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Noise Dampening Smart Window Treatments for a Quieter and Calmer Home

Noise Cancelling Smart Window Treatments

Noise Cancelling Smart Window Treatments to Stop Unwanted Noises


How irritating will it be when you hear unwanted loud noises of neighbors when coming back home to relax after a stressful day at work? Closing your doors don’t always help. If you have shifts at work, and you only get time during the day to sleep, but the scorching sun is throwing harsh heat and glare at you, how will that feel? Irritating. Hot summers won’t let you survive without air conditioning, but high-energy bills make you think twice before switching it on the AC. All these problems only have one solution – Noise Cancelling Smart Window Treatments. They are budget-friendly, and the most efficient way when you want to shield your home from outside temperature and noises. It will make the ambiance of your home pleasant and peaceful. You can do your household chores, study, work, or any other work very comfortably.

Insulation is required for peace

Whenever you are upset or have some stress in your mind related to anything, what is the first thing you seek? Peace. The most peaceful and serene place where we can relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones is at home. But, it becomes frustrating when the harsh rays of the sun make the temperature of your home super hot. Also, the excess amount of light disturbs the atmosphere. Curtains and drapes are becoming old-fashioned. With the smart world, your home should also be smart and intelligent. It should understand your need for less or no light, no noise, and block the view of outside or reveal it when needed. This is possible with so many smart home automation products. Smart window treatment solutions are one of them. They will not only control the amount of light entering your home but will also block the unnecessary noises of outside. ZebraBlinds offer a huge collection of motorized window coverings which come with a bundle of advantages.


Noise Dampening Smart Window Treatments


Perks of Noise Cancelling Smart Window Treatments

Noise-canceling window coverings have their own charm. They not only redesign the look of your home but also make it tech-inspired. So, don’t remain outdated and, don’t let your home feel old. Go through the benefits of these smart window coverings and bring them home.


No more noisy neighbors!

Our noise cancelling smart window shades help absorb the sound of the outdoors. Cellular shades are the most preferred solution to serve this purpose. The unique cells in these shades create a barrier against sound, light, and UV rays. So, choosing cellular shades offer better light control and insulation against sound and temperature. They are a great choice when you want to lessen ambient noise from outside in a nursery or child’s room to maximize sleep. If you live close to a busy road or your neighbors like to party, then cellular shades are for you.


Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades


So many choices…

From cell range to color shades, noise canceling window coverings come in many specifications and options. You can select the number of honeycomb cells present in it. With increasing cells increases the energy efficiency and insulation. You can select single, double or triple cell cellular shades depending on the budget and need. You can also select the cell size as per the size of the windows. The smaller the cells, the smaller the pleats in the shades. Soundproof or noise canceling cellular shades are available in cord and cordless designs. Cordless is preferred nowadays as it makes your home kid-safe. Motorized versions can be operated with a convenient remote from anywhere in your room. Apart from this, customization option is also available with various unique color tones, sizes, patterns, materials and textures.


Best implementation for bedrooms and living rooms

These window covering solutions provide the best comfort and ambiance in bedrooms and living rooms where you need to sit back and relax, watch television, have discussions with family and sleep. They block the sunlight, strong breeze and noise from entering your space. They can also prove an effective solution when installing in media rooms and children’s bedrooms.


Smart operation

Our noise cancelling smart window treatments are a perfect collaboration of traditional design and cutting-edge Z-wave home automation technology. These are equipped with Z-wave chips which allow you to control them with your smartphones, tablets and voice assistants. Cords are not required anymore to operate these window coverings. ZebraBlinds made these efficient window coverings with built-in Somfy motors and Graber patent Z-wave Virtual Cord. With this feature, there will be no hanging cord which is a safe option for kids and pets. Interfaced with smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink, you can operate these window coverings by giving voice commands. You will need home automation Z-wave compatible devices for this feature like Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Smart Zwave Blackout Roller Shades


Cleaning is quick and easy

Just like any other household items, our smart window coverings also require just regular dusting. You can also clean them with a vacuum cleaner. For deep cleaning and removing dust spots, take a cloth and dip it in detergent solution and clean the fabric carefully.



Installing our motorized window shades and blinds is painless and simple. Just follow some steps and you make your windows mesmerizing and intelligent too. Refer this link to know the instructions:



As long as the original buyer owns the product, our window coverings are warranted against genuine defects in materials or workmanship. For full details of the warranty, you can go through this link:



Perfect measurements are required if you want your window shades and blinds to fit accurately. These noise cancelling smart window solutions can be installed inside or outside the window frame. You can measure for these window coverings on your own with the help of our instructions. Follow this link for instructions:

Cellular shades help insulate your home against the heat, cold, and sound. If you’re looking for something to help dampen the noise from outside, and give you a little more peace and quiet than a regular blind, cellular shades are the way to go. Additionally, consider layering with heavy drapery for even more sound and heat insulation.

For any questions, you can reach to our customer care executives. They will assist you professionally and help you to make the right choice

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