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The Necessity of Installing Window Coverings

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The Impact of Window Treatments on Home Décor

“Comparing and contrasting is a valuable human skill – and not just during high school English exams. Our ability to rank-order things is invaluable in making choices and setting priorities.”Martha Beck
Prioritizing things in the order of their importance is a very simple task, yet time and again, we fail to do first things first. I often have to explain to my customers what is more important for their home and how they should prioritize their home décor. There are times when people do not understand and take my suggestions as an argument. This happens since they do not understand the importance of products like windows blinds, solar power, and many more such utilities.
I took up interior decoration out of a passion for the job because I utterly loved transforming dull rooms into something so exotic that it would take your breath away! I do get my regular paychecks, but the real payback comes when a customer walks into a newly decorated room and gasps. This happens when they give me a budget line and freedom to implement my ideas, but when the client starts making the wrong decisions, my passion just fades away.


Window Treatments in Home Decor

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One of the most disappointing suggestions from clients is when they compromise on their window treatments to spare the budget for wall hangings, furniture or any other stuff that are not critical elements to their homes. This happens because they fail to prioritize and give importance to things that would have an enormous impact on their home and also on their income in the long run. So often, expensive interiors are damaged from direct sunlight exposure due to lack of proper protection provided by window treatments.
Window treatments make a huge difference to interiors of any room. It comes with a lot of practical functionality such as privacy and light control as well. I do not consider it wise for anyone to either do window treatments as an afterthought or fail to take it in consideration of their overall home design. Sometimes, I wonder why my clients fail to see what a difference these window treatments available in a variety of styles, colors and fabric can make to their homes. It helps them achieve the look they want and the protection they need for their homes.



Some of the benefits of installing window treatments – Privacy

We all love to peek out of our windows for a view of the outdoors but never want outsiders to have a peer into our private lives. That is understandable as the feeling of someone watching us is scary and quite uncomfortable. It also compromises the security of our home. Window shades allow homeowners to have a complete control over their privacy levels with the right type of window treatments. Some prefer silhouette shades, whereas others would want complete privacy with blackout shades. No matter what style they choose, I can easily meet their every demand due to the innovations taking place in the window treatment industry.



When you live in a city like the populous town of Houston, every home needs insulation from the noise of the outdoors. Window treatments like cellular shades trap air inside the honeycomb pockets to create proper insulations for the rooms from outside noise. The calm and peaceful ambiance of the room will make the customer forget they are living in a busy city.


UV Protection

Window treatments provide protection to the interiors from harmful UV rays, which can damage expensive wood furniture and accessories, besides causing discomfort due to heat in the room. Considering the adverse effects of UV rays, it is always better to play safe with appropriate window coverings like solar shades.
Energy Savings
Many customers complain about the cost of installing good window treatments. What they fail to see that these accessories will pay for themselves down the line, unlike the other furnishings they invest in for their homes.
When the windows do not have energy-efficient window coverings, there will be loss of heat during the winter months and cool air during hot summers, increasing energy costs. With the proper insulation provided by an energy efficient window treatment, a customer can save as much as 35-50% of the heating and cooling costs of their rooms.


Different Uses of Window Treatments

I love the different applications I make to the interiors with the broad range of window blinds available on the contemporary market. Apart from using them for the practical purposes of providing privacy or light control, I have used different window dressing :-
• As dividers to separate interior space
• To enhance the appearance of an enormous room by covering the wall-to-wall windows with a single window treatment
• To create illusions of height and depth
• To add spice with a splash of bright color to change the mood
• Adding fabric to windows for softness and luxury for a high-end look



I explain to my customers that they have invested so much in their homes already, why not make it a safer and better place to live in, with the installation of the right window treatments? There is no use postponing this since it is necessary in modern times. It is important that we plan our budget wisely and make sure it covers our window covering requirements.




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