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The New Graber Faux Wood Blinds for Canada

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Beautiful while Affordable.

Cookery shows on TV are quite the thing nowadays! Whole families are seen huddling around the TV, watching cookery shows, learning how to make wontons, sushi, the perfectly roasted chicken, egg noodles, red velvet cake, fudges and tortes, espresso ice creams, the perfect Indian flat bread, the perfect key lime pie…you name it, and you got it. Not to forget Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’! Hells bells, better not hire him for a restaurant makeover unless you have a steel gut for abuse! My personal favorite is Chuck’s Day Off – Chuck Hughes, restaurateur (owner of the Garde Manger in Montreal) and celebrity TV chef – He makes the most awesomely wholesome food with the minimum of fuss. Yum! And always with a gap-toothed smile, no attitude, no God complex – just your regular boy-next-door!

Having done a number of cookery diplomas all over the world, I ceased in the pursuit of my passion – which was to own a cozy little restaurant downtown, serving home-made specialties – once I’d had my kids, but now, as they’re growing, I’ve begun to rediscover my passion for cooking up interesting food that keep the kids eating not only healthy, but tasty as well. And it’s all in how the food is served up! But I realize that a restaurant is still not possible, and some things are just not to be!

I found an outlet though – I’ve realized that I could have cookery classes at home. There are so many takers for classes such as these, across the demography – the young, the old, kids, couples, even families! So I got on it seriously and decided that I would have to renovate my kitchen extensively, buy a lot of new equipment, cookware, bake ware, utensils, the whole nine yards! I had finances to consider too, so I took it slow and easy, putting out feelers, getting a plan in place to renovate, checking out contractors, and launching a small but attractive advertisement campaign that included distribution of cooked/baked portion samples. I intended to have small groups of five in, at any one time, while the kids were away at school.

The end result is a large 20′ by 20’ kitchen, with a pretty big island with bar stool around three sides, ceiling to floor cabinets on all four sides, with breaks in between, all state-of-the-art Metbex, done in white, brushed steel and beech. I decided on white counter tops rather than the conventional black, as it looks clean and will show dirt up, making cleaning imminent while adding to the spacious feel. And I had ceiling-to-counter operable high performance windows installed on over the sink counter, opposite which I had French Doors that opened into my vegetable garden, through which a narrow cobbled lane led to the gazebo. I loved that I could feel at one with the exteriors while the classes were in session, whatever the season! The French doors also provided a much-needed break between my cabinetry! But now I had a totally modern kitchen conducive to both professional and personal needs!

There was just a bit of a problem – the kitchen temperature was a tad uncomfortable, both with doors/windows open and closed! The vast expanses invited the bright sunlight in, and the pale yellow walls and ceiling added to the brightness; and unlike many of the other houses in the locality, I don’t like the ideas of awnings for mine. They could look beautiful, I suppose, but to me, they reeked of the café effect, which I so didn’t want! This was my home, after all!

I loved the idea of Roman shades for my window and door spaces that I could probably dress further with box or café valances, but even if I did go in for the PVC or polyester versions, I’d have a tough time maintaining them, as let’s face it, was going to be a trial, what with the amount grease and steam continuously suspended in the air, in spite of the powerful exhaust system I had installed! I didn’t want to have to deal with grunge nor did I want to change them every few months. I certainly wasn’t happy with some of the plastic varieties of blinds that I’d come across. And the aluminum blinds just weren’t exciting enough, though they would complement the brushed steel equipment I had.



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The Magnificence of Faux Wood Blinds.

As I’d bought all my equipment and cooking and baking utensils online, at a steal, I decided to surf the net for some additional options. And low and behold! I got to read of faux wood blinds, and here are some of the advantages of using them in moisture filled areas –

1. Enchanting appearance: faux wood blinds look like the real thing, and unless one has a very practiced eye, it would be very difficult to differentiate between the real and faux products. They come in all sorts of natural wood colors and textures that make them seem like the real thing!


2. A more economical choice: real wood blinds are not doubt unsurpassably classy, but one does have to shell out quite a bit for them, and just have redone the whole kitchen and launched my publicity campaign, my cash reserves were begging for respite. Faux wood blinds are less than a half the cost of real wood blinds.


3. Highly durable while being maintenance-free: no matter how well treated and finished modern real wood blinds are, there’s always the threat of warping while being constantly subjected to a warm and moist atmosphere; faux wood blinds are made of polymers that are designed to withstand such moisture and extremes in temperature. Added to which, blinds from reputed manufacturers such as Graber Blinds were treated against yellowing and cracking, and come with a limited lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


4. Manufactured to be environmentally responsible – faux wood blinds are produced to limit off-gassing and maintain purity of indoor air. Also, no forest need be planted and replenished in order to create these window coverings. And once their use is over, faux wood blinds can be recycled 100% to produce negligible impacts on the environment.


5. Excellent Light control – the vanes can be adjusted to maximize daylight, provide privacy and ventilation. And if you want them out of the way, simply lift them all the way up to form a neat, compact stack on top of the window/door.


So, I wondered, what’s not to like? I ordered something called the 2 inch Faux Wood blinds SS from Graber in a maple color that blended in with my beech wood elements and no one the wiser! They were to be controlled by a cord lift that could be secured away neatly. Now that my kitchen is finally finished, I’m ready to start my new venture with great anticipation!



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