while you pass the blinds string through successive blind slats, one at a time. You can look at other working strings to see how to weave your way up while doing the re-stringing.

• Step 7: Pass the end of the string through the hole in the headrail which is situated above the ladder.

• Step 8: After passing it through the hole in the headrail, feed the blinds string over the pulley you will find right above the hole.

• Step 9: Then pull the string towards the pulley over the locking mechanism and Slip it down through the locking mechanism.

• Step 10: Pull roughly ten feet of the cord through the locking mechanism.

• Step 11: Now you need to cut the string from the bottom end. Before cutting the string, take a buffer of about 12 inches below the bottom rail. Then cut out the extra string using a sharp pair of scissors.

• Step 12: Tie a knot in the bottom of the string and reapply the bottom plugs. The knot should be large enough so that it prevents the string from passing through the hole in the bottom rail.

• Step 13: If more than one strings are broken, you can repeat the previous steps to replace other broken strings.

• Step 14: Re-mount the blinds and check if the blinds operate normally. If everything functions normally, then that’s it. You have successfully replaced the broken strings.

So, you can clearly see that for every little problem, you don’t need to look for professionals. They charge you extra money for their service and you also have to bear with any delays in the repair work. Some of the issues such as fixing the strings of the broken blinds, replacing broken blind slats and even replacing a broken pull cord can be done easily without external help. It will not only be more cost-effective but will also save you precious time. With summers fast approaching, you certainly don’t want any delays in getting your blinds fixed. So, why not try doing it yourself?

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

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